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Monster Hunter: Orage

General Info

Monster Hunter: Orage logo
AuthorHiro Mashima
GenresAction, Adventure
LanguagesJapanese, English
IllustratorHiro Mashima
Issue Number4
Release Date2008-01-01
Number of Pages202 per volume
Original Titleモンスターハンター オラージュ
Comics Issue NameMonster Hunter: Orage
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://kodansha.co.jp
Monster Hunter: Orage is an exciting manga series inspired by the popular video game franchise Monster Hunter. Set in a fantasy world filled with monstrous beasts, the series introduces Shiki Ryuho, a fiery young man fueled by a vow to hunt down the mythical dragon Myo Galuna. Together with Ailee, a skilled and skilled hunter, the two venture into the unknown, facing dangers and terrifying threats. Inspired by Hiro Mashima's dynamic storytelling and captivating visuals, Monster Hunter: Orage offers a fascinating balance of action, adventure and camaraderie. This is a must-read for avid gamers and manga fans who crave immersive combat and treacherous monster hunting.


Monster Hunter: Orage is an adorable comic book series inspired by the beloved Monster Hunter video game franchise. The mastermind behind this series is none other than Hiro Mashima, best known for his work on popular anime and manga such as Fairy Tail and Rave Master.
The comic takes its readers to an exciting world full of mythical creatures and epic battles. The story revolves around Shiki Ryūhō, a skilled but somewhat reckless monster hunter who is driven by his late master's dream to hunt down a mythical monster known as Myo Galuna.
Armed with the master's sketchy drawings and cryptic advice, Shiki embarks on an adrenaline-fueled journey full of friendship, challenge and growth. Along the way, he forms an unlikely but formidable team that includes Ailee, a blacksmith, an aspiring guild master named Sakya, and Ker, a mysterious drifter.
Delving deeper, the manga paints a wonderful picture of camaraderie, fierce competition, and most importantly, a thrilling hunt. Monster Hunter: Orage expertly blends serious hunting strategy with lighthearted comedy, making the series a must-read for video game fans and franchise newcomers alike.
This part of the Monster Hunter universe is unique and full of action and engaging characters. It beautifully captures the franchise's iconic camaraderie, rivalries and thrilling battles.


Monster Hunter: Orage's comic book plot revolves around the adventurous and slightly comical exploits of Greylee Belmont, a young and skilled monster hunter. Greylee seeks to follow in her late master's footsteps and begins her quest to defeat a mythical monster named Myriadeus. During her journey, Greylee forms an unlikely team with a competitive assassin named Eili and a feminine but fierce boy named Ailee. The trio face many trials and tribulations, battling wild beasts, exploring treacherous terrain, and navigating the confusing political dynamics within the monster hunter guilds. But despite the dangerous action and tension, the show's main theme is the power of friendship, teamwork and self-confidence. Whether or not Greylee and her friends will be able to push past their personal limits, uncover the secrets of the Myriadeus, and ultimately defeat the legendary beast is the exciting core of the Monster Hunter: Orage comics.


The production of Monster Hunter: Orage was a great project that allowed Shiki Mizuchi to present the fascinating world of monster hunting in a unique and enchanting way. Inspired by the popular video game series, the author has created stories that celebrate the thrill and adventure of the hunt. Each character is carefully sculpted to reflect the different beasts and personalities shown in the actual game. However, the manga is not an adaptation of the game per se. It expands the game world and shows stories and adventures that do not describe the game mechanics. Hiro Mashima's artwork brings the story to life and captures the details of the fascinating yet dangerous world of Monster Hunter. The synergy between Mizuchi's storytelling and Mashima's artistry creates a vibrant landscape that gives every page of the manga a unique sense of adventure.


