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CityMount Pleasant
Area/RegionSouth Carolina
Place NameOld Village Mount Pleasant
Old Mount Pleasant Village has all the charm of an authentic Southern town with generations of history within its borders. In this 18th century the burgeoning historic district features beautiful tree-lined streets lined with stately historic homes, charming cottages and panoramic views of Charleston Harbor. Stroll along picturesque Pitt Street, the old heart of the village, and visit the quaint shops, restaurants or the famous Old Village Post House Inn. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere by visiting the nearby beach, parks or historical monuments such as the Alhambra Hall, a beautiful coastal site known for its breathtaking views. Rich in heritage and a warm community, Old Village Mount Pleasant is a gem of Southern hospitality.


Old Village Mount Pleasant is a charming historic community located in the bustling town of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Its unique blend of traditional Southern charm and modern conveniences makes it worth a visit.

Historically, the Old Village was the summer retreat of Charleston's elite. Today, it has an intimate village feel, just minutes from downtown Charleston and the beautiful beaches of Sullivan's Island and Isle of Palms.

The community is steeped in history: the 18th century. houses, oak-lined streets and landmarks such as the iconic Pitt Street Bridge. Well-preserved architecture, lush landscape and panoramic views are a feast for the eyes and soul.

The long-established community offers many local shops, restaurants, art galleries and entertainment. Explore this close-knit community with gourmet restaurants, historic parks, tennis courts, wonderful shopping, and more.

At the heart of the ancient village is the former village post office, a charming inn and restaurant that has been welcoming guests since the late 19th century. It's a great place to relax and enjoy a meal that reflects the southern cuisine that Charleston is known for.

A visit to Old Village Mount Pleasant offers a peaceful escape, transports you to the pages of history, and offers the amenities of a modern community. This is a unique experience that is a must-see when visiting Charleston.


Old Village of Mount Pleasant is an example of fascinating history intertwined with vibrant city life. Originally thriving as a summer retreat for wealthy landowners, this quaint neighborhood on the outskirts of Charleston, South Carolina, charms visitors with its tranquil beaches, rich farmland, and coastal beauty.

Mount Pleasant was originally inhabited by the Sewee tribe until the first Europeans arrived in the late 17th century. Wealthy Charleston families, attracted by the cool coastal breeze, began to establish their summer homes here and laid the foundation for this beautiful village.

In the early 18th century, it became the headquarters of one of America's first ferry systems, connecting it directly to the city of Charleston. This infrastructure development led to continued growth as more travelers and settlers came to the area.

Important historical sites such as Alhambra Hall and Watkins Tavern tell fascinating stories of the colonial era. These landmarks, in addition to the quaint anteroom houses, are scattered along the tree-lined streets and provide an old-world charm.

The village also played an important role during the Civil War when the Confederate semi-submarine H.L. Hunley, was stationed. It was recognized worldwide as the first successful combat submarine, reinforcing the historical significance of the old village.

On the way from summer home to residential area, the ancient village of Mount Pleasant has successfully preserved its history while incorporating modern conveniences. The charismatic blend of history, architecture and charming Southern hospitality continues to fascinate locals and visitors alike.

Antico Borgo is not only a place, but also the history of a bygone era, a proof of evolution while maintaining its historical roots.

Geography and Natural Features

The ancient village of Mount Pleasant showcases an elegant combination of natural beauty and distinctive geographic features. Located near the coast of South Carolina, this lush area is surrounded by history and breathtaking scenery. Its deep geographic location east of Charleston Harbor has made it an important landmark for centuries.

Strong>Natural Features: if ever there was a place where the charm of nature danced harmoniously with the charm of man, it is the Old Village. Pristine white sand beaches on the Atlantic Ocean gently caress the edges of the coast, offering locals and visitors a peaceful retreat. Tall native palm trees sway gently in the sea breeze against a beautiful backdrop of the sun setting over Shem Creek.

Geography: Mount Pleasant features flat, low-lying terrain interspersed with lush wetlands that are rich in diverse wildlife. It is surrounded by dynamic bodies of water: tidal creeks, the legendary Cooper River to the west, the Water River to the north and the iconic Arthur Ravenel Jr. to the south. The bridge majestically spans the Cooper River, connecting this river. a perfect haven for the charming city of Charleston.

Walk the historic streets and you'll be surrounded by the stories that have shaped this village while enjoying breathtaking views of the expansive Charleston Harbor. The Pitt Street Bridge offers breathtaking views of the Sullivan Islands panorama, reminiscent of the beauty of the marshes.

The ancient village of Mount Pleasant has a rare combination of impressive geography and natural features that make it a truly unique and enchanting place in the universe.

Influence and Legacy Features

Old Village Mount Pleasant is a neighborhood steeped in history and charm, with historic influences and features that have been carefully preserved and nurtured over time. As one of Charleston's oldest corporations, it's a testament to the quaint and relaxed Southern lifestyle that has adapted to the winds of modernity while maintaining its old-world charm.

Recommended attractions include the legendary Pitt Street Pharmacy, a soda fountain open since 1950, and the beloved Alhambra Hall, a beautiful waterfront. building with truly breathtaking views. Here you can experience what it means to be in the same place where Indian tribes once flourished and where European settlers first set foot.

  • Historic Homes: This well-preserved turn-of-the-century home is a symbol of architectural heritage and well worth seeing. Each house is different, with stories etched into the walls about traditional southern culture and heritage.

  • Moultrie Park: This park honors the enduring legacy of the Revolutionary War with monuments commemorating the sacrifices of the brave.

  • Mount Pleasant Academy: The region's first public educational institution that has shaped the community's thinking and future for generations.

In conclusion, Old Village Mount Pleasant is more than just a place, it is a vibrant historical place full of past stories and legacy that still influences the present and the future.


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