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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actress
Birth Date1987-06-19
Birth PlaceAomori, Japan
Knows aboutVoice acting
Person NameMutsumi Tamura
Alternate NameTamura Mutsumi
Member of OrganizationI'm Enterprise
Mutsumi Tamura is a famous Japanese voice actress known for her phenomenal talents and wide range of tonal abilities. Since her debut, she has lent her acting skills to many of the most beloved anime characters, enthralling audiences around the world. One of his most famous performances is as the lead Kobayashi in the popular series Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Her versatile voice allowed her to voice both male and female characters, demonstrating her unique skills in the field. Having voiced characters in various genres, from romantic comedy to intense action, he has left an indelible mark in the field of voice acting. Despite her busy career, Tamura continues to delight fans and critics alike with her continued growth as an artist. Deeply rooted in the world of anime, she has also lent her voice to radio shows, drama CDs and video games, further expanding her reach. A shining star in her own right, Mutsumi Tamura's universe is a mixture of talent, versatility and dedication to her work.


Mutsumi Tamura is an acclaimed Japanese voice actress known for her various roles in many popular anime series. With his deep, distinctive voice that transcends typical genre classifications, Tamura has brought many characters to life, from fierce and violent heroes to kind and sweet characters. Tamura's talent and versatility are palpable in her portrayal of Kobayashi in Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, where she impressively maintains an unflinching sense of stoic realism amid the anime's fantastical premise. His role in KonoSuba: God's Blessing to This Wonderful World is also memorable! where her portrayal of eccentric adventurer Yunyun conveys her signature infectious energy. In Mobile Suit Gundam 00, Tamura wowed audiences with his portrayal of the relentlessly skilled pilot Mileina Vashti, confirming his respectable voice acting skills. In these and many other roles, he provides an immersive viewing experience that makes every character he portrays truly compelling. In fact, she is more than just a voice actress, she is a storyteller whose performances are tangible proof of her talent and passion for her craft.

Early Life and Education

Mutsumi Tamura was born in 1987. June 19 Akita Prefecture, Japan. As this region is known for its cultural heritage and vast natural landscapes, the beauty that surrounds it imbued his artistic creativity and sense of voice from an early age.
She was fascinated by various animated series and video games and became interested in voice acting. This love for animated characters and their world fueled his curiosity and strengthened his determination to join this universe full of vivid expressions and voices.
In elementary school, Mutsumi was famous for mimicking the voices of various characters from various cartoon series, which caught the attention of her peers and teachers. This hobby laid the foundation for his incredible voiceover journey.
To pursue her dreams of becoming a voice actress, Mutsumi moved to Tokyo after high school. In order to improve her skills and get her foot in the door of the industry, she joined a respected voiceover institute. Her training period was essential as it allowed her to understand the nuances of voice modulation, accents, character expression and much more.
During her time at the institute, Mutsumi participated in many voice acting competitions and won several awards for her outstanding performance. Each victory was a step that cemented his path in this sector. His hard work quickly paid off as he made his professional debut at the age of 20.
The first year was difficult, filled with many rehearsals and auditions, but her endless determination and talent led her to her first leading role. This marked the beginning of her famous voice acting career, making her a household name in the voice acting world. To this day, his journey is an inspiration to many aspiring voice actors. Her unconventional way of interpreting roles along with her unique voice made her an unforgettable icon in the industry.


Mutsumi Tamura's career in animation started early and blossomed over time. His first prominent role was when he embraced the characters of famous cartoons with his unique soothing voice, bringing the characters to life for the audience. Tamura was born naturally; his performances were never forced but left the audience attuned to the characters.
His career, as vibrant as it is, isn't limited to just voicing characters. He has displayed many talents over the years, from being a radio personality to singing for anime series soundtracks. Many of her fans fell in love with her mesmerizing voice and soulful performances.
Tamura has received numerous awards for outstanding achievements in the Japanese voiceover industry, demonstrating his influence and dominance in his work. His talent has been recognized not only by his fans but also by his peers, earning him a respected position in the industry. His versatile roles range from main characters to supporting characters in various anime series, games and movies.
In the world of seiyuu or Japanese dub, Mutsumi Tamura has become a symbol of dedication and hard work. His journey has inspired many young talents who are pursuing a career in the industry. An enviable career as a voice actor that is open to more opportunities in the future.

Other Ventures

Mutsumi Tamura, in addition to her unique role as a famous actress, has spread her talent in many other ventures. Thus, Mutsumi Tamura expanded his career in the music business. Not only has he lent his voice to many cartoon characters, but he also has several singles and albums to his credit. These musical contributions not only showcased her singing talent, but also added new depth to her already impressive career.
In addition, Mutsumi Tamura also ventured into the field of radio broadcasting. With her unique and recognizable voice, she hosted several radio shows in Japan and became a well-known radio personality. His shows often revolve around anime, manga and gaming culture and have become popular for their light-hearted yet educational nature.
Above all, these other ventures exemplified Mutsumi Tamura's versatility as an entertainer. His ability to successfully diversify his career is a testament to his boundless talent and perseverance. As he continues to explore new adventures and broaden his horizons, Mutsumi Tamura's star is sure to rise.

Awards and Honors

Mutsumi Tamura has received numerous awards and accolades throughout his illustrious career. Winning the Best Debut Actress Award at the 12th Seiyu Awards in 2018. confirmed its important positions in the voice transmission industry. For her energetic portrayal of androgynous and assertive roles, she has won wonderful critical and audience acclaim.
Additionally, Mutsumi's emotional performance as Sonya in Kill Me Baby earned her a Best Supporting Actress award, highlighting her versatility and phenomenal talent. This widespread success clearly demonstrates his exceptional ability to empathize with his characters and create a compelling story. It should be noted that her talent is not limited to voice acting, as evidenced by her prolific storytelling, which has also earned her prestigious titles. She was recently honored for her outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry.
in 2020 her role as Koppu in Twelve Demon Kings earned her the Anime of the Year Award, further cementing her status as a top-rated voice actress.
With her phenomenal acting range and unmatched professionalism, Mutsumi Tamura continues to be a rising star in voice acting, earning accolades and redefining industry standards year after year. Without a doubt, his truly great performances continue to enthrall audiences and his works remain a true testament to his immense talent.

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