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General Info

Usopp logo
Job TitleSniper
Birth Date2001-04-01
Birth PlaceSyrup Village
Knows aboutSniping, Engineering, Storytelling
NationalitySyrup Village
Alternate NameSogeking, God Usopp, King of Snipers Usopp
Character NameUsopp
Member of OrganizationStraw Hat Pirates
Usopp, the main character of the popular One Piece series, is known for his long nose and unique expressions. He is a sniper in the Straw Hat Pirates and has a net worth of 200 million. Born in Syrup Village, Usopp is recognized for his outrageous storytelling and sly demeanor. Don't let his humorous exterior fool you, because behind those innocent lies lies a brave and compassionate heart, always ready to defend his friends. His quick thinking, uncanny marksmanship, and talent for creating ingenious items and traps from ordinary objects, combined with his inventive Pop Greens, make him a formidable opponent. Despite his usual comic cowardice, Usopp has shown fascinating character development with his bravery that comes to the fore when his friends are in danger. So Usopp, being the comic relief, adds depth and an element of unpredictability to the great saga of One Piece.


Caught in the world of One Piece as a sniper for the Straw Hat Pirate Squad, Usopp is an interesting mix of bravado and cowardice. Despite his self-proclaimed status as a powerful warrior, Usopp is considered the most vulnerable and humane character among the supernaturally-powered crew. She inherited a vivid imagination and a talent for storytelling from her father Yasop, a pirate who sailed under the banner of red-haired Shanks. His stories, though far from reality, reflect his sense of adventure and heroism.
Usopp's character is a living paradox as he fears danger but will also do anything to protect his friends. He lures his enemies with his innate cunning, proving that bravery isn't always about being the strongest person in the room, but about rising above fear when it matters most. It shows us that even the "weak" can have a big impact if they have the right motivation.
His eventual transformation from a cowardly liar to a brave marine makes him one of the series' most dynamic characters. Usopp's dreams may seem far-fetched, but his determination to make them come true is commendable. He is the true embodiment of the saying that a hero is an ordinary person who finds the strength to persevere and persevere despite overwhelming obstacles. His journey perfectly illustrates the series' theme of dreams, friendship and adventure.


A skilled sniper and beloved comic character, Usopp is an iconic character in the One Piece universe created by Eichiro Oda. His journey from being a coward to the brave and confident King of Snipers is inspiring and his tales that almost always come true are hilarious.
Born and raised in the village of Syrup, Usopp's life was defined early on by an absent father, Yasopp, who left to become a pirate as a child, and a mother, Quayside, who died of a serious illness. Left with tales of his father's pirate adventures and his mother's support, he begins to become a chronic liar, creating tall tales to mask his lonely and terrifying reality.
Traveling with the Straw Hat Pirates made him more than he was. From a coward who fled at the first sign of danger, he turns into a brave warrior, ready to fight, save and even sacrifice himself for his friends. His dream is to become a brave sea warrior like his father. Over time, Usopp develops incredible sniping skills and becomes a sniper for the Straw Hat Pirates.
However, Usopp's defining characteristic may be his uncanny ability to lie. His storytelling skills range from convincing white lies to grandiose tales of imaginary enemies and adventures. While it may seem like window dressing at times, Usopp's important role in the One Piece universe cannot be understated. His character development, loyalty to his friends, and ironically, his honesty about his fears make him a character that resonates with a global audience.

Creation and Development

Usopp, one of the most beloved characters in the One Piece universe, was created and created by Eiichiro Oda. Usopp's origin is heavily influenced by several sources, the most prominent being The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Like the boy in the joke, Usopp is a notorious liar who is often caught telling tall tales. Over time, he transforms from a cowardly character into a brave warrior, proving that he is more than just a liar; he is a storyteller with a vivid imagination and a heart full of courage and growth.
Oda created Usopp, affectionately known as the "King of Snipers," to embody the spirit of ingenuity and creativity. The skin emphasizes these qualities as Usopp wields a slingshot, an unusual weapon that embodies his ingenuity and refusal to conform to traditional norms. Usopp's character is also heavily influenced by the concept of inherited wills, a recurring theme in the One Piece universe. His desire to become a brave sea warrior like his father Yasopp shows how ideals and dreams can be passed down from generation to generation.
Throughout the series, Usopp undergoes tremendous physical and emotional growth. But her main quality, her ability to dream and inspire others with her stories, remains a constant factor. Usopp's development is a testament not only to his perseverance, but also to the overall theme of One Piece, which emphasizes the importance of dreams, will, and determination. Skin creation and Usopp's character development provide huge entertainment value while also fueling a fascination with the roguelike, narrative, and daring sniper. Usopp is a testament to the idea that characters, no matter how flawed or unusual they may seem at first, can still have an ingrained courage and unwavering desire to pursue their dreams.

