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Monster Hunter Freedom 2

General Info

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 logo
AwardsBest-selling PlayStation Portable game
GenresAction role-playing
Game NameMonster Hunter Freedom 2
ComposersMasato Kouda
LanguagesJapanese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
PlaymodesSingle-player, multiplayer
Release Date2007-02-22
Game PlatformsPlayStation Portable
Publisher NameCapcom
Country of OriginJapan
Publishers Websiteshttp://www.capcom.com/
Developed and published by Capcom, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is an action RPG full of thrilling adventures. Players assume the role of a novice hunter and try to rise through the ranks by defeating fierce monsters in a breathtaking and expansive environment. The game involves tracking and learning the habits of the giant beasts, adapting your strategy and weapons to each creature's weaknesses. In addition to players facing giant monsters, the game also emphasizes crafting, gathering resources, and upgrading skills and equipment. From dense forests to desolate deserts, each location is beautifully rendered and full of challenges and surprises. Freedom 2, a truly fascinating entry in the Monster Hunter series, offers an immersive and unforgettable gaming experience.


'Monster Hunter Freedom 2' game screenshots
'Monster Hunter Freedom 2' game screenshots
'Monster Hunter Freedom 2' game screenshots
'Monster Hunter Freedom 2' game screenshots
'Monster Hunter Freedom 2' game screenshots
'Monster Hunter Freedom 2' game screenshots


Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is a charming and exciting action-RPG that immerses players in a fantasy world full of menacing beasts. Developed by Capcom Production Studio 1 and released in 2007, this game offers immersive and unlimited gameplay with its mission-based structure.
In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, players gear up as hunters and venture into various biomes to track, hunt, and often battle giant creatures. The excitement builds as the effects become more complex, from the gang-oriented Velociprey to the fearsome fire-breathing Rathala.
Like a hunter, the player can collect resources from the environment: herbs, minerals, insects or even parts of killed monsters. These resources can be used to craft a wide variety of weapons, armor, and items, each with their own unique properties and means of combat.
The game prides itself on its extensive weapon system. From eighteen different categories - longswords, crossbows, hammers, spears, dual swords, greatswords and more - it enhances combat and encourages strategic planning based on the monster's weaknesses.
In addition, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 introduces a new Farm feature, a personal space where players can grow plants, fish or mine ore. It also allows players to raise their own Felyne companion, a trusty, adaptable feline friend who helps out in combat, making combat excruciating yet enjoyable. With its meticulous graphic design, immersive gameplay, and the enjoyable feeling of slaying terrifying monsters, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 continues to enthrall its players with endless exploration and exciting hunting experiences they'll never forget.



In the immersive world of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, players are immersed in the role of skilled hunters hunting gigantic and terrifying monsters. This action-packed RPG uses a task-oriented game mechanic that offers an exciting and unique gaming experience.
Unlike traditional RPGs where linear story progression prevails, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 encourages players to explore and complete various tasks at their own pace. Although there is no set storyline, the immersive game world is blissfully unprogrammable and unfettered. By completing quests, players can gain resources to craft better additional weapons, armor, and items. The progression system is mostly about mastery. Players must hunt monsters, defeat them and collect loot to use to craft better gear. Huntable monsters come in all shapes and sizes, from giant dragons to ferocious dinosaurs, each with a unique behavior and attack style. Each monster throw is vital to upgrade your equipment and gradually rise through the ranks of the hunter.
In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, players have a wide variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon type has a unique play style and is suited to different strategic approaches. For example, the Greatsword is good for players who want to hit hard, while the Dual Blades are good for players who like fast and quick attacks.
Monster Hunter Freedom 2's multiplayer is incredibly fun and solid. It allows players to team up with up to three other fighters to take on more challenging missions together. Overcoming these formidable opponents requires cooperation and strategy. Ultimately, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 requires you to strategically plan your attacks against monsters and navigate the terrain with skill. The thrill and enjoyment of the hunt is not only about victory itself, but also about strategic planning, well-executed evasion and successful attacks that ultimately lead to the death of the monster. The feeling of reward after a successful hunt is truly priceless.

