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John B

General Info

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Alternate NameJohn B Routledge
Character NameJohn B
Member of OrganizationPogues
John B, the charismatic leader of the Pogues, displays a spirit of adventure as big and stormy as the ocean he follows. John B, the heir to his late father's estate, attempts to uncover the secrets of the Royal Merchant, promising both great danger and enormous riches. Although his impulsiveness can lead him into troubled waters, his loyalty to his friends remains steadfast. With enchanting charm and a determined heart, John B is at the helm, guiding the Pogues through trials and triumphs in a sunny, salty world marked by treasure, friendship and the thrill of the outer shores.


The heart and soul of the Outer Banks universe, John B is a charismatic, free-spirited teenager who is deeply loved by his friends, known as Pogs. This adventurous and determined leader leads his crew on treasure hunts with relentless determination. He is driven by an unrelenting quest to uncover the mystery surrounding his father's disappearance as he searches for the long-lost treasure of the Royal Merchant that his father has been obsessively searching for.
Despite his youthful recklessness, John B has an indomitable spirit, courage and intelligence. He shows unwavering determination and will not be deterred by the socio-economic gap with the wealthy Kook. John B's romantic involvement with Sarah Cameron, Kook's daughter, adds another layer to his complex character, where his gentle vulnerability and his willful bravery. The adventures show her to be more than just a magnet for trouble; embodies friendship, loyalty and love.
Immersed in a world of thrilling chases, dangerous encounters and teenage drama, John B shines with his unflinching wit and embodies the thrilling essence of the Outer Banks universe. Its intriguing storyline takes viewers on a fascinating journey of twists and turns, capturing the essence of steadfast youth in the beautiful Outer Banks.


John B Routledge is the charismatic frontman of the Pogues in Netflix's hit drama Outer Banks. Born and raised on the picturesque, sea-kissed islands of North Carolina, John embodies the wild spirit and ruthless determination synonymous with his underclass group of friends, affectionately known as the Pogues.
He was orphaned under mysterious circumstances that led to the disappearance of his father. He is forced to fend for himself and finds comfort and companionship in his closest friends. Despite his troubled past and the struggles he faces daily due to his social class, John B never loses his upbeat attitude and charm, which earns him the love and trust of those around him.
As time goes by, the strange disappearance of John B's father becomes not only a family tragedy, but also a gripping mystery, surrounded by a legendary sunken treasure. Guided by the compass left by his father, John embarks on a perilous journey in search of the answers he so desperately seeks. His relentless pursuit of the truth often leads him into dangerous situations, proving his courage and loyalty to honor his father's legacy.
A romantic at heart, his sweet and heartbreaking relationship with fellow Pogue Sarah Cameron adds emotional depth to his character, bringing to the surface a softer, more vulnerable side that has been overshadowed by his rebellious personality.
John B's character has a palpable energy that draws people to him. He is tenacious, fiercely loyal, and adventurous, which drives the series forward. Despite his flaws and constant search for answers, John B remains a symbol of resilience and undying hope in the Outer Banks universe. His journey, full of ups and downs, secrets and revelations, unfolds throughout the series and captivates audiences around the world.

Creation and Development

John B is the dashing frontman of the Pogues in the Outer Banks, carefully crafted by showrunners Jon and Josh Pate and Shannon Burke. From the early stages of development, John B was envisioned as a bold and charismatic leader, a modern take on the classic adventure that would captivate audiences.
John's work was inspired by the desire to humanize the rebellious spirit of youth. His character is designed to embody the virtues of loyalty and justice as he struggles through the adventures of treasure hunting and the hardships of adolescence. Its influences combine elements of juvenile adventure novels and iconic pop culture heroes, a combination designed to resonate with multiple generations of viewers. John B's character development is profound. His authenticity speaks to the complexities of teenage life, interweaving a thrilling treasure hunt with compelling explorations of loss, love, friendship and class conflict. The depth of his character is enhanced by the raw charm and dedication of actor Chase Stokes, who helped the role transform John B beyond his original vision and into a believably flawed real hero.
Audience feedback on John B's character fed into his development after the first season, allowing for a deeper exploration of his emotional resilience, determination, and leadership skills. This has resulted in a dynamic character that evolves with each new challenge, making John B a central and beloved figure in the Outer Banks universe. The creators' dedication to developing such a nuanced character has helped John B to be recognized as an enduring icon of the brave spirit of youth.

