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General Info

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Faction NameMonster High Staff
The Monster High Staff is the core group of the Monster High universe. Consisting of several teachers and staff, they are primarily responsible for the education and guidance of the students at Monster High. This group consists of Principal Bloodgood, a strict but caring principal, Mr. Hackington or "Hack," a humanoid zombie who teaches mad science, and Mrs. Kindergrubber, Home Ick's teacher, who is a patchwork and rag-like monster. a doll Each staff member has their own unique monster heritage that contributes to their unique training methods, creating an intriguing and diverse environment in which young monsters can learn and grow.


An indispensable faction of the Monster High universe, Monster High staff are the teachers and administrators who keep the school running smoothly. They are a group of monstrous creatures who are passionate about cultivating the unique talents and personalities of their students. In this school of monsters, students not only learn academic subjects, but also learn to celebrate their monstrosity, understand their unique abilities, interact with different species, and break stereotypes of the monster world.
On staff is the intimidating but kind headmistress Bloodgood, who plays the role of the school's mascot, the Hall Moanitor. The other members are Mr. D'Death, the perfect guidance counselor, and Mr. Rotter, everyone's favorite history teacher, who makes sure every lesson is terrifyingly engaging. Then there's the eccentric Mrs. Kindergrubber, who presides over the homeroom, where students can cook up everything from existential philosophy to worm pie. And let's not forget our amazing coach Igor, who helps the young monsters stay in shape and reach their athletic potential.
These educators encourage students to enjoy their studies, develop life skills, and most importantly, be proud of who they are. The staff at Monster High aren't just educators, they're partners in a challenging, yet exciting, terrifying student-teenage journey. At Monster High, they firmly believe that everyone is unique and that "weird flaws" are always celebrated!


The staff at Monster High School is as diverse and dynamic as the students themselves. From the charming headmistress, Headmistress Bloodgood, who excels at maintaining order and harmony in the school, to the creepy but kind-hearted vampire Mr. D'eath, who is the school's feared guidance counselor. Each faculty member has a unique story to keep the school's history alive and vibrant.
Headmistress Bloodgood, also known as the Headless Headmistress, is the daughter of the legendary Headless Horseman. She firmly believes in the school's mission: to allow all kinds of monsters to live and learn in a safe environment. His leadership has helped the school overcome many challenges and has always been stronger and more united.
Another important character in the staff story is Mr. D'Death, a former student before graduating and joining the Monster High staff. His caring nature has helped many troubled students on the right path. Despite his mortal appearance and strange penchant for funeral ceremonies, Mr. D'eath is much loved and cherished.
History teacher Mr. Rotter, another former Monster High student, uses his experience as a zombie to resonate with the students, making the story fun rather than stale. The staff also includes such eccentric figures as the nightmarish PE trainer Coach Igor and the teenage werewolf clone Mr. Hackington.
This collective is the backbone of Monster High School. Their stories, vivid and diverse, intertwine with each other and the students they mentor to create a compelling chronicle that shapes the history of Monster High. Their story is a testament to acceptance and unity, teaching students that it's okay to be different, to embrace their unique flaws and talents, and to live in harmony with others.

Notable Members

Member #
Headless Headmistress Bloodgood
Mr. D'eath
Mr. Hackington
Mr. Lou Zarr
Mr. Where
Coach Igor
Ms. Kindergrubber
Ms. Hermie B. Crab
Nurse Nine-Eyes


The setting of Monster High is as unique as the monsters that fill its hallowed halls. Monster High is located away from the prying eyes of men, in the heart of the scary Transylvania. The school is located on a hill of eerie beauty, shrouded in constant fog and surrounded by a scary forest inhabited by creepy "wildlife".
Just beyond the school itself is Monster's Graveyard, where Boo's year parties are held under the eerie neon glow of the moon. Nearby Gloom Beach is another favorite hangout for staff and students. While the humans only see a desolate, desolate beach, the monsters see a vibrant hot spot, oozing with the spirit of mysterious activity. Back on campus, Creeperaria is the beating heart of Monster High, where monsters gather for crypt bites and social chats. The secret catacombs around the school are not for the faint of heart. This maze of spooky corridors and hidden rooms is only accessible to the Monster High Staff, who carefully guard secrets from even the most adventurous students.
From haunted crypt-like classrooms to a hauntingly enchanting library, every corner of Monster High's geography is imbued with supernatural charm that reflects the school's motto, "Be you, be unique, be a monster."

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Monster High Staff faction in the Monster High universe is significant. As dedicated educators and administrators, they play an important role in shaping the next generation of Monster High and fostering a strong and inclusive community. The individual strengths of the faculty, such as the strong leadership of Principal Bloodgood and Mr. Kur as the art teacher, add to the rich tapestry of teaching philosophy at Monster High. In addition to their role as educators, they serve as mentors and revolutionaries, encouraging students to rise above social norms and be proud of their monstrous heritage. They also show the importance of coexistence in a multicultural monster society, a message that resonates beyond the Monster High campus. Their lasting impact continues to inspire a new wave of strong, unique, unashamedly outrageous students who continue to break barriers.