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General Info

Draculaura logo
Job TitleStudent
Birth Date1600-02-14
Birth PlaceTransylvania
Knows aboutFashion, Vegetarianism
Alternate NameDraculaura
Character NameDraculaura
Member of OrganizationMonster High
Draculaura, the 1600-year-old daughter of Count Dracula, is a student at Monster High. This vampire isn't your typical bloodsucker; She is vegan and faints at the sight of blood. With a fashion sense that's forever in pink and black, she's always ready to make a statement, whether it's with bat earrings or heart-studded shoes. Known for her charming laugh and upbeat demeanor, she values ​​friendship and is very considerate of her classmates. Despite her sometimes dramatic nature, she is friendly, very outgoing and a bit romantic. A key character and all-time favorite in the Monster High universe, Draculaura beautifully and whimsically embodies the innocence and tenderness of youth, offering a playful take on classic vampire mythology.


One of the most iconic characters in the Monster High universe, Draculaura is the 1600-year-old vegetable-loving daughter of Count Dracula. Born and raised in Transylvania, she moved to Monster High with her foster father. While Draculaura's lore is based on several vampire myths, she is notable for her departure from the classic vampire image.
Unable to stand the sight of blood, Draculaura leads a vegetarian lifestyle, a rarity among her fellow vampires. Being unable to see her reflection in the mirror, another typical vampire trait, she has a keen sense for fashion and never ceases to fascinate with her stunning style. She's all about pink, a color she's passionate about using in her outfits. Draculaura is also known for her signature umbrella, which she uses to protect her delicate skin from the sun's rays, which can turn it to dust.
Her compassionate heart, sweet personality, and unique habits have made her a popular character that shows that you don't have to conform to fit. the Monster High universe and beyond.


Draculaura, the daughter of the infamous Dracula, is a brilliant student at Monster School. She was born in Transylvania, is 1600 years old but has the looks and personality of a sweet 16 year old girl. Despite her vampiric origins, she is a vegan who faints at the sight of blood, preferring fruits and vegetables instead.
Draculaura may come from a dark background, but her heart is as warm and compassionate as that of everyone you meet. She often carries an umbrella to avoid sunburn and displays an unmistakable goth fashion sense, favoring pink and black. Their standard attire often includes knee-high boots, fishnet stockings, and an umbrella or lace umbrella to protect their sensitive skin from the sun. She has jet black hair that is often tied in two high ponytails with pink highlights running through it.
At Monster High, she's known for her cheerful demeanor and for being friends with everyone, proving that she doesn't let her origins define her. She is fluent in many languages, a testament to her intelligence.
Despite his advanced age, Draculaura still has trouble flying and dislikes traditional vampire tendencies. Though she may be a classic vampire, her real horror comes from having to conform to societal norms. Her favorite bat, Count Fabulos, is her favorite companion who shares her fondness for pink.
Draculaura used her vampire experience to adjust to her surroundings at Monster High. She treats everyone with kindness and gentleness, making her one of the most popular monsters around. While she may have chosen a different path from her parents, Draculaura's story teaches us that it's okay to be different and to stand out in your own unique way.

Creation and Development

The creation and development of Draculaura, one of the most popular characters in the Monster High universe, is an engaging story of creative exploration and thoughtful design. Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula, needed to break the stereotype associated with vampires. Instead of a fearsome nocturnal predator, she was portrayed as a friendly vegan vampire who faints at the sight of blood.
Development of the character began with a meticulous design process, during which the creators selected her iconic pink and black outfit. Defying classic vampire clichés, they dressed Draculaura in a ruffled pink lace dress that symbolized her gentle and good-natured personality. Her umbrella, another essential part of her look, was designed as a nod to the vampire myth that they are allergic to sunlight.
The development team has worked hard to ensure consistent performance across the board. Whether it's web series, puppets, or books, Draculaura's personality is always playful, compassionate, and a little dramatic. However, she is also portrayed as brave when her friends are in danger, showing the subtle nature of her character.
The creators also added depth to Draculaura's character by delving into her backstory. For example, she is 1600 years old and has experienced various cultural influences, which explains her diverse interests, from writing poetry to learning different languages.
In summary, the creation and development of Draculaura required a balance between imaginative design and ethereal storytelling. The creators have managed to retain the supernatural by deviating from the traditional vampire story, creating a character that is not only unique, but deeply loved by Monster High fans around the world. Today, Draculaura is a testament to the rich imagination of the creators of Monster High.

