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Cleo de Nile

General Info

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Job TitleStudent, Fearleading captain
Knows aboutRoyal fashion, Histrology, Multi-millionaire heiress
Character NameCleo de Nile
Member of OrganizationMonster High, Fearleading Squad
Cleo de Nile, the immortal mummy queen of the Monster High universe, has great charm and charisma. This 5,842-year-old daughter of Ramses de Nile has an ultra-royal Egyptian heritage, clearly evident in her royal fashion sense. Cleo preserves her youth by avoiding bright lights and moisturizing her skin with exotic oils and lotions. Her cat, named Hisset, is always loyal and a bit protective. As charming as she may appear, Cleo is known for her domineering and demanding nature as she expects everyone to treat her like a queen. Despite her flaws, Cleo has a big heart and cares deeply for her friends. Popularity isn't just about being loved, it's also about being feared and then loved. It might sound intimidating, but at the end of the day, she enjoys the company, especially Deuce, her trusted boyfriend.


Cleo de Nile, an iconic character from the popular Monster High universe, has royal blood in her veins as the daughter of the mummy and the epitome of Egyptian royalty. As the captain of an impressive squad, she is loved by all and never fails to inspire those around her with her dedication, charm and charisma.
But behind her pomp and glamour, Cleo is much more than just a pretty, regal face. Not only is she the queen of fashion, she is also the queen of hearts. Her connection to friends paints a touching picture of her character. Her friendship with Gulia Yelps is legendary and shows her caring and compassionate side.
Fueled by her competitive spirit, Cleo is truly a force to be reckoned with in Monster High. She is perhaps the most stubborn and always strives to be the best in everything she does. However, she is also loving, kindhearted, extremely loyal, and genuinely considerate of the feelings of others. This proves that Cleo, in all her glory, is a living testament to the true spirit of Monster High - angry, fabulous, and kind. She is a mama that looks modern and carries a strong message of merging vintage and new. With a passion for fashion and friendship, Cleo de Nile is truly a timeless icon.


Cleo de Nile, the 5842-year-old daughter of the mummy, is one of the first characters in the Monster High universe. As the daughter of Egyptian royalty, Cleo's personality exudes the confidence, dignity and cheeky spirit typical of a queen.
Her royal heritage is evident not only in her stately appearance, but also in her regal style, which conveys her story through Egyptian-inspired outfits and golden accents. She stands out among students and is known for her golden voice and distinctive headdress that reflects her past and sets trends in the present.
Despite being self-absorbed, Cleo also has a softer side. A fierce protector, she is fiercely loyal to her friends and will do anything to help them. She is particularly close to Gulia Yelps, a zombie, Cleo's right-hand man, who many believe is the real mastermind behind Cleo's rule over the school.
Cleo is a born leader with the ability to influence others, making her the unofficial Queen of Monster High. She directs the Fear Squad, the school's cheerleading team, and guides them to championship victories. Not only is she admired for her leadership skills, but her fearlessness and strength inspire many at the school. She also has a complicated personal life. Aside from the drama that seems to haunt her, she has had a longstanding relationship with Deuce Gorgon. Though the two have broken up and reconciled multiple times, the connection between Cleo and Deuce is undeniable.
Cleo de Nile is more than a queen; She is the embodiment of timeless beauty, strength and intelligence. Her journey from the sands of Egypt to the corridors of Monster High is a story that reminds us all to embrace our history while reigning in the present.

Creation and Development

Cleo de Nile, the mummy's daughter, is one of the main characters in the Mattel's Monster High series. Her character was developed almost two years before her initial release. The concept started with the idea of ​​a queen-like, confident and royal character linked to a school environment. In order for the character to appeal to younger audiences, her strong personality was refined through multiple focus groups and artistic performances.
Cleo was first introduced as a young version of the popular Egyptian queen Cleopatra. The early designs featured her with gold accessories, broken mummy bandages, a snake-shaped headpiece, and a pet snake. Her initial sketches emphasized her royal lineage with elegant, Egyptian-styled graphics. Her proposed high-status was a creative choice to portray her as a character that upholds a sense of leadership in the Monster High student body.
A challenge in Cleo’s development was creating a likable character with a strong personality that could sometimes be perceived as arrogance. Thus, the creators worked to balance her character by introducing warm and relatable elements - her romantic relationship with Deuce Gorgon and her deep caring nature for her younger sister, Nefera. Her design has been refined over several iterations to incorporate more modern fashion elements. The result is a unique combination of Egyptian-inspired clothing with contemporary accessories that reflect her stylish personality.
Finally, after a long period of development and fine-tuning, Cleo de Nile was launched as a doll and main character in the Monster High animated series. Both the doll and the character were instantly popular, largely due to their distinctive personality, regal looks, and captivating storyline. While Cleo is portrayed as unashamedly proud and slightly distant, her moments of vulnerability and kindness make her character close and endearing to many fans around the world.

