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Lagoona Blue

General Info

Lagoona Blue logo
Job TitleStudent
Birth Date2007-01-01
Birth PlaceGreat Scarrier Reef, Australia
Knows aboutSwimming, Fashion, Oceanography
Alternate NameDaughter of the Sea Monsters
Character NameLagoona Blue
Member of OrganizationMonster High
Laguna Blue, the daughter of the sea monster, is a student at monster school and the shining star of the swimming team. This sea-loving, turquoise ghoul can be recognized by her distinctive wavy hair, which reflects the color of the pristine tropical oceans she hails from. Laguna displays a cheerful and energetic personality and cares deeply about her friends and the environment. Alongside her favorite piranha, Neptune, Laguna embraces each day with a fearless spirit and a unique style that reflects her aquatic heritage.


Lagoona Blue is definitely a standout among Monster High students, with an appearance and personality as refreshing as an ocean wave. As the daughter of a sea monster, Lagoon embodies a gentle and relaxed attitude that sets her apart from the crowd. This Australian beauty's love of the water is highlighted by her fashion sense, which is very much inclined towards ocean themes. Her signature style includes bright shades of ocean blue and sea green, which go well with her blue-streaked blonde hair.
Although she hails from Down Under, Laguna has adapted to life at Monster High without any problems, showing off her friendly, approachable and very athletic nature. She is a great athlete with a special passion for surfing and the latest underwater scooter. In addition to his athletic life, he also expresses a deep love for marine life, widely known for his extraordinary ability to communicate with aquatic animals.
Lagoon Blue is not perfect; her fear of fresh water and vulnerability to dehydration reflect her challenges in life, like any teenage girl. However, this does not prevent her from standing up for herself and her friends, revealing her innate courage and impeccable character.
All this makes Lagoona Blue not only a Monster High student, but also a wave of inspiration to everyone around her.


Blue Lagoon is a freshwater sea monster from Down Under. She is a student at Monster School, majoring in marine biology. With her light blue skin and webbed toes indicative of her Oceanic ancestry, Laguna is one of Monster High's most famous students.
Born at sea to a family of sea monsters, Laguna spent most of her childhood beneath the waves of the ocean. Her father, a noted discoverer of sea monsters, was a role model for the love of exploring the unknown that took over the Lagoon. Laguna didn't quite fit into marine society and saw an opportunity to explore the unknown when she found out about Monster High.
Bold and confident, Laguna wasn't afraid to jump with both feet and fill her journal with her adventures at Monster High. She quickly made friends with her cool attitude and ability to see the best in people. An avid team player, she plays on the Monster High swim team using her natural swimming skills.
Her soulful eyes hide the well of the depths. Her interest in the unknown coupled with her passion for sea life demonstrates an idealistic spirit. Deep love for her favorite piranha, Neptune, gives us a glimpse of her caring side.
Despite her fluid and cold personality, Laguna struggles to keep her skin hydrated and nourished in Monster High's mostly arid environment. She misses the sea and often feels like a fish out of water. However, her strength lies in her ability to create her own flow and make the most of the tides that life throws at her. Blue Lagoon isn't just a sea monster attending high school, she's a wave of change, showing her Monster High peers that being different isn't just okay, it's downright cool. And it's that attitude that makes her one of Monster High's most popular students.

Creation and Development

Lagoona Blue, one of the main characters in the Monster High franchise, was created to diversify the cast and introduce a softer personality profile to the initially tight-knit group. The daughter of a sea monster, she represents Australian heritage with a distinctive surfer-inspired look and love of the ocean, helping to create real-life caricatures of geographic and cultural stereotypes that children can relate to.
Her design process, led by Garrett Sander and illustrated by Glenn Hanson, was filled with unique specifications as she had to look attractive but also quirky to reflect her aquatic heritage. The Lagoon character is light yellow in color with fins on her arms and legs and webbed fingers, the personification of a real sea monster's daughter. She has platinum blonde hair with turquoise highlights and freckles that accentuate her teenage glamour. Her clothing trends tend to include nautical motifs that keep her character consistent.
Lagoon Blue's personality was designed to be relaxed, passionate and good-natured. She is portrayed as sporty, athletic and an animal lover, showing her as a multi-faceted character that transcends her heritage. Unique among Monster High dolls, her pet Neptune, a piranha, was introduced to appeal to the pet-loving public. Laguna's nuanced character development keeps her from being just "just another teenager," but allows her to show love and responsibility for the environment, which has been a major theme lately. Its development maintained the Monster High message that everyone is unique in their own way and helped create inclusiveness, making the Monster High universe richer, more diverse, and more inclusive, which proved to be a commercial success.

