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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor, Actor, Narrator
Birth Date1971-06-11
Birth PlaceOsaka Prefecture, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting, Acting, Narration
Person NameKenjiro Tsuda
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/tsuda_ken
Alternate Name津田 健次郎
Member of OrganizationAmuse, Inc.
Kenjiro Tsuda is an acclaimed Japanese voice actor and stage actor known for his distinctive deep voice, which has brought many iconic characters to life in anime, video games and drama CDs. His notable works include roles as Seto Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Mikoto Suoh in K, and Remodeling in My Hero Academia. Tsuda's performances are highly regarded for their intense emotion and versatility, contributing to a diverse repertoire ranging from light comedy to intense action and drama. His work also extends beyond voice acting, with many appearances in live theater productions. Kenjiro Tsuda's Universe is one of those charming shows that bridges the gap between reality and fantasy, creating a unique charm that continues to capture the hearts of viewers around the world.


Kenjiro Tsuda is a famous figure in the animation industry, known for his distinctive gruff voice and powerful performances. His universe crosses all boundaries of dubbing, from anime to video games to dubbing foreign series. Tsuda has an admirable ability to seamlessly adapt his voice to a variety of characters, fully immersing himself in each role and delivering believable performances that resonate with audiences, supporting both the popularity and credibility of the characters he portrays. His universe includes a wide variety of characters, from charming anti-heroes to comical side characters, each of which features Tsuda's unparalleled talent. His outstanding works have reached not only Japanese but also international audiences, making a lasting impact on the global animation industry. Beyond his characters, Tsuda's universe is deeply rooted in a love of storytelling, illustrating how the perfect combination of technique and passion is used to create memorable characters and compelling stories. You can experience the art of voice acting at its best when you interact with Kenjiro Tsuda's universe.

Early Life and Education

Kenjiro Tsuda was born in Osaka, Japan. Growing up, he showed a clear talent for the performing arts. This was encouraged by his parents, who included him in various art circles. In high school, Tsuda discovered a deep love for language and storytelling, often participating in drama clubs and stage productions.
After graduating from high school, Tsuda began his higher education at the famous Tokyo University of the Performing Arts. During his college years, Tsuda honed his voice acting craft. He was actively involved in theater societies and often represented his university in various intercollegiate competitions.
In addition to his formal education, Tsuda continued to study vocals. These specialized courses enhanced her unique vocal skills and deepened her understanding of how to use pitch, modulation and pitch to create different characters. It was during this time that Tsuda also began learning different languages ​​and accents to increase his versatility as a voice actor. Tsuda's early life and upbringing certainly laid a solid foundation for his illustrious career as a voice actor. His extensive training and innate artistry have made him one of the most sought-after voice actors in the anime and video game industry. ========


Kenjiro Tsuda's career began in theater where he honed his vocal and dramatic acting skills. His powerful, gruff voice quickly caught the attention of the animation industry, and in 1995, he made his debut as a voice. Since then, Tsuda has become a respected name in Japan, voicing numerous characters in some of the most popular anime series. series.
His breakthrough came in the iconic anime series Death Note, where he voiced the character Toto Matsuda. Tsuda's voice perfectly captured Matsuda's passionate but often naive nature, making the character a fan favorite. After his success in Death Note, Tsuda went on to voice other main characters in anime series such as K, Gangsta, My Hero Academia, and Jujutsu Kaisen.
Tsuda's career is not limited to anime. He has demonstrated his versatility by branching out into the video game realm, becoming the voice of popular characters such as Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, and Metal Gear Solid. His distinctive voice lends unprecedented depth to these characters and immerses players in the gameplay experience.
Despite his extraordinary success, Tsuda remains passionate about theater. He regularly returns to the stage to perform in plays, demonstrating his dedication to his roots.
Kenjiro Tsuda's craft is not limited to lending his voice to various media. He also stepped behind the camera and directed GIVEN, an anime film based on the popular manga series. His directorial debut was well received, cementing his position as a talented figure in the industry.
Tsuda's unique vocal range combined with a deep understanding of character development make him an asset to any production. His exceptional talent and versatility ensure that Tsuda's star will continue to shine brightly in the universe.

Other Ventures

In addition to his voice acting and anime music videos, Kenjiro Tsuda has also been involved in many other ventures throughout his career. Dance, for example, is one area where Tsuda has shown immense talent, often appearing in stage productions that combine a wide range of styles from contemporary to classical. This versatile actor has also dabbled in directing, proving once again that his abilities are not limited to voice acting alone.
Tsuda's directorial efforts showcase his eclectic taste and unique vision, from hard-hitting drama to light-hearted comedy and everything in between. His vocal contributions to video games are another avenue he's explored, building a legion of fans in the gaming community with his deep and husky voice that conveys a variety of personas from the villainous to the heroic. In addition, Tsuda did not shy away from using his talents in the literary world. He has titled several audiobooks over the years, immersing listeners in compelling stories with his charismatic voice acting. And let's not forget him as a radio personality who gave his fans a chance to get to know the man behind the voice.
Embodying the true meaning of a multi-talented artist, Kenjiro Tsuda has carved out a unique space for himself in the entertainment industry, constantly pushing his creative boundaries while maintaining a strong connection with his fans and his craft.

Awards and Honors

A prolific voice actor in the anime industry, Kenjiro Tsuda has garnered several notable awards and accolades throughout his illustrious career. He won the "Best Supporting Actor" award at the 7th Seiyu Awards for his commendable voice work. Tsuda's phenomenal performance in My Hero Academia, where he voiced the character Aizawa Shota, earned him widespread acclaim and recognition.
in 2010 At the Anime Awards, he received a Special Citation of Merit for Seto Kaiba's enigmatic vocal performance in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters”. His versatile voice work on Tokyo Ghoul, in which he voiced the character of Tsukiyama Shuu, also garnered critical acclaim. In addition, Kenjiro Tsuda in 2018 was awarded the Distinguished Service Award for his contribution to the anime industry. His dedication, unique vocal versatility and impactful performances have always set him apart, earning him many accolades and making a big impact on fans around the world. This widespread recognition is a testament to Tsuda's immense talent, contribution and importance in the anime world and beyond.

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