Character Profile

Cleo de Nile, the 5842-year-old daughter of the Mummy, rules the halls of Monster High with her regal style and charming personality. Cleo, who was born into the family of Egyptian pharaohs, has a personality that is regal and arrogant, but full of sophistication and charm.
Her love for fashion is simply undeniable as she is known for her chic clothing line that perfectly showcases her ageless and timeless beauty. Gold accessories, belts and the latest fashion: this is Cleo's style!
Cleo is regal and demanding, and has the least expectation of perfection. This is reflected in her leadership of the Faar Squad, the school's cheerleading squad. His dedication and meticulous nature led them to terrifying victories.
At heart, Cleo's life is nothing but a pyramid soap opera. Despite her complicated relationship with Deuce Gorgon, their love outlasts any curse.
Also, Cleo has a fierce loyalty to her friends and family. Her friendship with Ghoulia Yelps, while normal, shows her ability to see beyond stereotypes. Despite her frosty exterior, she is kind-hearted and cares deeply for her loved ones.
Cleo de Nile stands tall, realizes her weaknesses and uses her strengths. Her commanding presence and distinctive style make her an unforgettable figure in Monster High. Irreplaceable and iconic, this is our Queen Cleo for you!

Story Arc

Cleo de Nile's character in the Monster High universe is a charming royal ghost with an elegant ancient bloodline to match her personality. Cleo, the mummy's daughter, has come a long way from a luxurious and spacious apartment in the Egyptian pyramids to the roaring Monster High.
At first glance, Cleo may seem arrogant, conceited and overly bossy. This is mainly because her years have been worshiped and looked forward to, hoping that everyone will treat her like the divine king that she is. But beneath the regal air and detachment lies a deeply caring and fiercely loyal specter. With her closest allies by her side, Cleo shows unwavering support, even if it means taking a big hit to her ego.
Her relationship with Deuce Gorgon is a major part of Cleo de Nile's plot. Their bond shows a tender feeling that is often obscured by a regal facade. These relationships often soften Cleo's image as a domineering ghost, emphasizing her ability to have deep feelings for someone. It also highlights his fierce dedication as he always supports Deuce no matter what challenges they face. Cleo's extreme fear of the dark is another aspect that adds to her character arc. Buried alive in a dark sarcophagus for thousands of years, Cleo suffers from severe anxiety and a fear of the night, which mars her otherwise indomitable nature.
In the Monster High universe, Cleo de Nile explores themes of pride, loyalty, love and fear, offering fans a deep, multi-layered character that is both relatable and engaging. Cleo de Nile is a truly immortal character in every way, from ruling the school as a fearsome team captain to the former glory of her royal dynasty.

Cultural Impact

As one of the most prominent characters in the Monster High universe, Cleo de Nile has had a significant impact on popular culture. A descendant of the first Egyptian queen, Cleopatra, Cleo embodies elements of ancient Egyptian culture in her personality, fashion sense and texture. His character adds a unique dimension to Monster High and contributes to the diversity of children's entertainment.
The image of Cleo as a confident and ambitious young woman resonated with the audience. Despite her high-society, royal background, she embodies a recognizable experience of teenage insecurity, the pressures of popularity, and the nurturing of friendships. Her journey to balance her royal duties with her normal teenage life was a central theme throughout the series.
In addition, Cleo's aesthetic elements—the laced dress, exotic jewelry, and Nile blue strands in her hair—probably contributed to the popularity of Egyptian-inspired fashion among young viewers. This can be reflected in birthday party themes, Halloween costumes, and fan art for her character.
Cleo de Nile also played a vital role in introducing young audiences to elements of Egyptian mythology and history. By naturally incorporating such elements into its character's dialogue and storylines, Monster High sparked viewers' interest in ancient cultures. In essence, the Cleo de Nile character helped shape the cultural significance of the Monster High franchise, fostering cultural diversity, promoting self-confidence, and highlighting lesser-known aspects of the world's history.


As the mummy's daughter, Cleo de Nile's legacy is as great as the pyramids themselves. Born more than 5,000 years ago into Egyptian aristocracy, Cleo's royal family transformed her into a sophisticated diva. From her lavish lifestyle to her commanding leadership as the leader of a fearsome squad, she lives each day with majestic elegance.
Despite her tall, powerful demeanor, Cleo is more than just the queen bee at Monster High. She's also a loyal friend who values ​​her relationships and supports fashionably horrible friends. And while she may fear losing her lavish lifestyle, Cleo realizes that her inner strength and royalty are what really make her the queen she is.
Cleo's story teaches us that no high status or ancient lineage can replace true friendship and kindness. Above her vanity and pomp is the loving heart that calls Monster High home. As Cleo continues to grow, she continues to prove that some things like true style, grace, and friendship never go out of style.