Gameplay video


In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the player begins his adventure in a humble village set against the backdrop of wild and breathtaking landscapes. Here, they prepare themselves for the heart-pounding thrill of the hunt as they take on the role of a novice hunter in an effort to protect their rural village from the relentless onslaught of giant and menacing beasts.
The main storyline revolves around the sudden rise of the legendary Fire Wyvern, Akantor. When the safety of the village hangs in the balance, a brave, strategic and ruthless fighter is urgently needed. This is where the player comes into play. Sent into unforgiving landscapes full of massive monsters and hidden dangers, the player must prove his worth by undertaking dangerous missions. From desolate deserts to the freezing tundra, they encounter not only the native animals of each region, but also the merciless elements of nature. Each successful hunt brings them one step closer to their ultimate goal: killing or capturing enough monsters to rise through the ranks of the guild and eventually face Akantor.
The game depicts the life of a hunter in stunning realism, from the maintenance of equipment to the moments before a fatal attack. The player can enhance weapons, upgrade armor and use their loot to strengthen the village, strengthen its defenses and create a safer haven for the inhabitants. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 adds strategy, patience and courage to every quest. Hard-won wins and tough losses will leave an indelible mark on players as they steadily grow from rookie to revered hero. The thrill of the hunt, the unity of the village and the looming threat of Akantor collide in a thrilling saga that echoes both the joy of victory and the brutal reality of survival.


Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is developed by Capcom, a famous game development company known for producing the most exciting and action-packed video games. This particular title was vital to the Monster Hunter franchise as it offered more insight into gameplay mechanics, creatures, and most importantly, overall progression.
When creating Freedom 2, Capcom wanted to create an immersive and immersive game world. The main goal was to combine the elements typical of adventure and role-playing games, to get a product that would fully involve the player so that he feels truly part of the game world.
The creative team paid a lot of attention to the design and attributes of the monsters, which are an important feature of the game. This installment introduced new species, each with a unique set of actions, behaviors and attributes that would test the player's hunting and fighting skills, increasing the level of engagement and excitement.
In addition, Capcom updated the game with more weapons and armor and improved the multiplayer aspect of the game in hopes of creating a more social and cooperative gaming environment. Development focused on improving the overall gaming experience and ensuring that every aspect of the game, from the rich story to the well-designed game mechanics, contributed to that goal.
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is a leap forward for the franchise and a must-have for all RPG and adventure fans. Its development has paid off, as evidenced by the game's massive success and enduring popularity among players around the world.


in 2007 February 22 In Japan, Capcom released Monster Hunter Freedom 2, the enticing sequel to the critically acclaimed Monster Hunter Freedom, and in North America in 2007. August 29
This game is based on the classic formula of the franchise and brought a lot of new features including many weapons, improved mechanics and improved graphics for the avid fans of the Monster Hunter series. The game also introduced new monsters for more complex and interesting challenges and innovative maps to create a dynamic and labyrinthine world.
Even more impressive is the integration of a more advanced co-op mode that allows hunters to team up and take on tough missions together. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has been praised by critics for its gameplay depth, flexibility of play styles, and engaging cooperative aspects that have strengthened the game's staying power in the gaming market. This release contributed greatly to the overall saga of the Monster Hunter universe and left fans wanting more.


Monster Hunter Freedom 2 has received critical acclaim for its immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and solid multiplayer features. Critics have praised the game's powerful mix of action, strategy, and RPG elements, saying it offers an immersive and challenging experience. The monsters, each with their own unique behavior and attack patterns, were known for their impressive design and realism. The game's thriving multiplayer scene keeps players engaged and connected, with team hunts often cited as one of the game's highlights.
While critics admired the game's depth and complexity, they noted that it can feel overwhelming to newcomers to the series. The learning curve has been described as steep, and the lack of a clear storyline has left some players confused. Some critics felt that the game could benefit from a more guided experience and a smoother introduction to the rich world.
Despite these criticisms, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is recognized as a major boost to the reputation of the Monster Hunter series and the growth of its dedicated fanbase. It helped introduce a unique type of co-op gameplay that continues to influence the genre to this day.

Cultural impact

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 had a huge cultural impact upon its release. It attracted players looking for a challenging cooperative experience and cultivated a strong online community leading to a cultural phenomenon in its own right.
Unlike other games of the time, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 wasn't just about killing monsters; it had elements of strategizing, creating, and collaborating with others. This approach appealed to players who valued intelligence and teamwork over individual ability.
In addition to its gameplay aspects, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 had a major impact on the video game industry's approach to game design. He created a successful formula for creating a highly immersive game without relying on fancy graphics or complex operating systems. Many aspects of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, such as crafting and exploration, have become indispensable in modern video games.
Another aspect of Monster Hunter Freedom 2's culture was its impact on esports and conventions. The game's emphasis on team play led to the formation of many competitive clans, and tournaments began to flourish. It's easy to say that Monster Hunter Freedom 2 played a huge role in developing the cooperative gaming culture we see today. Overall, Monster Hunter Freedom 2's cultural significance can be seen in its lasting influence on the video game industry and its vibrant player community. Its co-op gameplay, immersive design, and influence on esports and gaming culture as a whole make it a ground-breaking title that continues to appeal to gamers around the world.