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Monster Hunter: Iceborne

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Event NameMonster Hunter: Iceborne
The Monster Hunter: Iceborne event takes you deep into the freezing cold. This expansion brings a host of new challenging monsters, from ferocious beasts, rare endemics, bloodthirsty characters to elemental creatures. The expansion takes place in a stunning frozen biome where hunters are challenged to fight against the harsh elements and ferocious beasts to survive. It features a new story progression, improved Master Rank difficulty, the introduction of a clutch tong, and more flexible weapon options. Discover new materials and resources to upgrade your equipment and face these new opponents. This comprehensive update provides an enriching and relentless hunting experience for both novice and experienced hunters. Iceborne is a truly frozen yet deadly playground that will test your skills, tenacity and determination to the limit.


The entirety of Monster Hunter is a fantasy, action-adventure universe spanning various video games and related media. It was developed by Capcom and first debuted in 2004. In this universe, players assume the role of a hunter tasked with hunting down and killing or capturing large monsters. This universe is home to creatures ranging from fire-breathing wyverns to majestic elder dragons and even mythical beasts.

Hunters use a variety of weapons, tools, and the environment to combat these enemies. A fighter's strength is not determined by leveling, but by equipment made from the remains of slain monsters. Everything from the armor you wear to the weapons you wield speaks of triumph.

In the

Monster Hunter universe, you are never alone. You can share your adventures with other hunters. You strategize, plan and execute hunts together, making for a very satisfying team-based gaming experience. You can also seek help from local life forms, local tribes, and even your feline companions, known for their loyalty and fighting prowess.