Monster Hunter: Orage is an epic four-part manga series created by Hiro Mashima, creator of Fairy Tail and Eden's Zero. Set in the enticing universe of Capcom's best-selling Monster Hunter game, the manga is a perfect blend of action, friendship and quest-driven storytelling. The story follows Shiki, a talented but brash young hunter who is hired by an eccentric older hunter, Iriya, with a hidden past. Their goal? Slay the mythical Myo Galun, a dragon considered by many to be a fairy tale. Friendships blossom and tensions rise as they embark on this dangerous hunt, uncovering long-hidden secrets and meeting new allies along the way. While not directly part of the game's canon, this story offers a compelling and unique perspective on the Monster Hunter universe. Orage, the French symbol for storm, represents the storm fueled by the indomitable team's harrowing journey.


Monster Hunter: Orage 2008 Officially released in Japan by Kodansha, it offers an exciting storytelling experience for all Monster Hunter fans. With a total of 4 volumes and 14 chapters, the manga fully embodies the excitement and adventure of the Monster Hunter franchise.
The first part was published in 2008. June 9 and attracted a huge fan base due to its flawless graphics and engaging storyline. The gripping plot follows the missions of the passionate and talented monster hunter Shiki Ryuhou, fueled by a promise he made to his master.
in 2009 in November, all four installments arrived to enthusiastic fans, completing an epic story. Each volume is adorned with the exquisite artwork of Hiro Mashima, the genius behind the popular Fairy Tail manga series.
Not to leave international fans behind, the manga is published in North America by Del Rey Manga. The first part was available to fans in 2010. in June Until 2011 At the end of December, all four volumes were successfully released in English, allowing a wider audience to experience the fascinating world of Monster Hunter: Orage.
The manga, though short, packs in excitement, suspense, and emotion. Filled with lovable characters, dangerous beasts, and epic battles, Monster Hunter: Orage perfectly captures the essence of the Monster Hunter universe and is a must-read for any die-hard fan. The release of this manga series was a milestone for the Monster Hunter franchise, bringing the world and stories to a new medium for everyone to enjoy.


Monster Hunter: Orage comics received mixed reviews from critics and readers. Hiro Mashima's classic art style, immersive Monster Hunter universe and non-stop action sequences have been praised by many. Immersive world building has been praised for bringing the Monster Hunter video game universe to life.
However, others felt that the series was less developed than Mashima's other work and relied too much on the artist's usual tropes. Some felt that the characters lacked depth, predictable behavior and simplistic interactions. One of the main points of contention was the plot. Popular among readers, the manga features various missions, each revealing a new monster with unique characteristics. Conversely, for some audiences, the aforementioned searches were repetitive and tended to follow a similar sequence of events.
Compared to its source material, the Monster Hunter video game, the manga has also received mixed reviews. Some fans applauded the comic for its successful adaptation, while others felt it couldn't live up to the stunning world of the games. Bottom line, while Monster Hunter: Orage certainly had its fair share of enemies, it still managed to stand out among manga and Monster Hunter enthusiasts alike. The illustrations combined with the exciting monster battles really offer a different way to experience the monumental Monster Hunter universe.

Cultural impact

When it comes to manga and anime, the cultural impact of Monster Hunter: Orage stands out. It's a unique twist on the enduring popularity of fantasy and adventure series, as its hunting-centric plot challenges traditional notions of heroism.
What makes Monster Hunter: Orage stand out is not just its engaging storyline or creative art style, but how it effectively captures the spirit of the beloved RPG it's based on. It presents a complex world where humans coexist with various monsters that provoke thoughts about biodiversity and conservation in unexpected ways.
The manga has influenced popular culture, especially by cultivating a fascination with the unrelenting stereotypes of hunters and the exciting theme of finding and killing monsters. This has also led to a growing demographic that now enjoys the immensely satisfying reward system popularized in monster hunting games or stories.
Furthermore, the impact of this manga can also be seen in how it has managed to create a sense of community among its readers. Fans enthusiastically discuss various aspects of the series, bond with each other, and bond over their shared love of adventure and monster hunting. The title Monster Hunter: Orage has definitely left its mark on the cultural landscape.