Character Profile

Laguna Blue, daughter of the infamous sea monster, always causes a stir at Monster High. She is an upbeat high school student who loves all living things and has a passion for water, making her the true Ambassador of the Ocean at Monster High.
Born off the coast of Australia, Laguna has developed her unique water skills and outgoing nature. Often spotted with her favorite piranha, Neptune, she's not afraid to flaunt her fishy sense of style. Unlike some of her more obnoxious classmates, Laguna uses her aquatic heritage to help those around her and uses her natural abilities to bring out the good in all living things.
Lagoona is a prominent swimmer at Monster High, always staying active and encouraging her friends to join in on the fun too! Beyond her athletic abilities, she also uses her voice to stand up for equality at school. Despite being from a totally different world, she works hard to bridge the gap between the sea and land-dwelling students.
Despite her sunny personality, Lagoona struggles with the drier environments and has to keep herself moisturized to prevent her from drying out. Still, despite these struggles, she remains a cheerful and encouraging presence at Monster High. Her lagoon-ative outlook on life proves that it isn't where you're from, but the friends you make along the way that truly matters!

Story Arc

Of course here:
Laguna Blue, Monster High's sea-born lover, played an adorable character that suited the story arc perfectly. The daughter of a sea monster, Laguna is an exchange student from the Great Scarrier Reef and brings with her a wave of refreshing influence. Her tidal personality shines through in every episode, with her love for sea creatures and active participation on the Scream Team.
Their relationship has been a whirlwind of ups and downs. The most significant of which is her constant fascination with Gil Webber, the river monster. Their dramatic romance was filled with the torrents of Gil's parents disapproval as it addressed the differences between saltwater and freshwater monsters, creating a tidal wave of relatable moments for viewers regarding family acceptance and love.
Despite these challenges, Lagoona swam against the current, proving her strength in "Escape from Skull Shores" and "Freaky Fusion". She showcased her passion for education and friendships through founding clubs like 'The Swimming Dead', which echoed her sportsmanship and commitment.
Her decisive part in the rescue mission of "Ghouls Rule" when Frankie was captured highlighted her loyalty. Meanwhile, in "Haunted", with her ability to talk to and understand aquatic ghosts, she led her friends to solve mysteries, reinforcing her position through courage and leadership. The turning point for her character came in the episode "13 Wishes" when she fell under the spell of the evil spirit Gigi Grant. This sheds light on her weaknesses as well as her attitude to correct her mistakes when she returned to heal her friends. It was connected and showed that everyone has their downfalls but it's all about getting back up.
Laguna Blue left a trail of bubbles in Monster School's path throughout the series, showing viewers that when there's trust in yourself and love for friends, the tide can't be too high.

Cultural Impact

A prominent character in the Monster High universe, Laguna Blue has had a significant impact on world culture. It marks a departure from the traditional monster story and turns it into a story of belonging and acceptance. Their Australian heritage is prominently displayed, including a colloquial Australian dialect and a fun, laid-back beach culture.
Laguna's love of water and marine ecology has inspired young followers to develop respect for the oceans and marine life. The character, the daughter of sea monsters, stimulates conversations about the state of the world's oceans and introduces children to concepts such as conservation and biodiversity in an easy-to-understand way. Her strong, independent, and caring personality serves as a powerful female representation, helping to challenge and redefine social gender norms. Laguna Blue doesn't shy away from her "monster" persona and embraces her otherness and uniqueness, sending a strong signal to the audience to accept themselves and embrace individuality.
Overall, Laguna Blue's influence goes beyond entertainment and provides a platform for discussion about environmental issues, cultural representation and identity, making her a notable figure in shaping young minds.


In the Monster High universe, Blue Lagoon's legacy is unmistakable. Daughter of a sea monster, Laguna is a trendy student with a strong competitive spirit, especially when it comes to the school's swim team. Despite her athletic nature, Laguna has something none of her teammates have — a deep love of water and aquatic life. This is largely due to her father, a renowned marine biologist, who taught her the fine art of environmental protection from a young age. Now Laguna is not only a role model for other young ghouls in terms of fashion and athleticism, but also a protector of sea creatures. She is committed to protecting her habitat and uses her platform to educate others about the importance of conserving underwater ecosystems. In fact, the Laguna's legacy extends beyond the corridors of Monster High, stretching as deep and wide as the ocean itself.