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Place NameNatagumo Mountain
Alternate NameMount Natagumo
The infamous Mount Natagum is a central location in the fascinating Demon Slayer universe. Hidden from the naked eye by a permanent fog, the mountain serves as a terrifying refuge for powerful demons. The gruesome nature of the mountain is further accentuated by the dense forest, making it a formidable challenge for demon slayers. Menacing webs that indicate the dominion of the demon spider family envelop the region, adding to its terrifying aura. Known for trapping victim and attacker in a never-ending nightmare, Mount Natagum is a place where battles to the death are constantly taking place. Many brave pilgrims, mostly demon hunters, visit the mountain to destroy the demons and free the trapped human souls. The mountain is not only a symbol of great fear and danger, but also a testament to the undying courage and indomitable spirit of those who dare to challenge it.


Mount Natagum: carved into the earth's crust, Mount Natagum is a majestic and important landmark that echoes ancient legends and stories. As one of the oldest geological formations, its atmosphere exudes tranquility and exciting adventure.

The topography of the mountain showcases a rich mosaic of diverse habitats, from dense moss forests teeming with spectacular flora and fauna to breathtaking vantage points that offer panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The mountain is a paradise for nature lovers, adventurers and spiritual souls.

The history of Mount Natagum is deeply intertwined with threads of mystical folklore. It is believed to be a confluence of sacred energies with ancient stories telling how the mountain is alive with powerful and ancient spirits. Encounters with these spirits add an exciting aspect to adventures on this mountain.

  • Perfect for a spiritual retreat, the mountain has many quiet places where time seems to stand still and the land speaks directly to the soul.

  • Exciting trails through rocky terrains and dense forests make it an adventurer's dream come true.

  • Various and unique flora and fauna testify to the richness of the land.

In every sense, Mount Natagum is not just a place. It is an experience full of inspiration, adventure and enlightenment. A journey along rocky paths is a journey to the outer and inner expanses of existence.


Mount Natagum is a place steeped in folklore and mystery, with a rich history intertwined with the spiritual and supernatural. The mountain has long been considered a sacred place by the locals, and folklore is woven around it as the home of spirits and aliens.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the history of Mount Natagum is its connection with the mystical realm. Local mythology includes stories of powerful, celestial beings that once lived on the mountain. These creatures are said to have incredible powers and have played a decisive role in determining the fate of local communities.

The mountain landscape also bears witness to the historical events that marked its course. The ancient paths carved into the sides of the mountain, the strangely shaped rocks dotting the landscape and the forest covering the mountain tell the story of a past marked by the interaction of man, nature and deity.

Although the mountain still retains its sense of mystery today, it has also become a place of refuge and peace. With its rich flora and fauna and panoramic views, Mount Natagum is a great destination for locals and tourists alike. However, it still remains a symbol of the deep and often mysterious connection between man and nature.

The history of Mount Natagum offers an intriguing insight into the beliefs, traditions and natural history of this place. Every visit to this vast landscape is a journey back to the times when man and nature lived in much closer harmony and when the line between the physical and the ethereal was not so clear.

Geography and Natural Features

Welcome to Mount Natagum, an amazing part of the universe with breathtaking geography and natural features. This extraordinary monument promises a breathtaking sight.

Geographical appeal

Mount Natagum is a huge and majestic mountain range that stands out on the horizon. The slopes of small forms outline an enchanting silhouette surrounded by lush vegetation that blends harmoniously with the evocative blue sky background. Hidden paths winding through the thick, verdant expanse beckon experienced hikers, the spectacle underpinned by geological formations that indicate the enormous forces that caused the mountain to rise.

Flora and fauna

  • Primarily a temperate forest, the mountain is a rich repository of diverse flora. During the walk you will see everything from towering oaks to delicate alpine flowers.
  • The impressive biodiversity of this habitat is characterized by interesting wildlife, from songbirds and deer to elusive predators.


The dramatically rising peak offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. Streams flow through the course, accenting the green with a rainbow of blue, while larger bodies of water such as lakes and waterfalls form the heart of the valley's breathtaking landscape.

Natagum Mountain is a unique geographical unit that testifies to the timeless resilience of the natural world. It is an inviting place for adventure seekers, a peaceful place for those looking for peace and an endless fascination for geographers and nature lovers.

Influence and Legacy Features

The Influence and Legacy Features section, located at the center of the Nagumo Mountain Square universe, aims to honor the many notable individuals who have contributed to the creation and preservation of this remarkable universe.

  • Natagum's ancestors: the legacy of these pioneers is immense. They were the first to colonize this mountain and feed the unique flora and fauna that live there, allowing it to flourish.

  • Jinichi and Yanagimoto: these exceptional brothers are legendary explorers who captured the hidden beauties of Mount Natagum and its surroundings. Their archives are a valuable resource and allow an intimate look at untouched nature.

  • Kawagome Clan: Throughout history, this warlike clan has played a crucial role in protecting Mount Natagum from numerous threats. They constantly monitor and ensure that the mountain and its inhabitants live in peace.

  • Oyama's inspiration: Dubbed the poet of the mountains, Oyama's poems celebrated the beauty of the Natagum mountains and inspired generations to appreciate the mountain's natural bounty to protect and respect. . His verses continue to resonate in this universe and inspire its inhabitants.

These legacies form the foundation of this universe's rich heritage, instilling in its inhabitants a sense of responsibility and respect for the natural world. Each extraordinary figure has left its mark on Mount Natagum, making it the unique and enchanting universe it is today.

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