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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor, Singer
Birth Date1991-06-26
Birth PlaceKanagawa Prefecture, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting, Singing
Person NameNatsuki Hanae
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/hanae0626
Alternate Name花江 夏樹
Member of OrganizationAcross Entertainment
Natsuki Hanae is a talented Japanese voice actor known for her impressive performances in popular anime. He impressed audiences with his versatility and lent his voice to many unforgettable characters. Hanae is probably best known for his role as Tanjiro Kamado in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, where he demonstrates his ability to bring deep emotional depth. From Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul to Kōsei Arima in Your Lie in April, Hanae's performances have consistently resonated with audiences and taken them on a roller coaster of emotions. His unique voice acting style brings the characters to life, making them more relatable and endearing. Award-winning Hanae has contributed to video games and anime, showcasing his range as a voice actor.


A pioneer in the arts, Natsuki Hanae captivates audiences as a versatile voice actor and singer in the field of Japanese pop culture. His exceptional vocal range and distinctive style bridge the gap between pure entertainment and unparalleled artistry. In addition to famous vocal roles as Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul and Taichi Yagami in Digimon Adventure, his talents extend into the world of music and redefine expectations with several chart-topping hits.
Entering Natsuki Hanae's universe is like entering an immersive world where every character and song is full of emotion and depth. Every project he lends his voice to is clearly enhanced, intertwined with his unique interpretation and presentation. When you hear Hanae's voice, it echoes the characters she plays so masterfully. Whether you are empathizing with grief or rejoicing in triumph, Hanae's interpretation always touches the listener and makes the expected feelings palpable.
It's not just a sound, it's a journey: each Hanae project tells a story, reveals a life, and reveals a purpose. His characters and singles are more than entertainment: they are stories that unfold and musical notes that travel and stir emotions in the hearts of listeners. This realm is not just Natsuki Hanae's universe; is a cosmos of emotion, travel and passion, carefully crafted and masterfully executed by a versatile talent named Natsuki Hanae.

Early Life and Education

Natsuki Hanae was born in 1991. June 26 Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. From an early age, he showed an affinity for performing arts, which was mainly supported by his family.
His love for acting began in elementary school, when he enthusiastically joined the school's drama club. The experience and skills he acquired later formed a solid foundation in the voice acting universe. He officially started thinking about a career as a voice actor during high school when he discovered anime series such as Neon Genesis Evangelion. The images of the characters in this series inspired him to enter this field. After high school, Natsuki went to Tokyo to announce Gakuin College of Performing Arts, a highly regarded institution known for nurturing some of the best talent in Japan's animation industry. He completed courses in broadcasting, voice acting and other aspects of performing arts. His time at college was characterized by grit and determination, and he was often motivated by the need to fully understand the complexities of characters, which he knew was essential to his chosen career.
Also, as Natsuki Hanae continued her studies in college, she began to build her professional networks. After graduating, his exceptional talent was already noticed by many professionals in the field. This recognition eventually led to him securing some of the most coveted roles in the voice acting industry, including his breakout role as Ken Kaneki in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Natsuki's early life and passion for acting made him the popular voice actor he is today, bringing characters to life perfectly with his unique and distinctive voice.


Natsuki Hanae's career is dynamic and challenging, with roles as a voice actor, singer, and radio host. His journey began in 2011 when he made his debut as a professional voice. Hanae's talent quickly caught the attention of the industry and landed him leading roles in several popular animations such as Ken Kaneki in Tokyo Ghoul and Taichi Yagami in Digimon Adventure tri. His portrayal of these characters was convincing and emotionally nuanced, garnering widespread critical acclaim.
In addition to her work in anime, Hanae has also voiced characters in video games, expanding her reach beyond the traditional medium of animation. He brought characters to life in popular games such as Final Fantasy and Tales of Zestiria. This variety of roles shows his versatility and adaptability as an actor.
Hanae's talents are not limited to voice acting - in 2015 she also started a singing career. Her melodious voice and heartfelt lyrics have resonated with her fans, further cementing her status in the entertainment industry. Despite being relatively new to the music scene, his songs quickly climbed the charts, showcasing his innate musical gifts. To add another feather to her cap, Hanae also hosts her own radio show, Hanae Natsuki Hane-Goe Radio, where fans can get a glimpse of her charming personality off-screen. Its lightheartedness and catchy content led to the show's growing popularity.
In the world of Japanese animation and entertainment, there are people who simply voice characters and people who embody their roles and turn them into unforgettable characters. Natsuki Hanae is among the latter, her dedication and passion reflected in every character she plays. As he continues his amazing career, he continues to inspire fans around the world.

Other Ventures

In addition to a successful career as a voice actor and singer, Natsuki Hanae has engaged in many other artistic endeavors, cementing her status as a multi-talent. She hosts her web show, Hanae Natsuki no One-Man Show, where she invites many artists for insightful interviews. This web series showcases his natural charisma as a host and his deep respect for fellow artists.
Natsuki is also very interested in gaming and often broadcasts her gameplay on her YouTube channel. His playful and catchy commentary has become a huge hit with fans and players, further increasing his influence and appeal. As a YouTuber, in addition to sharing gaming content, he also provides behind-the-scenes updates on his voice acting, series, and life, making his channel a great place for fans to learn more about him.
This versatile personality accurately reflects Natsuki's versatility and dedication to her craft. His willingness to explore different mediums and interact with his fans across multiple platforms speaks to his passion and dedication. These initiatives make Natsuki Hanae's universe diverse, dynamic, and ever-changing.

Awards and Honors

Natsuki Hanae's talent as a voice actor has earned him respectable recognition in the anime industry. He was awarded Best Actor at the 9th Seiyu Awards for his role as Inaho Kaizuka in the anime Aldnoah.Zero. Hanae's excellent portrayal of various characters, from Kaneki Ken in the infamous Tokyo Ghoul series to the loving brother in the heartfelt native animation Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba as Tanjiro Kamado, shows his versatile talent.
In addition to the Seiyu Awards, Hanae's 2015 also won the New Voice Actor Award at the Tokyo Anime Awards Festival. He has been recognized for his unmistakable brilliance and charismatic performances that captivate audiences worldwide. It is also worth noting that Hanae reigns not only in Japan, but is also appreciated internationally. in 2020 the popular anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, featuring the voice of Hanae, won Funimation's 2019 Anime of the Decade Award. His powerful rendition of Tanjiro Kamado transcends language and connects with people on an emotional level.
Hanae's passion for her art and consistent embodiment of the characters she portrays ensure that she truly deserves recognition and accolades. Certainly, the industry and his fans have a lot more to expect from his career as a famous voice actor.

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