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One Piece Magazine series

General Info

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AuthorEiichiro Oda
GenresManga, Anime
Book NameOne Piece Magazine series
LanguagesJapanese, English
Release Date2017-07-07
Number of PagesVariable
Original TitleOne Piece Magazine
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttp://www.shueisha.co.jp/

Universe of One Piece


One Piece universe is full of wonder and excitement. It takes place in a vast world of scattered seas and islands where pirates roam and explore. This world is divided into four distinct seas, each named after a cardinal direction: North Blue, East Blue, West Blue, and South Blue, and the Great Line, a dangerous and unpredictable sea that is the focus of the main storyline.

The universe tells the epic adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew. Luffy, who gains the power to stretch like rubber after accidentally eating a devil fruit, and his crew venture into the most treacherous seas, the Grand Line, to find the world's most wanted treasure one piece.

The One Piece universe is also known for its unmistakable sense of style and design, featuring a roster of characters each with different abilities, backgrounds, and personalities. From powerful marines to infamous pirates to ordinary civilians, the One Piece universe is an exciting escape into a world where adventure is as wide as the sea itself.


One Piece Magazine Vol.1
2017-07-07 | 162 | 978-4087925077
One Piece Magazine Vol.2
2017-09-01 | 164 | 978-4087925091
One Piece Magazine Vol.3
2018-02-02 | 168 | 978-4087925114
One Piece Magazine Vol.4
2018-06-01 | 170 | 978-4087925138
One Piece Magazine Vol.5
2018-09-01 | 170 | 978-4087925169
One Piece Magazine Vol.6
2019-06-07 | 174 | 978-4087925190
One Piece Magazine Vol.7
2019-09-06 | 162 | 978-4087925213
One Piece Magazine Vol.8
2020-04-24 | 170 | 978-4087925244
One Piece Magazine Vol.9
2020-11-13 | 170 | 978-4081022551
One Piece Magazine Vol.10
2021-07-23 | 170 | 978-4081022582


One Piece is a vibrant and exciting universe set in a world of endless oceans full of adventure and mystery. Inhabited by both humans and fantastic creatures, this universe consists of the blues, the big line and the new world. The One Piece universe is essentially an anachronism, with culture, technology, and architecture varying greatly from place to place.

The series revolves around pirates, the most common adventurers in the One Piece world. Their activities include searching for rare treasures, exploring unknown ocean waters, and fighting other pirates or the world government. At its heart is the greatest treasure in One Piece, after which the series is named. Whoever finds it is declared the Pirate King.

Powerful factions such as Marines, Yonkos, and Shichibukai also play an important role in shaping this universe. But it's not all about action and adventure; One Piece explores themes of friendship, dreams, and the consequences of your actions, making the universe as deep as it is exciting.