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Monster High: Electrified

General Info

Monster High: Electrified logo
GenresAnimation, Fantasy
Music ByRainsford
TaglineThe Ghouls Are About To Get Electric!
Film NameMonster High: Electrified
StarringDebi Derryberry, Cassandra Morris, Salli Saffioti, Larissa Gallagher, Cristina Milizia, Jonquil Goode, Travis Dresden, Evan Smith, Katy Townsend, Erin Fitzgerald, Michael Sorich
Directed ByAvgousta Zourelidi, Jun Falkenstein
Produced ByMargaret M. Dean, Shane Amsterdam, Audu Paden, Stephen Donnelly, Paul Watkins
Release Date2017-03-14
Running Time71 minutes
Screenplay ByKeith Wagner
Content RatingTV-Y7
Distributed ByUniversal Pictures Home Entertainment
Original TitleMonster High: Electrified
Country of OriginUnited States
Trailer Youtube URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgGSCVzI1m4
World Premiere Date2017-03-14
Production Company NameMattel Creations
Production Company Website URLhttps://play.mattel.com/
Monster High: Electrified is a wonderfully immersive movie that takes you to a fashionable and fast-paced ghost world full of incredibly exciting adventures. The storyline revolves around Draculaur, Clawdeen Wolf and other beloved Monster High characters as they magically transform their dream home into a place where monsters can hide from ordinary people. Their noble chores lead to thrilling and chilling consequences as Moanica devises a plan to thwart their efforts to create a safe haven for her creepy relative. The film perfectly weaves themes of friendship, acceptance and courage with humor, captivating visuals and gripping suspense to create a memorable experience for a wide audience. This is an extremely good exciting watch for both children and adults.


Focusing on the adventures of Clawdeen Wolf, Monster High: Electrified is a brilliant and daring animated extravaganza that explores the power of uniqueness and uniqueness. In this film, the ever-brave Clawdeen decides to open a salon for monsters and normal people, proving that anything can look terrifying and wild while promoting unity. But things get electrifying when Moanica plans to destroy the whole place and replace the celebration of selfishness with something more stupid, robotic.
Clawdeen, along with her ghost friends, must now use their strengths and the power of teamwork to foil Moanika's plan. They have to face the efficient electrified minions of the suspicious zombie. Twyla, the Boogeyman's daughter, finds her power in this movie as she faces her fears and steps into the light to become a powerful force—literally!
The stunningly animated, beautifully written film features a host of new characters and challenges for Clawdeen and his team of uniquely awesome ghouls. The positive message woven into the film is an electric reminder of the power and necessity of selfishness even in a world full of monsters. Monster High: Electrified is a movie that perfectly showcases the true beauty of our differences and allows us to stand out, even when faced with the odd electrified zombie!



'Monster High: Electrified' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Electrified' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Electrified' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Electrified' "film" screenshots
'Monster High: Electrified' "film" screenshots


In Monster High: Electrified, Monster High student and aspiring fashion designer Clawdeen dreamed of owning a salon that was inclusive and accepting of all monsters, reflecting the Monster High ethos. With the help of his friends, he seizes the opportunity to realize this dream.
Clawdeen is thwarted by the arrival of Moanica D'Kay, a moaning zombie. Disillusioned with her own ideals, Moanica wanted to create a world where zombies were superior. Using Twyla's ability to tamper with memories and emotions, she plans to create an army of zombie followers. The Monster High girls didn't give up. Determined to fulfill their friend's dream, they held their own against Moanic and her army of zombies. Their union is further strengthened by the arrival of new character Silvi Timberwolf, a werewolf pop star with an exciting personality.
The core of the film revolves around the theme of "identities should be celebrated, not shunned." So the plot weaves through Clawdeen's journey to create her own salon and the support of her friends. At the same time, it captures the exciting plot of Moanika's attempt to destroy the ideals of Monster High. The film ends with a thrilling battle that ends in relief for the girls in their favor and shatters Moanika's dreams.
So the film is an action adventure about teenage monsters learning to balance their dreams, school and the looming threat of a world where diversity is being destroyed by the zombie norm. It teaches us unity, acceptance and the alluring charm of dreams.


