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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor
Birth Date1988-12-06
Birth PlaceMiyagi, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting
Person NameNobunaga Shimazaki
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/nobunaga_s
Alternate NameShimazaki Nobunaga
Member of OrganizationMausu Promotion
Highly regarded Japanese voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki is best known for portraying characters in the world's most popular anime series. He is credited for bringing characters like Haruka Nanase to life in Free! series, Yuno from Black Clover and Corrin from Fire Emblem Fates. Known for his versatility, Nobunaga has an amazing ability to convey the essence of his characters, from the cool detachment of a reclusive prince to the youthful looks of a high school swimmer. His vocal prowess has earned him widespread recognition in the anime industry. In addition to voice acting, Nobunaga is also active in radio shows, paving the way for a new generation of actors eager to express the rich continuity of anime character archetypes. His unique approach to storytelling resonates throughout the anime universe, making Nobunaga Shimazaki's work unmistakable and unforgettable.


Nobunaga Shimazaki is a famous figure in the world of voice acting. Born in Miyagi, Japan, he has lent his voice to numerous anime series, films and video games, leaving an indelible mark on the anime industry and his community. The award-winning voice actor, best known for his roles as Haruka Nanase in Free! and Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order, began his extraordinary journey in 2008. and has been captivating audiences with his vocal talent ever since.
Shimazaki's performances are imbued with a unique blend of emotion and subtlety, a testament to his impressive range and deep understanding of the characters he portrays. Whether it's a troubled hero or a cheerful confidante, Shimazaki brings the characters to life and creates a deep connection between the audience and the story. In Nobunaga Shimazaki's universe, characters are more than just drawings on a screen. They are living, breathing individuals, full of complexity and idiosyncrasy, shaped by the trials they face and the relationships they have. Shimazaki's voice acting gives them a depth that elevates them from mere imaginary constructs to resonant and relatable personalities.
The universe of Nobunaga Shimazaki celebrates the immersive power of voice acting. It's a world where stories fly, fueled by the uniquely adaptive and emotive voice of an extraordinary talent. It's a dimension where every word, every breath, every pause speaks volumes and influences how we perceive stories and interact with characters. This is where Nobunaga Shimazaki really shines.

Early Life and Education

Nobunaga Shimazaki was born in 1988. December 6 in southern Miyakonojo, Miyazaki, Japan. From his early years, Shimazaki was interested in performing arts and storytelling.
In kindergarten, he often acted in school plays and enjoyed acting in plays with his friends. By the time he entered elementary school, Shimazaki was very interested in various forms of media, especially cartoons and manga, which are very popular in his home country. This was his first introduction to the world of character design and animation. In high school, Shimazaki joined a drama club where he honed his acting skills. During this time, Shimazaki realized his natural talent for voice modulation and mimicry. He was chosen to narrate several school plays, which he thoroughly enjoyed, which gave him the confidence to choose voice acting as his career.
Shimazaki studied theater arts at the prestigious Miyazaki Municipal University, further deepening his passion for the performing arts. During his undergraduate program, he participated in several stage plays and voice-over workshops where he was praised for his authentic vocal delivery and characterization. After graduating, Shimazaki moved to Tokyo to begin his professional voiceover journey. There, he initially faced many challenges, but his determination did not stop him. His hard work paid off when he landed his first radio drama break which marked the beginning of his illustrious career. With each role, Shimazaki proved that his education prepared him well for his destined career in the voice acting industry.


Nobunaga Shimazaki is a prominent Japanese voice actor who has had an amazing career in the animation and gaming industry. Born in Miyagi, Japan, Shimazaki began his voice acting career at a young age, with his first role in 2008. Since then, he has amassed an impressive repertoire with various roles in acclaimed anime and video games.
One of the most recognizable roles in Shimazaki's illustrious career is the portrayal of the main character Haruka Nanase in the popular anime series Free! His compelling portrayal of the nuanced emotions of the characters helped the show win the hearts of millions around the world and cemented his status as an industry virtuoso. Nobunaga also lent his voice to Fate/Grand Order and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, bringing to life some of the more complex characters. Whether it's the calm and stoic characters like Nanase or the intense and fiery characters in the Fate series, Shimazaki's performances have demonstrated his versatility as a voice actor.
In addition to anime, he has shown his prowess in the gaming world. One of his most famous works is the role of Ritsuka Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order. Shimazaki's extensive body of work is quite extensive, spanning television, film and radio, a testament to his unparalleled skill and talent. Despite fierce competition in his field, Nobunaga Shimazaki consistently played memorable and enduring roles. His dedication to perfecting his craft, coupled with his innate talent for covering a wide range of emotions, makes him an unparalleled talent in the world of acting.
Nobunaga Shimazaki's career speaks volumes for his passion and talent. In the years to come, Shimazaki will surely expand his impressive portfolio and captivate the audience with great performances.

Other Ventures

In addition to his main career as an actor and voice actor, Nobunaga Shimazaki shows a tendency to explore other areas of creativity. It is never limited to one area; rather, to develop various talents. She has effectively used her flawless voice to create audio books, becoming the voice behind the pages and bringing life and emotion to an otherwise silent world.
In addition, Shimazaki expressed his thoughts through writing and proved to be an accomplished writer. His work describes his unique insight into experience and understanding of complex emotions and human behavior. Apart from this, he has also forayed into the music industry by adding his mesmerizing voice to songs of various genres. He often collaborates with other artists to create music, creating performances that resonate with audiences on an emotional level.
Shimazaki's passion for exploring different areas in the creative space illustrates his versatile nature and willingness to explore new ways of expressing himself. Throughout this journey, he continues to charm his audience in more ways than one. His Other Enterprises show his determination and dedication to continuous development and growth as an artist, creating an impressive story that speaks volumes for his multi-faceted personality.

Awards and Honors

in 1988 December 6 born Nobunaga Shimazaki is a talented Japanese voice actor who has received accolades and awards for his outstanding achievements in animation. Shimazaki was honored at the 9th Seiyu Awards in 2015, where he won Best Supporting Actor for his role in Free! as Haruka Nanase, a competitive swimmer who loves the water.
He also won a special award at the same Seiyu Awards for his exemplary performance in Your Lie in April, in which he played the role of Ryouta Watari. The portrayal of this endearing character has earned him much recognition for his ability to express various emotions in his voice.
Another highlight is Shimazaki 2017. Won the Best Actor Award at the Tokyo Anime Awards for his role in Fate/Grand Order, voicing the novel Archaman and Soloman. His efforts to bring these characters to life have been greatly appreciated by fans and critics alike.
Shimazaki has proven to be an exceptional artist in the world of animation with his amazing achievements in such a competitive field. His unparalleled talent continues to shape Nobunaga Shimazaki's universe and influence future projects. His dedication to exploring and bringing different characters to life is highly commendable and deserves all the recognition it receives.

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