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The Old World Government

General Info

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Faction NameThe Old World Government
The Old World Government is a historical and influential faction in the Monster Hunter universe. It is made up of the most skilled fighters and leaders and has great power in the Old World. The government is known for its traditional views and strictly adheres to centuries-old hunting codes established by early hunters. With a strong network, they organize every hunting task and ensure the security of their territories. They are vital to maintain balance and prevent hunters from overhunting or unregulated hunting. An Old World government is not just a regulatory body. They are explorers, explorers and keepers of ancient knowledge. In hosting and supporting the hunt, their main motive remains to learn more about monsters and find ways for people and monsters to coexist. Despite the occasional conflicts and disagreements, Old World authority remains unaltered in its authority, embodying the solemnity, wisdom, and courage that define the spirit of the hunt.


The Old World government in the Monster Hunter universe creates an attractive hierarchical structure to care for its citizens in a dangerous world where humans are not the only dominant species. As the governing body of all the hunter guilds, he displayed immense authority and influence, managing a unique dynamic between benevolent authority and the need to survive against powerful monsters.
The Old World Government acts as a bridge between the fighters and the civilians, ensuring that their daily lives are not greatly affected by the constant threats that live outside the city walls. Their task is not only to protect, but also to balance the often conflicting interests between the ideal of peaceful coexistence and the harsh reality of surviving in a world inhabited by monsters.
The combined force of well-trained hunters, stalwart explorers, skilled artisans, and the vast fortresses he commands make him a beacon of hope and safety. There are guidelines and rules to ensure that hunters only target specific monsters that pose a real threat, and that monster species that support ecological balance are protected.
With its deep-rooted traditions, diverse population, and tireless efforts to ensure security and peace, the Old World Government embodies stability in the chaos of the Monster Hunter universe. Despite the uncertainties and dangers that await us, it is a great citadel that stands as a testament to humanity's resilience to adversity. Even in this harsh world with all kinds of beasts, it promises a structured society where life goes on.


The Old World Government has played a central role in the Monster Hunter universe since the beginning. Old World government, born out of the need to regulate the dangerous interaction between hunters and the vast fearsome fauna, quickly became the dominant force in the world.
The prime directive of the Old World government is to protect both human and monster lives. These recommendations led to the creation of several corporations and strict laws to control monster hunting and interaction. In order to maintain a balance between humanity and the monstrous realm, unregulated hunting was illegal, ensuring the survival of countless species of monsters on the brink of extinction. Over the years, the Old World government has also played an important role in mitigating various cataclysmic events. Notable for their role in solving the elder dragon crisis, when they mobilized the Dragonwatch and averted the inevitable disaster that threatened the world.
The Old World government also controls hunter training institutes. These branches are more than just schools; they are fertile ground for the specialized skills and techniques needed to hunt monsters.
Known for its impartial rule, the Old World Government is also involved in many peace negotiations and agreements between different races and cultures, strengthening its position as a central peacekeeping institution. Over the years, to adapt to the changing dynamics of the world, the old world government has enacted new laws and regulations that shape the social fabric of the Monster Hunter universe, allowing it to develop and grow.
With centuries of history, the governments of the ancient world have stood the test of time and their influence remains undiminished. As the Monster Hunter universe continues to expand, the Old World Government remains the primary force leading humanity boldly into the future while maintaining a delicate balance with the monster kingdom.

Notable Members


The geography of the Old World government in the Monster Hunter universe is primarily a series of settlements scattered across a vast desert. The Old World is full of diverse landscapes, from high mountain ranges, rushing rivers, vast beaches, dense forests and volcanic areas.
The environment has a great influence on the location of settlements. Coastal towns such as Moga Village thrive on maritime trade and fishing, while others such as Minegarde Town thrive on resource extraction. The area also greatly influences the way of life and culture of the inhabitants, and hunters adapt their equipment and strategies to the local fauna and flora. In monster-infested forests and wastelands, villages are heavily fortified and depend on hunters for protection. Despite the harsh and dangerous conditions, local residents have managed to create a harmonious relationship with the environment and demonstrate resilience and innovation in their survival strategies.
The rugged beauty of the Old World attracts many adventurers who brave monsters and search the treacherous terrain for ancient lost civilizations, mythical beasts and rare materials. Its mystique and diverse ecosystems continue to fuel the history of the Monster Hunter universe.

Legacy and Impact

The Old World Government left an indelible mark on the Monster Hunter universe in several areas. Their skill in battle strategy is still unmatched by few, and their style is still taught in monster hunting camps to this day. They were also visionaries in their day when they enabled sustainable hunting policies that keep ecosystems in balance and ensure the survival of hunters and monsters. They created a complex class system that took into account the different characteristics of fighters, creating a structure that is still used by modern Monster Hunter groups. Despite the controversial approach to tough love, their influence on the shape of the world and the way hunting is viewed cannot be ignored. Their legacy lives on and reminds a new generation of hunters of their roots. However, their collapse is a constant reminder of the risks of power and the dangers of political corruption.