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The First Fleet

General Info

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Faction NameThe First Fleet
The First Fleet is a pioneering group of individuals in the Monster Hunter universe. These pioneering explorers were the first to travel to the New World and laid the foundation for the creation of Astera. Comprised of a diverse mix of explorers, scientists and hunters, the intrepid members of the First Fleet dedicated their lives to unlocking the secrets of the continent's unique flora, fauna and natural phenomena. Although their mission is primarily scientific, members of this faction also display a high level of combat prowess, often having to defend themselves against the aggressive and gigantic monsters of the New World. The First Fleet's constant exploration, research, and sometimes combative interactions with the ecosystems of the New World made them a respected and indispensable part of the Monster Hunter universe. Their discoveries and contributions continue to be the foundation of knowledge and assurance for all subsequent New World expeditions.


The First Fleet is a group of fearless pioneers in the Monster Hunter universe. Against all odds, they embarked on a perilous journey across the sea to establish Aster, the first successful outpost of the Hunter Guild in the New World. They left the safety of their homeland, lured by the opportunity to uncover the secrets of an unknown land.
Armed with decades of knowledge and experience, these expert hunters, scientists and engineers paved the way for all future exploration. Their efforts led to a symbiotic relationship with the complex ecosystem and an understanding of the unprecedented colossal creations of the New World. The members of the First Fleet demonstrate grit and determination like no other. Personalities such as an admiral, a benevolent commander, a hunter, a living legend with a stoic attitude, or a chef, a feline with exceptional cooking skills, add to the wealth of the guild. Despite their long stay in the New World, their enthusiasm and curiosity remain unquenchable.
Their emblem - a ship against the setting sun - symbolizes the journey into the unknown and the relentless pursuit of knowledge. The First Fleet sets a compelling precedent of courage, camaraderie, and unwavering determination in the Monster Hunter universe and continues to inspire future generations to explore and respect the New World.


The First Fleet of the Monster Hunter universe has a rich and intriguing history. This faction was born out of necessity, formed since the first group of fighters to enter the New World. They were the pioneers, the brave few who dared to venture into the unknown to understand its secrets.
With some of the most experienced and bravest fighters, the First Fleet is known for its unparalleled tenacity and courage. They were the first to encounter the huge monsters of the New World and put them on the map, laying the foundation for future fleets. Among them were some of the best scientists dedicated to studying and understanding monsters and the ecology of the New World. In this wild and harsh land, they established the first human settlement and worked to create a fortress of knowledge and security.
But their journey was not easy. They faced many difficulties and dangers, from wild monsters to inhospitable terrain. However, despite these trials, they remained steadfast and undaunted. They fought not for fame or fortune, but for survival and understanding, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Their legacy is one of endurance, skill and innovative spirit, traits that continue to define First Fleet's combatants.
Over the years, the First Fleet evolved, recruiting more and more skilled fighters into its ranks. But they always maintained their pioneering spirit, constantly pushing the boundaries of knowledge and exploration in the New World. These are not only hunters, but also scientists, cartographers and pioneers who forever leave their mark in the annals of the Monster Hunter universe. Today, they serve as a beacon for those who dare to venture into the wilderness, carrying the proud legacy of their brave ancestors. Chronicles of their daring exploits and discoveries continue to inspire and guide generations of new hunters. The story of the First Fleet is far from over; continuously written with each new adventure.

Notable Members

Member #
The Huntsman
The First Wyverian
The Tracker (Excitable A-Lister)
The Commander
The Admiral


The first fleet faction in the Monster Hunter Universe is based in the alluring and majestic geographical location known as the Ancient Forest. Densely biodiverse jungles provide a fascinating backdrop to any journey. Colossal trees reaching into the sky, green foliage covering the forest floor and a sense of wild yet rhythmic surroundings define the charm of this reserve.
The landscape is characterized by various topographical features such as high cliffs, deep valleys, streams and vines that serve as natural staircases. This varied terrain is both a strategic advantage and a hunting hazard. Strangely enough, the Ancient Forest also has a giant tree under it, which is home to Astera, the base of the First Fleet. Astera itself is a marvel of integration of human architecture and natural splendor. The wooden buildings blend perfectly with the surrounding flora and provide the residents with the necessary shelter without disturbing the ecosystem.
It is not only the flora that makes the ancient forest unique. The region teems with fascinating wildlife, from harmless herbivores to ferocious predators, making any trip through the desert an exciting adventure. The existence of such diverse species in this geography further emphasizes the breadth of life in this lush environment. In fact, it is the geography that gives adventurous travelers both the beauty of discovering nature's bounties and the thrill of facing great challenges.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the First Fleet in the Monster Hunter universe is remarkable. They pioneered the first expedition to the New World and are valued for their courage and seamanship. Their scouting efforts paved the way for the other four fleets, enriching the guild's understanding of previously unknown realms and monstrous species. They helped establish the protocols for monster hunting and formed the basis of the tactics used by hunters today. The First Fleet left an indelible mark on the guild's history, their success inspiring many stories of bravery and exploration. Despite the great dangers that hindered their expeditions, the First Fleet stood firm and highlighted humanity's resilience in the face of the unknown. Their legacy can still be felt on each hunter's first foray into the uncharted wilderness, a testament to the enduring spirit of exploration that defines the world of Monster Hunter.