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Faction NameNormies
Norms are students and staff at Monster High. They serve as a balancing factor among the monster student population, adding cultural diversity and real-world perspectives to the school's distinctly monster-influenced ethos. The Normas are unfamiliar with supernatural powers, but they are fascinating with their quirks, strengths, interests and unwavering sense of acceptance. Despite some initial concerns, they have developed a friendship of their wonderful friends, fostering an environment of unity and mutual respect. Emphasizing the theme of acceptance at Monster High, Normie's faction insists that everyone belongs regardless of their "monster status." Normie's shared adventures with the Monster High crew are the basis for many of the show's heartwarming stories.


In the Monster High universe, the Normans represent the non-monster students of Monster High. Engaging and diverse, they regularly add to the supernatural world of Monster High. Although different from fangless, scaleless, furless, the Norms play a vital role in the plot, often supporting and befriending the monstrous characters, demonstrating the importance of mutual respect and acceptance.
Normos demonstrate human qualities every day, including courage and compassion. They are known to be open-minded and often accept their fellow monsters for who they are, despite their "abnormal" appearance and abilities. This acceptance and the friendships these characters form is an important message in the Monster High universe that difference is not to be feared, but to be embraced and celebrated.
While not as strikingly unique as their monstrous counterparts, norms have their charms. They bring a sense of familiarity to an otherwise fantastical world. They represent hope in the Monster High universe: hope for the next generation's ability to accept and respect differences, hope for choosing friendship over prejudice.
It is interesting that, without supernatural powers, Normans often solve crises, save friends and withstand adversity, emphasizing the strength of their character. They quietly remind everyone that courage is not exclusive to the powerful. Sometimes ordinary can be extraordinary.


In the enigmatic universe of Monster High, the Normans are a unique faction that stands out for their seeming normality in a world full of various supernatural creatures. Despite their seemingly ordinary existence, Normias have a fascinating history that is worth exploring.
The term "Normie" was primarily used to classify those who did not possess supernatural abilities or traits. In the wider Monster High universe, they represent humans or non-monstrous creatures. The journey of this faction begins with their struggle to understand and accept the existence of another world full of supernatural beings. This battle has spawned many stories over the years, as Norms have been both allies and enemies in Monster High stories. There were phases of fear and prejudice against other monstrous groups. But the clear transition shows their promising evolution, which has led to their perception, acceptance and even admiration.
There are wonderful norms that have shown extraordinary courage and friendship. For example, Jackson Jekyll, a man whose alter ego is the son of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Claire, the extraordinary Normie, who discovers the secret of monsters and is happy to help them. These examples symbolize the Normie faction's growing acceptance of diversity and changing attitudes, creating a harmonious and inclusive environment within the Monster High universe.
Throughout the story, the development of the Normies' faction has been a crucial plot element, reflecting Monster High's larger themes of understanding, accepting and celebrating difference in society. Their story shows growth, change, and most importantly, the transformative power of acceptance and friendship. This human element in Monster High's eclectic supernatural universe reinforces the message that everyone has a place, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary.

Notable Members

Member #
Jackson Jekyll
Holt Hyde
Lilith Van Hellscream


The Norms, as they are called, live in the classical world of human civilization, well outside the secret confines of Monster High. Despite their proximity to the haunted school, their knowledge of the monster-filled universe remains shrouded in mystery. The geography of where they live features a typical human townscape with houses, shopping malls, parks, and the local people's favorite school. Unbeknownst to them, the secrets of the Freaky Fab 13 and other gruesome tales lurk among the cookie-cutter homes and manicured lawns. After all, in Monster High's kind of mix of the mundane and the weird, Normies' geography isn't so "normal."

Legacy and Impact

The Normies faction of the Monster High universe has left a lasting legacy that extends beyond the series itself. As humans in a largely monster-based story, they provided balance and contrast to the main monstrous characters. In doing so, they underscored the core themes of the series and highlighted the importance of inclusion, diversity and acceptance.
Their impact is best seen in the developing relationship between the monster and human characters. At first, these interactions were marked by fear and misunderstandings, but gradually evolved into acceptance and friendship, reflecting the real-world dynamics that many viewers face. This effect is further enhanced by characters such as Jackson Jekyll, a normal-monster hybrid who embodies the harmonious intersection of both worlds.
Norms' presence helped establish Monster High as a universe that fosters understanding and coexistence, and that legacy continues to inspire new stories in the universe even as the landscape continues to evolve.