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One Piece Novel series

General Info

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AuthorEiichiro Oda
AwardsKodansha Manga Award
GenresAdventure, Fantasy, Comedy-drama
Book NameOne Piece Novel Series
LanguagesJapanese, English
TranslatorStephen Paul
Release Date1997-12-24
Number of Pages216
Original TitleOne Piece
Country of OriginJapan
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.shueisha.co.jp

The universe is one

The One Piece universe is a vibrant and vast world created by Eiichiro Oda. It centers on the adventures of a group of pirates led by monkey D. Luffy as they sail the high seas in search of the ultimate treasure, the One Piece. This treasure is said to be at the end of the Great Line, a dangerous road full of dangerous creatures, powerful enemies and unpredictable weather.

In this universe, some individuals have gained superhuman abilities by consuming mysterious fruits known as Devil Fruits. These fruits come in several varieties, each with unique powers, but instilling in users a common seawater weakness. The One Piece universe is filled with different locations, mysterious objects, and many characters, each with their own unique stories and designs.

The One Piece universe isn't all about exciting adventures and laughs; it also delves into deeper themes such as justice, freedom, dreams and friendship. It approaches the gray areas of morality and thus appeals to its readers/viewers on multiple levels.



One Piece Novel: A
2017-07-07 | 224 | 9784087034307
One Piece Novel: A Vol. 2
2017-09-01 | 192 | 9784087034420
One Piece Novel: Law
2020-04-03 | 304 | 9784087034840


One Piece is an adventure on the high seas in a world of dangerous islands and oceans inhabited by pirates, exotic creatures and supernatural phenomena. The story follows Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who can stretch like rubber after eating the legendary Devil Fruit. He embarks on a journey across the Great Line, the most dangerous and unpredictable sea in the world, in search of the greatest treasure known as One Piece. Because of this treasure, he would not only become the pirate king, but also could understand the hidden history of the world - the Void Age.

One Piece engages in a colorful and vibrant world-building process that features a diverse cast of characters, each with unique designs, abilities, and stories. The universe is filled with excitement, humor and emotional depth that has captivated fans of all generations. This is a story about great adventures, loyal friendship and the indomitable human spirit in the face of difficulties.