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Mass Effect

General Info

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AwardsSpike Video Game Award for Best RPG
GenresAction role-playing, Third-person shooter
ArtistsDerek Watts
WritersDrew Karpyshyn
Game NameMass Effect
ComposersJack Wall
Directed ByCasey Hudson
Game EngineUnreal Engine 3
Produced ByCasey Hudson, Mark Darrah
Release Date2007-11-20
Social Mediahttps://www.facebook.com/masseffect
Game PlatformsXbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
Publisher NameMicrosoft Game Studios
Country of OriginCanada
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.ea.com/games/mass-effect
Mass Effect, an action RPG from BioWare, immerses players in a vast, intricately detailed universe ready for exploration and thrilling combat. As Commander Shepard, the player commands a multi-species crew on a starship traveling across the galaxy to combat serious threats. In Mass Effect, in-depth conversations and interactions with different characters are at the heart of the gameplay experience, leading to different story outcomes based on the choices you make. This unique story and gameplay combined with stunning visual design make Mass Effect a delight for gamers. The game cleverly explores themes of politics, diplomacy, and different kinds of relationships, creating a thoughtful and complex gameplay environment. Every decision in Mass Effect has potential consequences, making for an intense and rewarding experience. Mass Effect is praised by critics and gamers alike for its compelling character development, complex storylines, and the freedom it gives the player to control the gameplay.


'Mass Effect' game screenshots
'Mass Effect' game screenshots
'Mass Effect' game screenshots
'Mass Effect' game screenshots
'Mass Effect' game screenshots
'Mass Effect' game screenshots


Mass Effect is a challenging and action-packed RPG set in a complex science fiction universe. The game takes you on an epic mission across the galaxy as Commander Shepard, a heroic soldier serving in the Systems Alliance Navy. The game enthralls its users with a complex storyline that is influenced by the choices made during the game.
The Mass Effect universe is intricately designed, filled with countless alien races with unique cultural histories, languages, and moral codes. Each character is complex and brings their own history, humor and emotional depth to the story. The game offers many planets, each with its own unique culture, political alignment and visual design.
Notable characters include the intelligent but terrifying turians, the culturally rich asari, the mysterious proto-Jeans, and the militaristic krogan. Together, they add complexity and richness to the game, making the world feel real and populated.
Gameplay is defined by emphasizing player choice, making decisions that have tangible consequences for character relationships, the plot, and the universe as a whole. Shepard's personal decisions shape the story and the universe around him. These choices, regardless of their consequences, add rawness and emotional depth to the game.
Mass Effect is a gaming experience like no other, combining engaging combat, deep character development and stunning graphics to create a universe that captivates its audience and continues to be at the forefront of gaming.



Mass Effect is an action RPG that thrusts the player into a vast, immersive universe. Take on the role of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier exploring the far reaches of space. The game uniquely combines character creation, real-time tactical combat and interactive storytelling.
Your decisions and actions affect the outcome of the story. These range from basic plot choices to casual dialogue, the story is in your hands. The game features a morality system known as the Paragon/Renegade system, which decides your character's moral alignment based on your choices during the game. It's a compelling element that influences character interactions and branching narratives.
When it comes to combat, Mass Effect uses squad mechanics. Lead a small team through dangerous situations and complex tactical challenges. It's a real-time third-person shooter that allows you to pause the game and plan your team's strategies, making every encounter thoughtful and immersive. There is also a complex leveling system that allows you to fully customize your character and squad members. You can assign points to different skills and abilities, shaping your playstyle according to your personal preferences.
Gameplay goes beyond combat, exploring various alien worlds with the six-wheeled Mako ground vehicle. This opens up a number of side quests and the ability to mine resources to upgrade your gear.
Overall, Mass Effect offers an immersive experience that seamlessly blends interactive storytelling, tactical combat, and character customization within an expansive universe. Every decision, battle, and conversation creates a personal journey that culminates in an unforgettable gaming experience.

Gameplay video


Mass Effect is an iconic sci-fi action RPG that takes you to the futuristic era of 2183, where you decide the fate of life in the entire galaxy. Take on the role of Commander Shepard, an elite human soldier exploring the vast Milky Way galaxy aboard the state-of-the-art starship S.S.V. Normandy.
The game is driven by the discovery of ancient alien technology that has pushed several species into space. As Shepard, your mission is critical and fraught with danger. Your job is to hunt down an incredibly menacing creature known as the Saren before it executes its terrible plan and unleashes an army of sentient machines, reapers, to destroy all organic life. Along the way, Shepard assembles a diverse team of specialists, each with their own unique experiences and skills. The relationships you develop with these crew members and the choices you make affect the story and the ending of the game. Shepard and his team travel through several unknown planets, reach the Normandy using a galactic map, cross treacherous terrain and encounter many alien species. When arguing, they use a dialogue tree so that you, the player, can control Shepard's actions and decisions.
Mass Effect is a game that seamlessly blends storytelling, character development, and action-packed sequences. Using cover-based third-person shooting, combined with biotic powers and advanced technology, combat is complex and strategic. With a unique blend of RPG and action elements, Mass Effect provides a deeply personal journey through the stars, where every decision you make has importance and consequences, shaping not only your journey, but the future of the entire galaxy. Thus, every playthrough of the game promises a unique experience.


