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Minecraft Earth

General Info

Minecraft Earth logo
GenresAugmented Reality, Sandbox
Game NameMinecraft Earth
ComposersDaniel Rosenfeld
DevelopersMojang Studios, Xbox Game Studios
Game EngineBedrock Engine
Release Date2019-01-01
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/minecraftearth
Game PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Publisher NameMojang Studios
Country of OriginSweden
Publishers Websiteshttps://www.mojang.com/
Minecraft Earth is a fascinating augmented reality game that brings creativity, imagination and adventure to life. The game allows players to explore, create and survive in a vibrant and immersive 3D world. Players can create incredible structures and bring them to life anywhere and at any scale. In addition, players have the opportunity to explore vivid maps and discover intriguing new dimensions filled with resources and treasures. Get a unique experience by cooperating and working with other Minecraft Earth players to shape the virtual world around you. Minecraft Earth, developed by Mojang, continues to push the boundaries of immersive gaming experiences by capturing the essence of Minecraft and bringing it into our real world.


'Minecraft Earth' game screenshots
'Minecraft Earth' game screenshots
'Minecraft Earth' game screenshots
'Minecraft Earth' game screenshots
'Minecraft Earth' game screenshots
'Minecraft Earth' game screenshots


Minecraft Earth is a free augmented reality game that brings the creativity of the traditional Minecraft game into the real world. Developed and published by Mojang Studios, Minecraft Earth was launched worldwide in 2019. in December and is delighting users from all over the world with its immersive gameplay.
The game allows players to explore local neighborhoods and cities to find adventure building panels and collect resources just like in the original block building game. Players can team up and collaborate with others to create complex structures, bring their creations to life with various Minecraft mobs, and share their creations with other players around the world.
Additionally, players can battle hostile mobs in real-time and engage in challenges that require strategic thinking. The game also allows you to breed unique mafia variants for your personal collections or to trade with other players.
In addition to encouraging creativity, Minecraft Earth also encourages exploration, cooperation, and healthy competition. Life-size augmented reality allows players to experience Minecraft like never before, making it much more than a game. It's a chance to reinvent the world around you by turning everyday places into interesting Minecraft landscapes.



Minecraft Earth introduces a unique and immersive twist on the classic Minecraft experience, made even more immersive by real-world augmented reality gameplay. Keep the normal Minecraft building and crafting mechanics, but now you can explore your creations at full size. Players can build their structures "board by board" tabletop style, then place them in the real world and explore them in full size!
Journeys are fun mini-adventures where players can discover new mobs and collect items and resources necessary for your creations. Additionally, there are Tappables nearby where you can collect various items, including rare treasures.
Join other players in exciting and interactive adventures, and you can earn various rewards by completing tasks together. In addition, the integration of redstone and its mechanisms offers more complex construction options for ambitious designers.
There are also threats in this world. Hostile mobs such as Creeper and Zombie maintain their ominous presence and keep players on their toes at all times.
Overall, Minecraft Earth offers an immersive gaming experience where creativity, exploration, and adventure blend seamlessly with the real world. Delight Minecraft veterans and newbies alike and take your beloved sandbox game to new heights.

Gameplay video


Minecraft Earth is an exciting spin on the beloved Minecraft universe, focused on the thrill of augmented reality exploration. The game begins in an exact replica of the real world, where players are placed in a digital version of their location. The country is full of familiar landscapes, full of sparkling rivers, towering mountains, dense forests and sun-drenched deserts. It is in these landscapes that players are tasked with gathering resources, crafting, and interacting with friendly and hostile mobs.
Perhaps the most striking feature of the plot is the cooperation angle. Players can pool the resources they collect and share their creations with each other, further enhancing the sense of community that Minecraft has always been known for. Plus, with the ability to place creations in the real world and view them at full size, friends can explore each other's creations as if they were there.
The staple of the Minecraft series, the concept of survival is there, but with a twist. Instead of worrying about health and hunger, players focus more on resource management. It is a strategic game as players must make careful decisions about how to use their limited resources. The main part of the plot is to stop the spread of "pollution", a mysterious substance that is corrupting the world of Minecraft Earth. Players can go on adventures, exciting challenges in augmented reality to stop the spread of the taint and protect the world.
The element of fun and unpredictability is the change of season. Each season brings new quests, mobs and challenges that ensure replayability and constant engagement. With new technology and the classic Minecraft experience, Minecraft Earth perfects the balance between nostalgia and the thrill of new adventures, creating a story that is as compelling as it is unique.


