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Minecraft: Story Mode

General Info

Minecraft: Story Mode logo
GenresGraphic adventure, Puzzle
ArtistsDerek Sakai
WritersMichael Choung
Game NameMinecraft: Story Mode
ComposersAnadel, Jared Emerson-Johnson
DevelopersTelltale Games, Mojang Studios
Directed ByDennis Lenart
Game EngineTelltale Tool
Produced ByEvaline Wu
Release Date2015-10-13
Game PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One
Publisher NameTelltale Games
Country of OriginUnited States
Publishers Websiteshttp://www.telltale.com/
Experience the world of Minecraft like never before with Minecraft: Story Mode. Choose your own adventure in this episodic game series and step into the shoes of a hero in the making. Our protagonist, Jess, embarks on a terrifying quest through familiar lands from the End to the Netherlands, even trekking in the Far Lands. Form alliances with familiar Minecraft characters like Axel, Petra and more as you fend off the menacing Witter Storm. Gameplay revolves around critical decisions and quick reflexes – this is not your typical crafting and building session! Minecraft: Story Mode is a mix of compelling stories, characters you care about, and classic Minecraft fun! Dive into this immersive storytelling adventure today!


'Minecraft: Story Mode' game screenshots
'Minecraft: Story Mode' game screenshots
'Minecraft: Story Mode' game screenshots
'Minecraft: Story Mode' game screenshots
'Minecraft: Story Mode' game screenshots
'Minecraft: Story Mode' game screenshots


Minecraft: Story Mode is an adventure game set in an interpretive version of the iconic block universe. Players take on the character of Jesse and lead him and his friends on a daring oblivion journey around the world to save their world from oblivion. The main story revolves around a mythical group known as the Order of the Stone, legendary figures responsible for slaying Ender's Dragon before the game.
Unlike traditional Minecraft, Story Mode introduces a dialogue system, branching paths, and key decision-making techniques that allow players to influence their own unique story and final outcomes. Filled with charming characters, rich environments and unexpected twists, the sense of adventure is heightened. Despite the looming threat and danger, the lighter moments keep the game balanced with humor and camaraderie.
The game combines the existing elements of the original Minecraft and turns it into a fascinating story of courage, friendship and survival. Players will participate in fast-paced events, combat scenarios and puzzle solving, providing an immersive and interactive experience. Thanks to its episodic structure, each chapter reveals a new aspect of the game world, delving deeper into the story and character relationships.
Immersive, creative and true to the spirit of Minecraft, Story Mode successfully weaves compelling stories into the beloved sandbox universe, making it the ideal game for fans and newcomers alike.



Minecraft: Story Mode takes the essence of the Minecraft universe and adds a fascinating story. The game includes a deep story expansion filled with choices that drive the story forward. Unlike the sandbox gameplay offered by the original Minecraft game, Story Mode offers a linear adventure where your decisions affect your progress.
Upon entering the game, you are introduced to the main character, Jesse, who you can customize to your liking. Jesse and his friends are a group of rookie adventurers who aspire to become the next big star at Endervacon, a convention of Enderman killers. A dramatic event spurs Jesse and his crew on a grand quest to save the world.
The game includes five episodes. Each episode presents unique challenges for Jesse's group to overcome, and ultimately the story is driven by the player's decisions. Choices play a huge role in this game, as fast-paced events are frequent, forcing you to make quick decisions. From deciding on dialogues and actions to choosing construction tools, your decisions affect the plot and have different endings. Also, Minecraft: Story Mode doesn't abandon the crafting basics that loyal Minecraft players look up to. Creatively incorporate mining and crafting concepts into puzzles and problem solving. For example, to make a sword, you need to understand the original formula.
While the focus may be on decision-making, you'll also have to battle various mobs in Minecraft using simple point-and-click gameplay. The combat system is incredibly simple, making the game more accessible to a younger audience. Minecraft: Story Mode is a fresh and exciting update to the classic Minecraft, featuring story-driven gameplay while retaining the crowd-building, crafting and combat elements you love from the original universe.

Gameplay video


In Minecraft: Story Mode, the player embarks on a challenging adventure across the world, through the Netherlands to the end, and finally beyond. You are Jesse, an aspiring builder and adventurer who faces a terrifying horror that threatens to destroy the world.
The game begins at the EnderCon building competition, where Jesse, along with his friends Axel, Olivia and the pet pig Reuben, are trying to win. During the event, they meet Gabriel Karis, one of the legendary members of the Order of the Stone, who idolizes Jesse. Unforeseen events soon occur, which leads Jesse to discover that a jealous member of the Order of the Stone has released a terrifying creature into the world, the Storm. Realizing the great danger facing the world, Jesse and his friends embark on an epic quest to reclaim the Order, the elite group of warriors who once defeated the Ender Dragon. The journey spans different worlds, full of challenges, choices and dangers at every turn. As Jessie, you must make decisions that directly affect the course of your story, making each game a unique experience.
During their quest, the team meets allies, encounters evil characters, discovers new environments and solves intriguing puzzles. They find that the Order of the Stone has disintegrated and each member faces their own inner secrets and challenges. In addition to uniting the Order, Jesse and the gang must face a barrage of challenges that come their way in order to defeat the monstrous Storm and restore peace to their world.
The stakes are high in this story of courage and survival. The friendships you make, the choices you make, and the leadership you demonstrate will determine the fate of Jesse's world in the immersive Minecraft: Story Mode universe.


