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Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On

General Info

Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On logo
GenresAnimation, Action & Adventure, Kids
Music ByJin Aketagawa, Masaru Yokoyama, Kanjani Eight
Edited ByTomoki Nagasaka
StarringTomokazu Sugita, Tetsuo Goto, Mutsumi Tamura, Ryota Osaka, Nana Mizuki, Junichi Yanagita, Yui Makino, Michiyo Murase
Directed ByMitsuru Hongo
Release Date2015-10-02
Running Time24
TV Series NameMonster Hunter Stories: Ride On
Content Rating8
Distributed ByFuji TV
Original Titleモンスターハンター ストーリーズ RIDE ON
Country of OriginJP
Number of Seasons1
Number of Episodes75
World Premiere Date2015-10-02
Production Company NameFuji Creative Corporation, CAPCOM, dentsu, Fuji Television Network, David Production
Production Company Website URLhttp://www.mh-stories-rideon.jp/
Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On is an addictive TV series based on the popular Monster Hunter video game franchise. The series introduces viewers to an exciting world where humans and monsters coexist. The main character is a little boy named Leo who dreams of becoming a high-level monster rider, a person who communicates with monsters.
The series gives a unique twist to the universe by showing the idea of ​​a human-monster relationship. It's a perfect blend of adventure, quirky humor and deep friendship, making it exciting and engaging to watch. In addition, the series offers an exploration of the diverse and complex creatures that the franchise is known for.
Between thrilling and terrifying battles, the series subtly weaves the essence of camaraderie, loyalty and understanding the unknown. Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On is a memorable ride that is sure to appeal to fans and newcomers to the game alike.



Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On immerses you in the vibrant Monster Hunter universe like never before. This animated series offers a unique take on the beloved saga. Rather than following the traditional hunters of a monster hunter world, the story revolves around a "rider," a specially trained individual who can communicate with the world's creatures.
The main character, Leo, is a young and enthusiastic knight with an unparalleled zeal to become the best of his kind. His loyal companion is a Rathala named Ratha, a noble dragon and symbol of the bond between monsters and riders. Together, they embark on dangerous missions, face formidable adversaries, and try to unravel the mysteries surrounding an ominous prophecy.
Additionally, the series reflects the spirit of friendship and explores the symbiotic relationship between monsters and humans, marking a shift away from the franchise's usual focus on monster hunting. The beautiful animated scenery and attention to detail of each monster make each episode a feast for the eyes. Packed with immersive adventures and meaningful friendships, this entry in the Monster Hunter franchise is a must-have for any fan.


Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On tells the story of a boy named Leo and his unpredictable journey through a vibrant and dangerous world of monsters. Unlike most hunters who try to destroy monsters, the lute tends to bond with them and live together. Unfolding the kinship stone—an important memory from his childhood that allows him to form a special bond with powerful beasts—he transforms into a monstrous rider, a legendary role in their village.
As a monster rider, Leo is accompanied by his enchanted monster Navirou and his friends Cheval and Lilia, who, while not monster riders, are eager and determined to maintain a harmonious balance between humanity and monsters. This unorthodox gathering embarks on exciting adventures, unravels puzzles, and battles powerful foes, each offering a unique challenge that pushes Leo to master the techniques of his clan. Their bond grows stronger as they combine their powers and abilities to protect their world from the coming darkness. As they delve deeper into the abyss of enemies and secrets, the battles become fiercer and the stakes higher. This quest requires unprecedented courage, unbreakable friendships and an indomitable spirit of coexistence.
Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On offers a compelling story of heroism and camaraderie, an unforgettable experience of adrenaline-pumping action and deep emotional resonance. Each episode is a synthesis of compelling intense combat, charming monster relationships, and touching friendships, so that all viewers, Monster Hunter fans or otherwise, will love it.


Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On is a ground-breaking television series that dramatically takes the field of production to the next level. The series cleverly presents a deep story taken directly from the popular Monster Hunter video game franchise. It brings the fighting and monster hunter universe from the game to the small screen very well and does a great job with the script and animation.
The creativity of the production team is reflected in the careful transformation of interesting game battles and colorful characters into an attractive animated series. Mastery showcases vivid, immersive graphics that stay true to their gaming origins with a great attention to intricate detail. The monster designs, character animations, and battle sequences are all noteworthy highlights that showcase the artistic mastery of the production stage.
The series introduces new characters and storylines while maintaining the overall essence of the Monster Hunter universe. This seamless fusion, enhanced by dramatic storytelling and humor, has increased the series' appeal to a wider audience, including non-gamers.
To bring authenticity and depth to the series, the production team partnered with CAPCOM, the original creators of the Monster Hunter franchise. Based on the rich knowledge of the original game, story subtleties and character development have been precisely targeted while maintaining the rich tapestry of the Monster Hunter universe. The production of Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On shows exemplary work, making it a significant contribution to the animated television series. The series takes viewers on a thrilling ride and offers a perfect blend of action, adventure, camaraderie and a good dose of charming folklore from the Monster Hunter universe.


Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On debuts in Japan in 2016. October 2 published by Fuji Television. This television series is an adaptation of Capcom's popular Monster Hunter video game series, specifically Monster Hunter Stories. The series has been well received upon release and offers a mix of fantasy, action and adventure that perfectly captures the essence of the original game.
This anime focuses on the relationship between the knight and the monster, in stark contrast to the game's focus on monster hunting. With a younger intended audience than the original series, this is a safe and friendly introduction to the Monster Hunter universe for young fans. Later, the series debuted in the West in 2017. September 18 via streaming service Funimation Now. In this series, viewers follow the protagonist Leo, a young knight, on his exciting adventures as he befriends various monsters, fights others, and learns the magic of kinship. Throughout its 75-episode run, Ride On has stood the test of time for many fans, with engaging stories, exciting battles and in-depth explorations of the connection between monsters and humans.
From now on, all episodes are available on various streaming platforms, so you can enjoy the exciting journey of Lute and his friends in the Monster Hunter universe. Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On's colorful animation, adorable antics, and engaging storylines are a testament to the Monster Hunter franchise's enduring appeal.


Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On received largely positive reviews from critics and fans of the Monster Hunter franchise. Produced by David Production, the TV series has a unique appeal that sets it apart from the original games, while retaining the core elements longtime fans have come to love.
The story revolves around protagonist Leo's journey as a knight, a new concept that provides a refreshing insight into the Monster Hunter universe. The animation has been praised for its vivid and detailed environments, along with well-designed monsters that stay true to the franchise's canon. In addition, the TV series explores more personal stories and delves into the intimate relationship between humans and monsters, a plot less explored in the games. However, the pace is somewhat criticized. Some argue that the series starts off quite slowly and takes a few episodes to fully sink into the overall plot. That said, many fans have pointed out that the strategic and patient build-up requires a bit more patience and is worth the wait.
Overall, Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On has been very successful in creating a distinct identity for the franchise and gathering its own enthusiastic fan base.

Cultural impact

Since its inception, the Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On television series has left an important cultural footprint; its resonance was felt far beyond its target demographic. Based on Capcom's Monster Hunter video game series, this Japanese animated series had many elements that broadened its appeal beyond mainstream audiences.
The show's central concept, which revolves around humans and monsters uniting and fighting together, is said to have similarities to ancient Japanese themes of harmony and coexistence with nature. The show promotes an appreciation for working together toward a common goal, and resonates with cultural beliefs about teamwork and community. Such values ​​are a constant theme in many Japanese cultural histories, often emphasizing unity and cooperation. The impact is also evident in fashion and consumer goods. The colorful and distinctive monster designs have inspired numerous merchandise and cosplay, bringing the bold and unique aesthetic of the Monster Hunter universe to a wider audience.
In addition, the series sparked a greater interest in Japanese animation around the world, especially among those who were drawn to the compelling story and dynamic animation style. For many viewers, it has been the gateway to the vast and diverse world of Japanese anime, contributing to its continued popularity and growth.
In addition, the series has influenced the gaming industry itself. The show's success led to a spin-off video game, Monster Hunter Stories, which further expanded the reach and depth of the Monster Hunter universe. It allowed fans to interact directly with the world they had come to love on screen, strengthening the connection between different forms of media and entertainment in our digital age.
Basically, the TV series Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On didn't just provide entertainment; it has also influenced cultural norms, consumer trends, and the animation and gaming industries, creating a legacy that goes beyond film drama.