Character Profile

Daughter of Count Dracula, Draculaura is a student at Monster High and a beacon of kindness and compassion in an often misunderstood world. Despite her vampiric origins, Draculaura is a vegetarian and faints at the mere sight of blood. She has an eccentric fashion sense and combines Victorian and punk aesthetics, perfectly reflecting her 1600+ year history.
She loves cute creatures and has a devoted love for pets, as shown by her selfless care for Count Fabulus, her pet bat. Judging by her age at death, she's 16 and she's already 17, but her maturity says volumes about her actual age. Her long life has endowed her with deep wisdom and understanding of the world, allowing her to become a mainstay for her Monster School gang.
Though prone to emotional swings at times, Draculaura is generally lively and outgoing - a friend to all. She is also passionate about equality for all living beings and uses her influence to spread acceptance and understanding among those around her. In all his endeavors, Draculaura exudes an optimism, love and zest for life that is undeniably contagious. She reminds everyone that it's okay to be different and to embrace the beauty of those differences.

Story Arc

Draculaura, daughter of Count Dracula, is perhaps one of the most memorable characters in the Monster High universe. Unlike her father, she is a vegan vampire and does not drink blood. Draculaura is a 1600-year-old vampire who appears to be no more than 16 years old.
Born and raised in Transylvania, she lived a sheltered life until meeting her ghoul best friend, Frankie Stein. This friendship prompted her to enroll in School of Monsters, where she is currently a student. Draculaura is fiercely loyal and deeply passionate; She wears her heart on her sleeve for all to see.
Her character progression on the series saw her grow from a sheltered and naïve young ghoul to a confident and brave student. At Monster High, she learns the importance of friendship and teamwork. Here she discovered her passion for writing and journalism and became a columnist for school gossip.
Draculaura faces numerous challenges as a unique vampire who chooses to disobey typical vampire behavior. Her lifestyle is often the cause of minor conflicts and misunderstandings with her traditional vampire father. However, she does not allow her family's outdated ideas to influence her modern beliefs.
Throughout the series, Draculaura's unwavering determination and resilience are showcased in her charming, pink-hued style. She is constantly featured in the halls of Monster High as a symbol of change and acceptance. Draculaura is not afraid to be herself and uses her fashion sense to encourage her peers and viewers to embrace her individuality. In summary, Draculaura's development as a character is an inspiration to others at Monster High. She is the perfect example of a character coming of age to embrace her identity and stay true to herself despite the pressures of her traditional vampire society. The story of Draculaura is one of growth, change, and the pursuit of individuality while respecting tradition.

Cultural Impact

Draculaura, an extraordinary character from the Monster High universe, has left a significant mark on pop culture. As a vegan vampire, she breaks the traditional vampire stereotype and presents a morally aware and benevolent character to young audiences. This new interpretation has contributed to the acceptance and understanding of various lifestyles such as veganism.
Additionally, Draculaura's Hispanic heritage, reflected in her fashion and speech, adds an element of cultural diversity to the series. As he often mixes Spanish words into his dialogue, he subtly teaches young audiences about the Spanish language and culture. It promotes cultural inclusion and has a positive effect on children's intercultural understanding.
Draculaur's character also promotes body positivity and self-acceptance. Despite her bat-shaped birthmark and uneven skin tone, she is depicted as confident and happy. It challenges the prevailing idea of ​​"perfect beauty" and encourages children to embrace their uniqueness.
In conclusion, Draculaura is more than a fictional character: she is a role model for the younger generation and promotes cultural diversity, lifestyle acceptance and self-respect. It's a testament that a character's legacy can truly extend beyond the screen.


Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, has an exciting legacy in the Monster High universe. Unlike his father, Draculaura is a vegetarian vampire who shows compassion for all creatures. She moved to the United States from Transylvania when she was only 1600 years old and became a student at the Monster School. Despite his vampiric origins, Draculaura is afraid of blood and faints at the sight. Appreciating her unique roots and using them to tell her friends about diversity and acceptance, she embodies the spirit of Monster High. Draculaura is a true role model, showing that it's totally okay to be different and that true strength lies in our individuality. Their heritage teaches us to embrace our unique qualities and use them to make the world a more welcoming place.