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The Research Commission

General Info

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Faction NameThe Research Commission
The Commission of Inquiry is an important faction in the Monster Hunter universe. Trained by a guild, they were given the monumental task of exploring the New World and its enigmatic ecosystem. Sent every decade to unravel the mysteries of the giant Elder Crossing, these skilled hunters, explorers and engineers work diligently together to unravel the fascinating intricacies of this strange phenomenon. Their invaluable reports and discoveries add greatly to our understanding of this vast wild landscape, the various giants and powerful relics it holds. Their base at Astera is a bustling hub of innovation and camaraderie, a testament to the Commission's unwavering commitment to knowledge. Despite the dangers that lie ahead, the members of the Commission of Inquiry remain steadfast, driven by their shared and undying curiosity, making them a truly compelling aspect of the Monster Hunter universe.


The Commission of Inquiry is a highly respected faction in the Monster Hunter universe. Founded by a guild, its main goal is to explore the New World, a mysterious land filled with unknown and powerful creatures. The commission's researchers are diverse, consisting of skilled hunters, intrepid scientists, and skilled engineers, all working together to understand the ecology of the New World.
They are based on Astera, a bustling outpost made from the salvaged remains of their ship. Here they learn, prepare and develop strategies, carry out missions and expeditions to reveal the secrets of the empire. Despite the challenges and dangers posed by this wilderness, the Commission's commitment remains unwavering.
Their work is fundamental and leads to groundbreaking discoveries about animal behavior, habitats and life cycles. They adhere to strict ethics and ensure that animals are studied without harming or disrupting their natural order. The work of the Commission of Inquiry not only raises awareness, but also maintains the balance between man and nature, a deeply rooted philosophy.
Armed with the power of unity and a thirst for knowledge, a commission of inquiry leads the way into the unknown, ever eager to uncover the secrets that lie within the monster-filled landscapes of the New World. Their legacy is exploration, understanding and respect for the extraordinary world in which they find themselves.


The Commission of Inquiry is one of the main characters in the Monster Hunter universe. Formed by the guild, its main motive is to conduct biological research, especially on the mysterious Elder Dragons.
The creation of this faction is closely related to the discovery of the New World. In search of the world's secrets, the guild stumbled upon a land full of unique ecosystems and unknown species. Fascinated by this new knowledge, the guild assembled a team of experienced hunters, scientists, engineers, and cooks, and a commission of inquiry was born. Since the purpose of this expedition was mainly focused on scientific research, most of the activities involved documenting the observations, observing the specimens and studying their behavior. As a result, members were often seen with a notebook and pencil, demonstrating their commitment to observation and documentation.
As their research progressed, the Commission began to unravel many mysteries surrounding the elder dragons. They realized that every decade these huge creatures crossed the ocean to die in the New World. This event, called Elder Crossing, became the focus of their investigation. Uncovering the secrets of Elder Crossing took time and put members' lives at risk, so the commission's mandate was extended indefinitely. They established Astera, their home base that allowed members to stay outside for longer periods of time. It was equipped with all the necessary services, from rooms to cellars, from workshops to laboratories, and guaranteed suitable living and working conditions.
Over the years, the Commission of Inquiry has contributed greatly to Monster's ecology. Even now, they continue their quest with unwavering spirit and live in harmony with the creatures of the New World. Thanks to their efforts, the Monster Hunter universe continues to expand and create new lore for hunters to discover.

Notable Members

Member #
The Commander
The Handler
The Huntsman
The Field Team Leader
The Third Fleet Master
The Seeker
The Tracker
The Tech Chief
The Provisions Manager
The Ecological Research Team
The Chief Botanist
The Meowscular Chef
The Airship Engineer
The Armory
The Smithy
The Argosy Captain
The Serious Handler
The Lynian Researcher
The Endemic Life Researcher
The Piscine Researcher


The Commission of Inquiry operates from a base called Astera in the New World, a continent recently discovered in the sea of ​​the Monster Hunter universe. The landscape here is as diverse as it is beautiful, featuring a variety of ecosystems, each with its own unique fauna and flora. From the deep, dense jungles of the Ancient Forest to the burning sands of the Wildspire Waste, from the freezing tundra of the Frost Reach to the mysterious depths of Rotten Valley, the geography of the New World is as breathtaking as it is deadly. Each area is intricately designed down to the smallest detail and offers Hunter plenty to explore and discover.
An important feature of the New World is the Everstream, a vast underground river of bioenergy that serves as the lifeblood of the continent. This flow of energy pulses beneath the surface, and outflows shape the landscape, creating unique habitats.
The unpredictable and harsh environment of the New World, while a significant challenge, also provides opportunities for study and research, which is why the Commission of Inquiry was created. The commission's researchers are tasked with tracking down, studying and understanding the various monsters that inhabit the New World, as well as documenting the continent's unique geography and ecology, adding to the vast knowledge of the Monster Hunter universe.

Legacy and Impact

The Commission of Inquiry has left an indelible mark on the Monster Hunter universe due to its invaluable contribution to the field of monster ecology. They have greatly improved the knowledge of monsters, their habitats and the complex nature of the New World, which in turn helps the hunters in their dangerous adventures. Their scientific achievements are not limited to scientists, but greatly influence any adventurer, improving the efficiency of monster hunting and material gathering. In addition to the advancement of science, the commission of inquiry also plays an important role in maintaining social balance in the growing trend of monster hunting. The faction is responsible for establishing ethical guidelines that emphasize the importance of maintaining ecological balance and protecting monstrous species from extinction for selfish gain. Their legacy is one of enlightenment, coexistence, and progressive knowledge creation that undoubtedly influences the cultural fabric of the Monster Hunter universe.