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General Info

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Job TitleActress, Voice Actress
Birth Date1936-10-25
Birth PlaceTokyo, Japan
Knows aboutActing, Voice Acting
Person NameMasako Nozawa
Alternate Name野沢 雅子
Member of OrganizationJapanese Actor's Union
Masako Nozawa is a prominent figure in the Japanese film and television industry, best known for her voice acting roles in anime. Born in 1936 On October 25, she cemented her legacy with her impressive portrayal of Goku in the hit series Dragon Ball. Not limited to one character, Nozawa's incredible range has allowed her to bring other Dragon Ball characters like Gohan and Goten to life. His career includes not only anime, but also roles in films and dubbed versions of foreign films. Despite his age, Nozawa continues to captivate audiences, proving that his passion for voice acting remains intact. It's a true inspiration in anime and beyond.


Masako Nozawa, a Japanese actress and voice actress from Tokyo, has clearly defined the identity of many beloved anime characters with her powerful performances. He began his illustrious career in the late 1950s and lent his voice to iconic characters in over 200 titles. But she's perhaps most famous for her work on the legendary Dragon Ball series, voicing Goku, a role she continues to play well into her 70s. He brings an endearing combination of energy, humor and warmth to the character of Goku, making him a fan favorite around the world. His contributions are not limited to Goku as he has done great portrayals of other characters in the series such as Gohan and Goten. In Masako Nozawa's universe, her performances aim not only to voice the characters, but also to bring the characters to life in an irresistibly authentic way, redefining the standards of voice acting.

Early Life and Education

Masako Nozawa was born in 1936. October 25 in Tokyo, Japan. Her childhood years were steeped in the cultural vibrancy of the city of Tokyo, which greatly influenced her and helped shape her career path. Nozawa's interest in the world of performing arts began as a child, when she often performed for her family and friends. Young Nozawa had an innate talent for playing a variety of characters, and this talent was appreciated by all who saw her perform.
Nozawa decided to pursue performing arts academically and entered a drama school. Here he learned basic acting techniques under the guidance of professional acting coaches. Over the years, he has honed his skills and developed a deep understanding of the art form.
In terms of formal education, Nozawa attended Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya High School. This academic environment further complemented his education in the performing arts and helped balance his growing creative side with academic rigor. This was a defining moment for Nozawa: it proved to her that she was capable of progressing both academically and artistically. After graduating high school, Nozawa began her professional voiceover journey. Her unique vocal quality and excellent acting skills helped her make an instant impression. But it was her dedication and hard work that elevated her to the iconic status she enjoys today. Over the decades, Nozawa's contributions to various animated series have made her a respected figure and role model in the industry, and her early life and education have played a major role in her long career.


Masako Nozawa is a famous figure in the world of voice acting, best known for her unforgettable work in the Dragon Ball universe. Nozawa, born in 1936 October 25 Based in Tokyo, Japan for more than five decades, he demonstrates his enduring talent and dedication to his craft.
Her voice acting journey began on radio shows and it wasn't long before her skills were noticed and accepted. Nozawa has shown an exceptional ability to capture the essence of a character with his unique and versatile voice. This led to her breakthrough in 1967 when she was cast as the main character in the anime series Goku's Big Adventure. However, the highlight of his career was voicing Goku, the main character in the internationally loved anime series Dragon Ball. Nozawa's deep understanding and love for the character won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. He voiced not only Goku, but also his sons Gohan and Goten, voicing these characters in multiple languages, so his influence in the anime world is inescapable.
In addition to Dragon Ball, Nozawa has lent his voice to many other iconic characters such as Tetsuro Hoshino in Galaxy Express 999, Kitaro in GeGeGe no Kitarō, and Luffy in One Piece.
Despite the changes in the industry over the years, Nozawa remains relevant, constantly innovating and reinventing his skills. Her contributions to the anime industry earned her a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 3rd Seiyu Awards in 2009. and the 46th Japan Academy Awards Award of Merit.
The universe of Masako Nozawa's voice acting is a testament to her longevity, versatility, and extraordinary talent that has made her a legend in the anime industry. It's a career that demonstrates the power of voice acting to create unforgettable characters that transcend generations.

Other Ventures

In addition to being the beloved voice of the famous character Goku in the Dragon Ball series, Masako Nozawa has lent her voice to many characters in other popular universes. In the animated film "My Neighbor Totoro", she embodied the whimsical spirit of the grandmother. Although the Studio Ghibli universe is very different from that of Dragon Ball, Nozawa's exceptional voice acting reflects his versatility and adaptability.
In addition to animation, Nozawa has shown his talent in radio dramas. He gave a mesmerizing performance in Gun Samurai, a historical drama that requires emotional depth and nuanced dialogue. She continued to showcase her talent in dramatic roles, voicing Maetel in Galaxy Express 999.
Beyond his on-screen characters, Nozawa ventured into the world of video games, where he continued to amaze fans with his dynamic voice acting skills. As the voice of Chiyo, Naruto's grandmother, she proved her ability to handle eccentric characters in complex storylines.
Masako Nozawa's universe is a wide spectrum of versatility that showcases her unparalleled range and unparalleled voice acting. From the fierce Goku in the action-packed world of Dragon Ball to the wise grandmother in the soothing world of My Neighbor Totoro, Nozawa's clear voice has captivated audiences, making her one of the most admired and respected figures in the industry. .

Awards and Honors

Masako Nozawa, the voice of many iconic characters such as Goku from Dragon Ball, has received many prestigious awards and accolades that recognize her immense talent and contribution to the animation industry. His powerful voice and mesmerizing performances cemented his position as a living legend.
in 1988 Nozawa won the All Japan Broadcasting Culture Award, cementing his place in Japanese broadcasting history. He also received an award of merit at the 3rd Seiyu Awards in 2009. for his lifelong dedication to voice acting, particularly his performances in Dragon Ball.
The years that followed brought even greater recognition. His clear vocal narration of "HeartCatch PreCure!" in 2011 she won "Best Lead Actress" at the 5th Seiyu Awards. In addition, in 2017 it won the prestigious "Children's Family Award", which is attributed to its continued popularity among the younger generation.
Adding another feather to the cap, in 2018 he received the Nico Nico Award, a special honor from fans who have had a huge influence in the anime field. Nozawa's mesmerizing and vibrant performances have earned him this recognition not only from his peers but also from adoring fans around the world. Her immense contribution to the industry has truly set her apart and warranted every honor bestowed upon her.

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