Although Minecraft Earth is officially closed, its impact on the gaming world cannot be denied. The unique thing about this game was the build phase; was designed with a charm that helped players reach the familiar essence of Minecraft.
Minecraft Earth was created using data from OpenStreetMap. The mind and ingenuity of the developers allowed for the creation of an augmented reality sandbox game that allows players to explore the real world. During the development stages, the developers followed the main elements of the original Minecraft game. Builders could create and publish their work on Buildplates, borrowing the idea of ​​scaled-down worlds from Minecraft. In addition, the game is built with AR technology that allows you to create, collect and fight mobs with simple taps on the screen.
Special efforts were also made during the development of the game to make it easier to play during the pandemic. Mojang has made changes including reducing travel requirements and adding new features for playing at home.
Although its run was shorter than expected, Minecraft Earth showed how augmented reality can add a whole new dimension to gaming, showing the developers' forward-thinking approach. The innovative visions and hard work that went into its creation paved the way for future AR games and left an indelible mark on Minecraft's legacy.


Minecraft Earth launched globally in 2019. December. after successful closed beta testing. The game took the classic Minecraft experience and brought it into the real world, offering an innovative way to play the famous game. Players had the option to create structures in augmented reality (AR) on their phone or tablet and then explore those creations in the physical world.
The goal of Minecraft Earth was to make the player an integral part of the Minecraft universe. Each player can turn their park or local neighborhood into a Minecraft world filled with uniquely shaped mobs, chests, and blocks. Local landmarks called "Adventures" were created in-game where players could join short challenges or experience AR mini-games.
Additionally, Minecraft included the Earth BuildPlate, a feature that gave players personal sandboxes where they could build complex structures. Their creations can then be saved and put into the real world for others to experience. This combination of real-life BR gameplay allowed multiple players to interact with the environment simultaneously, enhancing the sense of shared gameplay.
The global release has confirmed that Minecraft Earth is available on all AR-enabled iOS and Android devices and offers an exciting new way to enjoy Minecraft. This release was a significant step forward in AR gaming as we sought to bring the familiar Minecraft experience to life in unexpected ways.


Minecraft Earth has received positive reviews since its launch, with players praising its innovative augmented reality (AR) gameplay. Critics praise the seamless blending of Minecraft's sandbox elements with the real world. Despite being free-to-play, the game is mostly praised for being honest about its monetization model.
The AR experience was highly appreciated by many users who were interested in interacting with Minecraft elements in a new and tangible way. The game's build mode, where players build complex structures that come to life in the physical world, is an instant hit. Critics have also praised the game's adventure mode, which encourages exploration and provides an enjoyable challenge.
However, some gamers have expressed concerns about battery drain as it uses extensive geolocation and AR technologies. The game also requires a stable internet connection, which some players in rural areas have had issues with.
Overall, Minecraft Earth has been well received by the player base and continues to develop the appeal that has made Minecraft a favorite game among many.

Cultural impact

Since its inception, Minecraft Earth has created significant cultural effects around the world. Augmented Reality (AR) technology has revolutionized the way games are perceived and played, bringing new levels of interaction and immersion to gaming environments.
One of the main cultural changes that Minecraft Earth brought about was the encouragement of outdoor exploration, much like its AR predecessor, Pokémon GO. Bringing the creative elements of Minecraft into the physical world has encouraged users to explore their local areas and even travel to new locations to gather resources and complete challenges. In addition to simulating physical activity, it also encouraged real-world social interaction between players, creating a common ground for them to communicate, make new friends, and build online communities. Minecraft Earth also bridged the gap between reality and the digital realm, redefining the concept of "reality" itself. For example, the game allows players to create large architectural projects in their backyard or living room and share those creations with others around the world. This merging of the physical and digital worlds greatly expanded the possibilities of artistic expression, emphasizing the cultural significance of the game in the digital age.
Additionally, the game's emphasis on cooperation reflects our society's shift toward cooperative endeavors. Minecraft Earth challenges often require teamwork, reflecting the true need for cooperation and collaboration in many aspects of life. Finally, Minecraft Earth's cultural impact is undeniable. It reinvents the way games are played, fosters community interaction, encourages outdoor exploration, and encourages creative expression. In this way, the games not only defined a new era of gaming, but also significantly contributed to the evolution of digital culture around the world.