Character Profile

A beloved member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp is an exceptional sniper and talented inventor. His journey into the great world of One Piece began in the Eastern Blue Syrup Village, where he was known as a compulsive liar who liked to scare people with stories of dangerous creatures and events that did not exist.
A passionate storyteller with a big heart, Usopp's penchant for tall tales often belies his honest bravery and unwavering loyalty. It should be remembered that Usopp's statement that he "lies to tell the truth" shows his underlying quality of honesty despite his seemingly deceptive facades.
Usopp's fighting skills are excellent. His prowess with the slingshot and cunning ability to use the environment to his advantage make him a formidable opponent. He can even turn everyday objects into deadly weapons. His talent for invention has shaped some of the most iconic devices, including the Clima-Tact for Nami and the improved Kabuto for him.
Although not as physically strong as some of his crew members, Usopp's courage, wit, and determination are admired. His devotion to his friends and personal growth throughout the series make him one of the most recognizable and endearing characters in One Piece. He embodies the spirit of a true pirate, full of dreams, courage and an indomitable sense of adventure.

Story Arc

In the One Piece world, Usopp's character development really shines through the Water 7 and Enies Lobby storylines. Born a notorious liar and self-appointed captain of a non-existent crew, Usopp begins to emerge as more than just a typical hero.
But his courage and loyalty are tested during the Water 7 arc. He can't wait to say goodbye to his beloved ship, the Going Merry. His subsequent duel with Luffy displays a level of courage and determination reminiscent of true heroes, highlighting his innate courage despite his usual cowardice. This is a turning point in Usopp's storyline as he temporarily leaves the crew, forcing him to reflect and grow.
In Enies' lobby, not yet officially reunited with the Straw Hat crew, he rises to rescue his comrades wearing the mask of Sogeking. The facade reinforces his courage and removes doubt because it is the ignition of his hidden potential. Usopp's espionage skills, unimaginable to someone not considered a frontline fighter, play a key role in the crew's triumphant victory over CP9, proving him to be an invaluable member of the crew.
Compelling and diverse, Usopp's story highlights One Piece's unique ability to combine laughter, tears, action and deep emotion in one canvas. Thus, Usopp's character arc becomes a major testament to the themes of friendship, self-worth, and courage in the One Piece universe. Despite his quirks and weaknesses, he grows stronger and becomes one of the most recognizable and lovable characters in One Piece.

Cultural Impact

The main character of the famous One Piece universe, Usopp has had a great cultural impact on global fandom. His persona of courage, guile, and comic relief all rolled into one, resonates deeply with audiences, making Usopp a fan favorite.
Despite being an obvious liar, Usopp's creativity in deception, as well as his incredible marksmanship and unwavering loyalty to his crew create a unique contrast that sets him apart from the mainstream heroes. He is portrayed as a flawed and relatable character that strengthens the emotional connection with the audience.
The iconic "I am Usopp, the great warrior of the sea!" Usopp's catchphrase has often been celebrated in various forms of pop culture, including fan art, merchandise, cosplay, and is often used as a tribute by fans. His character "Sogeking" also proved popular, his comedic undertones adding another layer of complexity to Usopp.
In terms of symbolism, Usopp represents the potential for greatness in ordinary people, encouraging the belief that ordinary people can do amazing things if they truly believe in themselves and their cause. This theme resonated strongly with One Piece's general audience. It's clear that Usopp's impact on One Piece fans and popular culture in the larger perspective has been significant and far-reaching.


Usopp's legacy in the One Piece universe is nothing short of inspiring. Starting out as a lowly member of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp's progression from cartoon character to bona fide sea warrior is remarkable. It testifies to the theme that willpower and determination can overcome fear and pave the way to achieving the impossible.
Usopp is known for his ingenuity and marksmanship, which has made a big impact in many battles. His long range attacks and tactical plays are often crucial to a team's survival and success. His influence can be seen in Chopper's development as a worthy warrior, and his determination to face adversity often turned the tide of ongoing battles.
Although initially considered one of the weakest members of the crew, Usopp's growth and contributions to the team make him indispensable, and he creates a legacy of bravery among the Straw Hat Pirates. With each challenge, Usopp proves that even the most ordinary person can become extraordinary by relying on his unique skills and powers. This unique journey cements his legacy in the One Piece universe, making his character one of the most memorable and recognizable figures in the series.