Creating Minecraft: Story Mode was a unique and exciting process. The game development team at Telltale Games worked closely with the Minecraft developers at Mojang to deliver an authentic Minecraft experience. The goal was to maintain the feel and charm of the original sandbox game while introducing a complex story never seen before in Minecraft.
The plot is inspired by various elements of the Minecraft community, such as the ingenious player-made architecture and the many mods available. The episodic format enhanced the interactive and exploratory aspects of the game, keeping players excited and attentive to the story. Aspects of the original Minecraft's open-world creation have been modified to give players choices that significantly affect the game's story. So, despite the new structured gameplay, the developers have ensured that players still have the creative freedom they had in the original game.
Story Mode's graphics and aesthetics have been designed to match Minecraft's distinct pixelated look, while maintaining the nostalgia associated with the original game. The voice talent for the game was chosen, with actors such as Patton Oswalt, Catherine Taber, Billy West and Paul Reubens joining the team, further enriching the player's involvement in the story.
Overall, the development of Minecraft: Story Mode was a very innovative process, combining the traditional gameplay of Minecraft with the fast-paced storytelling that is Telltale Games' hallmark, resulting in a unique gaming experience.


Minecraft: Story Mode's "Release" section highlights the anticipation and excitement of the game world. For the first time in 2014 The narrative video game launched in December is a collaborative project between Mojang Studios and Telltale Games.
This episodic point-and-click graphic adventure game officially launched in 2015. October 13 on multiple platforms including Windows PC, Mac OS X, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, Xbox One, iOS and Android. Compatibility was later extended to the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and Netflix platforms, improving accessibility for a variety of users.
Minecraft: Story Mode is a five-episode first season series, with an additional three-episode Adventure Pass available after the season finale. Its four incarnations, including Story Mode and StoryMode: The Complete Adventure, which include additional episodes in the Adventure Pass, have captivated audiences around the world.
The abundance of platforms shows the game's broad appeal to various user demographics, both experienced and novice players. This journey into the unknown with fascinating storylines, multi-faceted RPG and immersive gameplay has resulted in Minecraft: Story Mode, which leaves its mark on the RPG genre. As for future releases, the international gaming community is eagerly awaiting.


Minecraft: Story Mode has received generally positive reviews from critics and players alike. The charming pixel art design synonymous with Minecraft shines throughout the game, providing a familiar canvas for avid Minecraft fans. The game's narrative and choice-based gameplay were highly praised by several industry reviewers, particularly praising the depth of the story and the engaging and memorable characters.
The game's episodic format was also praised for its more dynamic storytelling and better plot development. Critics also praised the game's voice acting, including appearances by notable actors such as Patton Oswalt and Catherine Taber. However, Minecraft: Story Mode has received some criticism. Some players felt that the episodic story format unnecessarily slowed the game down, while others said that the story's pace was sometimes abrupt and inconsistent.
However, Minecraft: Story Mode is a great choice for both Minecraft fans and those looking for an immersive storytelling adventure. The game is based not only on the rich and creative world of Minecraft, but also offers a unique storytelling experience that goes beyond the usual sandbox gameplay.

Cultural impact

The cultural impact of Minecraft: Story Mode has been significant since its release in 2015. This decision-based, episodic video game popularized Minecraft to new audiences by providing a narrative experience. As a result, it impacted the gaming industry and changed people's perception of video game storytelling.
But Minecraft: Story Mode's impact isn't limited to gameplay. It encouraged creativity and critical thinking in young players because the games were decision-based. The game forces players to make choices that determine the plot, helping them to know the possible consequences of their decisions. It has fostered critical thinking and problem solving in society, critical 21st century skills that can be applied to many aspects of life.
In addition, Minecraft: Story Mode's cultural imprint lies in the interactive storytelling that changed the perception of video games. Story flexibility and player-centered decision-making showed how video games can deliver immersive and dynamic storytelling. This led to conversations about the artistic value of video games. Finally, Minecraft: Story Mode character creations like Jesse, Petra, Lukas, and more added a new Minecraft universe and expanded the story. These characters have become part of the Minecraft culture, allowing players to emotionally connect with the game world. They've even inspired fan-made art, cosplay, and storytelling that showcases the cultural scope of the game.
In short, Minecraft: Story Mode has had a profound cultural impact, fostering creativity and critical thinking, revolutionizing video game storytelling, and creating memorable characters that have expanded the Minecraft universe and culture.