Making Monster High: Electrified was an immersive process that brought the style, humor and charm of the Monster High universe to life. This film, like all its predecessors, carefully integrates contemporary themes and issues into an accessible and relatable context.
Top-notch animators, writers, and voice actors have come together to bring the magically haunted world of Monster High to life on screen. The animation style stayed true to Monster High's signature aesthetic, with each character, from the sly Clawdeen Wolf to the electrifying Frankie Stein, looking exactly like their puppet counterparts, but still emanating realistic emotions and unique personality traits.
The writers worked diligently to weave each character's story into an overarching plot centered around acceptance, friendship, and individuality. One of the unique aspects of Monster High: Electrified's script was its exploration of real-world themes such as stereotypes and prejudice in a fantasy setting. Although the subject matter is serious, the writers tried to keep the lighter and funnier elements of the franchise.
Then the story found a voice in a cast of talented actors. Each performer carefully studied their characters to capture the unique intonations and vocal patterns that made their character stand out.
In addition to the compelling story and highly detailed animation, the film's soundtrack was another important aspect of the production. As with the entire film, the music mixed the whimsical style of Monster High with current trends, creating a catchy and engaging soundtrack that perfectly captured the energy of the film.
In short, the production of Monster High: Electrified was a collective effort to combine multiple creative processes and effectively transfer the appeal of Monster High from pop form to the big screen.


Monster High: Electrified is giving fans around the world a jolt of excitement. In this exciting episode we are introduced to a new character; Silvi Timberwolf, a fun and feisty werewolf ghost with a passion for fashion. The plot heats up when Clawdeen Wolf, a popular Monster High student, dreams of opening a salon for monsters and Normie. With the help of her creepy friends, her dream comes true, but not everything is as it seems. Moanica D'kay, the zombie antagonist of the story, intends to use her zombie bugs to ruin a big event. The emotional film is a fantasy epic about friendship, determination and the embrace of unity. Filled with soulful songs and incredibly beautiful outfits, Monster High: Electrified reminds us that everyone is welcome in the world of Monster High. This movie was released in 2017. March. and is a must see for every Monster High fan. The stunning visuals, charming story line and heartwarming message are sure to move you. The DVD is in stores now and is also available as a digital download. Grab your copy now and get ready to have a blast! Don't forget; everyone is welcome at Monster High. Let your individuality shine and together we can generate electricity!


Reception of Monster High: Electrified has been mostly positive, with audiences and critics alike praising its unique blend of humor, energy, and endearing characters. In particular, the film's innovative storyline, which combines the principles of friendship and acceptance, has been praised for being captivating and inspiring. Vivid and beautifully animated visuals are considered another strong point, adding to the vibrant spirit of the film.
The Monster High girls' character arcs were particularly praised, with reviewers praising their strong, individual personalities and their synergy as a group. Lead actress Clawdeen Wolf's journey to self-expression and entrepreneurship left an impression on many, making her a major character in the film. Despite its predominantly younger audience, Monster High: Electrified is loved by many as a fun, family-friendly film with important messages about individuality, inclusion and personal growth.
Fans of the Monster High franchise have particularly praised the film for staying true to the franchise's core values ​​while introducing new and exciting content. All in all, Monster High: Electrified is considered not only a successful installment of the series, but a step forward in delivering stories that resonate with audiences on a deeper level.

Cultural impact

Since its release, Monster High: Electrified has caused a stir in the children's film industry due to its cultural impact. The film's fresh, daring and unconventional approach to the personification of iconic monsters was very effective in breaking the norms for young viewers.
First, inclusion is a central theme throughout the film. The characters come in all shapes, sizes, colors and packaging, teaching children about the beauty of diversity. Furthermore, it portrays physically unique characters who are not scorned or marginalized, but celebrated. This inclusivity and acceptance paints a vivid picture of what a society should be like that promotes love, respect and understanding for people from all walks of life.
In addition, "Electrified" challenges conventional gender roles. With a focus on female protagonists who aren't portrayed as damsels in distress, but smart, brave and capable, this film helps challenge existing stereotypes in children's media.
Importantly, the film's central theme of finding one's true identity amid social norms and standards is deeply influential. The teenage characters, like their audience, are constantly struggling with identity. Such stories make a deep impression on children because they teach them to accept their individuality.
Finally, Monster High: Electrified also highlights the power of friendship and teamwork. The characters work together despite their differences, illustrating unity, cooperation and trust. It sends a powerful message to children about the importance of teamwork in overcoming challenges.
In short, Monster High: Electrified has had a significant cultural impact since its release, fostering messages of inclusion, individuality, and the power of friendship. These messages resonated with society, young and old, and contributed positively to a more open, welcoming and inclusive society.