Character Profile

John Booker Routledge, affectionately known as John B, is the brooding and determined frontman of The Pogues in the hit Netflix series The Outer Banks. After the mysterious disappearance of his father, he is left to fend for himself, battling a brutal class struggle on the island.
John B is fiercely loyal to his friends and values ​​their close ties above all else. As the mastermind behind their treasure-hunting adventure, he displays a deep sense of courage and initiative, which are some of his distinguishing traits.
The extremely charismatic character John B displays a natural charm that conquers not only the audience, but also the rich Sarah Cameron, with whom he becomes involved in a passionate and rebellious love story.
Despite his heavy hand, he never lets circumstances shape him. Instead, she charts her own path to uncover the truth about her father's disappearance. His resilience and tenacity make him a character to root for.
His desire for answers is what drives the show and this never-give-up attitude sets him apart from the rest of the characters. John B continues to evolve throughout the series, and this transformation aptly describes his journey from troubled teenager to determined leader.
Simply put, the character of John B teaches us about undying friendship and love, the spirit of adventure and the determination to weather any storm in life. His character development in the Outer Banks universe is nothing short of heroic and memorable.

Story Arc

In the thrilling Outer Banks course, we follow the adventurous life of John B Routledge, a charismatic and relentless teenager in search of the truth. Growing up without parental care, he has an uncanny ability to draw people to him.
Orphaned at a young age, John B grew up more or less alone, with the occasional tutelage of his loyal band of friends, the Pogues. He embodies the classic underdog character and continues to inspire his fellow Pogues to live outside the shackles of social constraints.
Unfazed by the privileged Kook, she uncovers shocking secrets about her father's mysterious disappearance. The discovery of unexplained missing gold sends John B and his friends on a long-lasting adventure.
Her relentless pursuit is driven not only by an irresistible attraction to gold, but also by a burning desire to solve the perplexing mystery surrounding her father's disappearance. Due to his daring search for treasure, he finds himself in many dangerous situations, but his unwavering determination helps him.
Eventually, John B's world becomes even more turbulent when he falls in love with Sarah Cameron, a "crazy girl" under difficult circumstances. Their growing romance across the class differences between the Pogues and the Kooks gives her character arc a new dynamic. At the end of the first season, he is accused of a murder he did not commit. Rather than succumb to the accusations, he vows to persevere and risk everything he holds dear. Riding into the storm with Sara, John B not only embodies the despair of a teenager lost at sea, but also metaphorically represents the maelstrom that his life has become. His brave acceptance of his fate shows that John B is indeed cornered, yet fearless in his pursuit of justice and truth. Her story portrays an intriguing mix of rebellious adolescence and a haunting journey of self-discovery that reinforces the core of the Outer Banks universe.

Cultural Impact

John B's character is a testament to popular culture's enduring fascination with juvenile delinquency and adventure stories. As the lead actor of Outer Banks, his appeal is not limited to the show's youthful target audience. Her relentless search for treasure and answers to her father's mysterious disappearance impresses audiences with resilience and determination. Despite his struggles and turbulent lifestyle, John B's capacity for loyalty, love and friendship reminds us that strength of character is not defined by wealth or status. His relaxed style and ability to make the most of difficult situations have inspired many fashion trends and DIY projects among fans. Although she is not traditionally academic, her intellect is intelligent and intuitive, further defying society's norms of success and intelligence. Finally, his romance with Sarah Cameron defies social and economic disparities, enthralling audiences with a Romeo and Juliet romance.


John B., the heart and soul of the Pogue crew, carries on the legacy of his father's relentless pursuit of the Merchant Royal's lost treasure. An adventurous mystery sparked by his father's disappearance shapes John B's destiny in many ways, forcing him to grow up as a teenager. His persistence is not fueled by money or gold, but by a sense of purpose and an undeniable need to complete his father's unfinished business. But beyond the treasure hunt, John B's legacy also lies in his Pogue lifestyle and unwavering loyalty to his crew: "OBX is a Pogue for life." Amidst the turmoil, John B's boisterous laughter, enthusiasm for every precious moment and unwavering determination carry on his father's legacy while also inspiring his fellow Pogues.