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The New World Colonists

General Info

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Faction NameThe New World Colonists
The New World Colonists are a dedicated group of pioneering adventurers in the Monster Hunter universe. Their mission is to challenge the unknown borders of the New World, various deserts full of ferocious monsters. Driven by a quest for knowledge and discovery, they seek to understand the biological complexities of this New World. The settlers are fearless, ready to slay monsters in fierce battles. But their goal is not to control terror, but to create a balanced coexistence. They carefully collect research materials, help track down monsters and create innovative hunting equipment. Their continuous efforts have greatly contributed to the development of monster fighting strategies. The New World Colonists are a truly indispensable faction that brings excitement and adventure to the Monster Hunter universe.


The New World Colonists are the main faction of the Brave Era of the Monster Hunter universe. This faction is made up of intrepid adventurers from the Old World who hope to embark on perilous voyages of discovery into the unknown frontiers of the New World.
New World settlers display a wide range of skills, abilities, and specialties. Countless researchers belonging to this faction have devoted their lives to the study and classification of the many new species that inhabit this unknown land. They are unafraid to face terrifying and wonderful creatures and bring invaluable knowledge to survive and co-exist. Additionally, this faction's defenders, known as Fighters, fiercely guard their fledgling colonies. Armed with specially designed weapons, they tirelessly battle the terrifying threats lurking in the verdant wasteland, always ready to protect their homes and settlers.
This faction is also known for its unwavering resilience and determination. Despite the many challenges and dangers they face in the New World, they persevere, driven by an inspiring dream to found a prosperous new civilization. The colonists of the New World embody the spirit of exploration and sheer courage, embodying the pioneering ethos at the heart of Monster Hunter.


Settlers of the New World first moved across the ocean from the Old World because of the lure of undiscovered lands and the abundance of agriculture. Intrepid hunters and explorers, driven by an indomitable spirit of adventure and discovery, these settlers conquered the vast, wild and dangerous New World.
Colonization began under the auspices of the Scientific Research Commission, an organization seeking new knowledge. Thanks to brave explorers, navigators and hunters, the settlers learned to survive in lush jungles, deserts and cold snowy landscapes, where every day there was a new struggle for survival against predatory monsters.
Life in the New World was challenging and showed the extreme survival skills of the colonists. As the hunters tamed and studied the local monsters, they learned a lot about the unique flora, fauna and ecosystems of this pristine land. This led to an ever-increasing understanding of their environment and allowed settlers to develop and use advanced technology.
An important faction of the settlers were the fighters of the Fifth Fleet, known for their ability to face and understand the massive elder dragons. Their name became legendary after they solved the mystery of the Ancient Crossing, a periodic migration of elder dragons that could drain life from the New World.
The settlers built Aster, a bustling base with all the comforts of home, including forges, research facilities and even a cafe. The history of the settlers therefore represents a successful adaptation to the New World and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Notable Members

Member #
The Handler
Field Team Leader
Excitable A-Lister
Third Fleet Master
Provisions Manager
Ecological Research Team Leader
Resource Center Trio
Tech Chief
Botanical Research Center Chief
Canteen Felyne Chef
Airship Engineer


The denizens of the acclaimed Monster Hunter universe, the New World, have found refuge on an earth that is a fusion of several biomes woven into a beautiful yet menacing tapestry of nature's purest beauty. Each biome has its own distinctive landscape, flora and fauna, ensuring great diversity.
The Ancient Forest is a vast green forest full of tall trees, creeping plants and prehistoric monsters. It is an ecosystem where threat and beauty coexist. In the Wildspire Waste, you'll find a stark contrast: a harsh desert landscape dotted with swamps. The area is home to creatures adapted to the high heat and abundant swamps.
Coral Heights, on the other hand, is as exotic as it is dangerous, with many flying and highly poisonous monsters. While Rotten Vale, true to its name, is a sick, decaying environment full of corpses and death. But dramatically unique and no less deadly is the Elder's Den, a place with a rare bioenergetic ecosystem that some of the most powerful beasts are used to.
From frigid tundra to volcanic craters, from gloomy caves to sunlit plateaus, the geographic dynamism presented in The New World is testament to the adapted resilience of the settlers themselves. After all, it is not easy to live productively in a world full of beauty and danger.

Legacy and Impact

The inhabitants of the New World have left a deep legacy in the Monster Hunter universe. Through constant exploration and detailed research, they greatly expanded our knowledge of the New World and its amazing creatures. Their shared stories of encounters with giant monsters shaped the game's understanding of danger and adventure. Their long-term commitment to working in harmony with the environment continues to inspire many. The settlers are also praised for their innovative weapons made from materials gathered during their monster hunts. Embodying their adaptability and survival, these creations greatly influenced Monster Hunter gameplay and introduced different fighting styles. Finally, their role in bringing down powerful beasts and ensuring the safety of their settlement created a sense of camaraderie among players and further enriched the gameplay experience. The multi-faceted legacy of Settlers continues to resonate, highlighting their pioneering impact on the Monster Hunter universe.