The development of Mass Effect was a large enterprise organized by the acclaimed Canadian video game developer BioWare. The game combines action, adventure and a complex narrative to set a new precedent for RPGs. Creating a vast, immersive story universe inhabited by a variety of alien species was a daunting task in itself, requiring countless development teams, countless hours, and unrelenting dedication.
BioWare began development in 2004 and has a core team of 45 programmers, designers, artists and writers. Over time, that number has grown to over a hundred, each sharing a collective vision to push the envelope in terms of scale, storytelling, and game mechanics.
Mass Effect is unique in its use of Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3, which has been programmed and modified to fit BioWare's narrative approach. This engine ensures that the real-time rendering of the game offers stunning graphics and smooth gameplay.
When it comes to the game's story, BioWare took inspiration from a variety of classic sci-fi media. The architecture, advanced technology, sounds, colors and even the touch of the user interfaces of the alien planets were heavily influenced by authors such as Larry Niven and Orson Scott Card, as well as cinematic experiences from films such as Alien and Leafwalker. ".
BioWare set out to create a complex RPG, Mass Effect, where the player's choices have a significant impact on the story. This innovative approach to decision-making was a major breakthrough in narrative design and changed the way developers approach RPG plot. Additionally, BioWare implemented a voiceover system where all dialogue was spoken. They used a cast of professional actors to bring the script to life, including Mark Meer and Jennifer Hale as Commander Shepards. This added realism and immersion, enhancing the player's emotional connection to the game.
Creating Mass Effect was a huge challenge for BioWare, but the result was a ground-breaking game that wreaked havoc on the RPG genre and gaming culture in general. A powerful story, solid universe building, and impressive character interactions have cemented Mass Effect as a beloved series in the hearts of gamers around the world.


The release of the iconic game Mass Effect marked a revolutionary moment in the world of video games. This action-packed RPG developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts was introduced in 2007. November 20 and intrigues players with its immersive storyline set in a futuristic universe.
The game features an enriched galactic civilization under an ancient threat. The story is complex with complex elements of many important missions, huge threats and unexpected twists, making it a stunning combination of action and strategy.
Mass Effect puts players in the role of Commander Shepherd, who is on a mission to keep the peace in the galaxy. This character becomes the epicenter of customization as the player's decisions and actions shape Shepherd's moral compass, preferences, and overall progression.
As the first installment in the Mass Effect trilogy, the game sets an impressive benchmark for technology, creativity and storytelling. The game's innovative dialogue system, high-quality graphics, and modified gameplay have earned the game warm and many praises from gamers and industry experts.
Indeed, the release of Mass Effect took players on a strange journey through the galaxy. It introduced a new dimension of gaming where users could have great control over their gameplay and an engaging storyline.


Upon release, Mass Effect was hailed as a triumph of interactive storytelling, with critics praising its rich, detailed universe and character-driven storytelling. The open-ended nature of the game was particularly appreciated, allowing players to make influential choices that affected the course of the story. Critics also applauded the complex moral decisions players had to make, noting that the game's story went beyond simple dichotomies of good and evil.
But Mass Effect was not without its critics. Some players found the combat mechanics clunky and clunky, while others complained about long elevator rides and repetitive side quests. Also, flaws like graphical glitches and awkward character animations made some uncomfortable.
Despite these criticisms, Mass Effect has developed a devoted fan base and left an unmistakable mark on the RPG space. Today, it is often cited as one of the greatest video games of all time, fondly remembered for its innovative approach to storytelling, compelling characters, and the sheer impact of choices and consequences. Additionally, the game's success paved the way for two well-received sequels, making Mass Effect a beloved and enduring franchise.

Cultural impact

Since its debut in 2007 The Mass Effect series has left a deep impression that goes beyond the game environment. The impact resonates not only with millions of players, but also with the wider culture: it changed the way storytelling is done in video games.
Dynamic character development, moral ambiguities, and player-driven storytelling allowed players to navigate the story personally and emotionally like never before. This unique approach has turned the solitary act of gaming into a deeply personal experience and sparked passionate online debates about players' moral choices.
Additionally, Mass Effect has had a significant impact on how diversity and inclusion are portrayed in games. It is rich in expressions of cultural, racial and sexual diversity and encourages respect and acceptance of diversity without explicit messages. This image is appreciated by the forward-looking gaming community looking for immersive storytelling.
The mass impact of pop culture takes many forms: fan art, fan fiction, cosplay events, and even academic discourse. Panels and conferences discuss the philosophical and moral implications of the story, as well as the implications for real science and space exploration.
Ultimately, Mass Effect's cultural impact can be seen in its innovative storytelling format, its emphasis on diversity and inclusion, and its pervasive influence on pop culture. His legacy is a testament to the power of video games as a storytelling medium.