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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor
Birth Date1976-03-31
Birth PlaceTokyo, Japan
Knows aboutJapanese acting
Person NameNoriaki Sugiyama
Alternate NameKappei Yamaguchi
Member of OrganizationStay Luck
Noriaki Sugiyama is a well-known Japanese voice actor and television host, best known for his role as Sasuke Uchiha in the hugely popular anime series Naruto. in 1976 March 9 Born in Tokyo, Japan, Sugiyama began his acting career out of a passion for bringing animated characters to life. He has lent his distinctive voice to several prestigious anime and gaming characters, such as England in Hetalia: Axis Powers, Shirou Emiya in Fate/Stay Night, and William T. Spears in Black Butler. His emotional depth and versatility helped cement his position in the industry. Sugiyama also contributed to the presentation known as radio shows such as Naruto: Naruto's Shippuden. His influence on the world of anime is unmistakable and has contributed greatly to Japan's cultural exports and the worldwide popularity of anime and manga.


Noriaki Sugiyama is a well-known entity in the world of Japanese voice acting. He has lent his distinctive voice to many popular anime and video game characters, giving them depth and authenticity. Sugiyama's career began with a flawless portrayal of the iconic character Sasuke Uchiha in the popular Naruto series. Since then, his exceptional voice acting talent has continued to enthrall millions of anime fans around the world.
With more than two decades in the industry, Noriaki Sugiyama has skillfully played a variety of roles, from fearless warriors to intelligent strategists. His versatility is reflected in his wide repertoire, where each character is unique and memorable. In addition to anime, Sugiyama also left an indelible impression on the gaming industry, lending his distinctive voice to characters in Fate/Stay Night and Bleach: Heat the Soul.
Noriaki Sugiyama's universe is very complex and gives voice and life to the animated characters. His mastery of vocal modulation has immortalized the characters in the hearts of fans, making them more recognizable. His outstanding performances have greatly contributed to the success of several anime series and video games. However, Noriaki Sugiyama continues to wow audiences with his dynamic vocal range, proving his irreplaceable status as a voice actor.

Early Life and Education

in 1976 March 9 Born in Tokyo, Japan, Noriaki Sugiyama grew up passionate about the world of theater. He was interested in theater and performing arts since childhood. This hobby eventually turned into a burning desire to realize his acting dreams.
Sugiyama studied at Tama Art University in Tokyo to immerse himself in his passions. She studied Theater Arts where she received formal training to understand the practices that underpin theater and acting. Particularly attracted to vocal performances, he mastered the art of expressing various emotions using only his voice, which later shaped his career.
While still in college, he made the most of his academic environment and participated in several theater productions. One of her most notable performances was in the self-directed play Farewell My Concubine, which helped hone her skills and strengthen her love for the industry.
After graduation, Sugiyama developed a career in voice acting. However, he has never lost sight of the importance of education and often credits his college experience for his success. His academic background played a vital role in developing his talents, making him one of the most recognized voice actors in the anime industry. The richness of her voice and her ability to bring characters to life testify to the fact that she has firmly established herself in the art of theater since her studies.


Noriaki Sugiyama began his career as an in-demand seiyuu (voice actor) in Japan, where he turned his passion for voice acting into an extraordinary profession. He began his voice-over adventures in small roles, but his talent could not be hidden for long. His breakthrough came when he played Sasuke Uchiha, a character in the popular anime series Naruto.
His outstanding performance was well received by the anime community and made him a household name in the industry. He expanded on his role as Sasuke Uchiha and went on to voice the character in Naruto sequels and spin-off films such as Naruto: Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. In addition to Naruto, Sugiyama has shown his versatility by voicing other famous anime characters such as England in Hetalia: Axis Powers and Shirou Emiya in the Fate series. He didn't limit his talent to just anime. Noriaki Sugiyama expanded his skills in video games such as the Final Fantasy series where he voiced the character Cecil Harvey.
Sugiyama has also made his mark in the drama CD world with successful appearances in Ouran High School Host Club, D.Gray-man, and BLEACH. His vocal range and ability to portray a variety of characters have earned him respect in the seiyuu community. Noriaki Sugiyama's genius is not limited to acting. He is also a skilled host, displaying his lively personality on radio shows such as Sugiyama Noriaki no Kyo mo Naruto (Noriaki Sugiyama Today, also Naruto) and Sugiyama Noriaki no Animate Voice. His charismatic and enthusiastic demeanor has captivated listeners for years.
With his impeccable talent, Noriaki Sugiyama has made many contributions to the anime, video game, and radio industries. His performances, both on and off screen, reflect his dedication to his craft and his unspeakable love for the art of voice acting. Noriaki Sugiyama, a prominent figure in the voice acting industry, continues to inspire aspiring voice actors with his stellar career.

Other Ventures

Noriaki Sugiyama is known not only as the voice of famous anime characters such as Naruto Sasuke Uchiha and Fate/Stay Night Shirou Emiya, but also for his involvement in many other creative arenas. He made waves in the radio world and hosted several radio shows, most notably Sugiyama Noriaki's Anime Laboratory.
On stage, Sugiyama belonged to several theater companies, performing both acting and production roles. He enjoys bringing characters to life on stage and appreciates the nuances of physical acting, seeing it as a refreshing change from voice acting.
In terms of gameplay, Sugiyama has lent his voice to many video game characters, further expanding his vocal portfolio. A gamer himself, he particularly enjoys voice acting in the medium as it allows him to interact with the stories. In addition, Sugiyama also diversified the vocals. Having released several singles and albums, her warm and versatile voice is as good at carrying a melody as it is at bringing out the depths of character.
All these initiatives highlight the essence of Sugiyama Noriaki, a highly creative person who is always ready for new opportunities and challenges. His dedication to pushing the limits of his artistic pursuits has earned him a place in the hearts of fans around the world.

Awards and Honors

In the field of voice acting, Noriaki Sugiyama has received considerable recognition for his exemplary talent and versatility. For his evocative portrayal of the character Sasuke Uchiha in the popular anime series Naruto, he won the Best Supporting Actor Award in 2008. at the prestigious 2nd Seiyu Awards. This recognition was a milestone in Sugiyama's career that cemented his place in the anime industry.
In addition, Sugiyama's outstanding and outstanding performance as Shirou Emiya in the popular series Fate/Stay Night earned him the Best Lead Actor Award at the 1st Newtype Anime Awards in 2011. His ability to tell the inner struggle and growth of her character won the hearts of critics and fans alike. He recently won the Best Musical Performance Award for his role in the animated film Uta no Prince Sama Maji Love Kingdom in 2021. At the 15th Seiyu Awards. This latest achievement is further testament to Sugiyama's extraordinary scale. , going beyond her voice acting and showcasing her musical talents.
These various awards and accolades are a testament to Noriaki Sugiyama's extraordinary voice abilities and his growing influence in the anime world. His ability to bring various characters to life in such an authentic and engaging way makes him very deserving of these awards.

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