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General Info

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CityLos Angeles
CountryUnited States
Place NameParamount Studios
Telephone+1 323-956-5000
Postal Code90038
Street Address5555 Melrose Ave
Paramount Studios is an iconic landmark in the world of entertainment, a place where cinematic dreams come true. It is home to famous directors and exceptional talents, and is home to many of the world's most popular films and TV shows. Paramount is comprised of several soundstages, each marked by a year of film history and technological advancements. From Golden Age classics to contemporary blockbusters, every corner of the studio resonates with stories of success, struggle and creativity. It is not only a place of work for artists, but also an educational place for film lovers and a must-see for tourists. In addition, Paramount Pictures Studios also offers studio tours that allow visitors to immerse themselves deeper into the world of film. If the walls of the Paramount studio could talk, they would tell stories as varied and vivid as the films they make.


Welcome to Paramount Studios! As one of the oldest and most respected motion picture studios in the world, Paramount Studios has an illustrious history spanning more than a century. Located in the heart of Hollywood, California, this legendary studio has produced some of the greatest and most enduring films and television series that have shaped the entertainment industry.

This legacy continues today as Paramount remains a major player in the production and distribution of entertainment content worldwide. Paramount is home to impressive sound stages, state-of-the-art post-production facilities and the iconic Paramount Pictures Gate, one of the most recognizable symbols of Hollywood's Golden Age.

  • Sound Stages: Paramount Studios has 30 sound stages ranging from 7,000 to 25,000 square feet.
  • Post-production: the studio offers state-of-the-art editing suites, mixing stages and cinemas.
  • Historical Tours: Explore the famous studio grounds with a comprehensive tour.

  • History

    For more than a century, Paramount Studios has been a mainstay of the Hollywood entertainment industry. Founded in 1912 as the Famous Players Film Company by Adolph Zukor, it is the second oldest film studio in the United States.

    In its early years, Paramount made a name for itself with a number of blockbusters and became Paramount Pictures Corporation. At the beginning of the 20th century In the 20th century it became very famous, attracting such iconic stars as Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino. The first Wings film to win an Oscar for Best Picture was a Paramount production.

    During Hollywood's Golden Age of the 1930s and 1940s, Paramount continued to make cinematic history with acclaimed films such as Double Damage and . Sunset Blvd." After surviving the Great Depression and World War II, the 20th century in the late 1940s, Paramount was on the brink of bankruptcy. But it survived and prospered, eventually becoming part of the Gulf and Western conglomerate.

    Nowadays, the studio has embraced new technologies and cultural changes, producing a wide variety of films, from the highly successful special effects series Transformers to the thoughtful and introspective . The Big Short.” Today, Paramount Studios is a testament to the longevity and adaptability of the film industry.

    • Established in 1912. as Famous Players Film Company
    • Made the first Oscar-winning film "Wings"
    • Home of iconic stars and critically acclaimed films
    • Surviving bankruptcy and a changing industry
    • He continues to make popular and culturally important films

    Geography and Natural Features

    Located in the heart of Hollywood, Paramount Studios exudes the exclusive charm of the American film industry. Its geographical location, strongly connected to the City of Angels, has had a significant impact on its natural features and developed infrastructure.

    Strategically located, the studio thrives in the metropolis of the city, yet has a peaceful environment that encourages creativity. The unique geography of Paramount Studios includes a harmonious blend of natural and man-made elements. Adjacent to large courtyards, each bungalow is dotted with lush plantings and flower beds that capture the essence of a green townhouse. Outdoor sets create different atmospheres, from beautiful European streets to vibrant cityscapes.

    The iconic Waterwall serves as a tranquil natural feature, providing a calming backdrop that juxtaposes intense creative endeavors. The nearby lake, used in many popular films, lends the studio a natural charm.

    • Evergreen palm trees evoke the sunny atmosphere of California and are silent spectators of the cinematic magic that unfolds every day.
    • A carefully maintained lawn spreads a layer of peace and inspires visitors and workers.
    • Enticing sunsets bathe the studio in an ethereal glow, reflected in the many glass panels of the studio buildings, creating a picturesque scene.

    Despite the rapid development of the city, the studio stands out for its dedication to preserving the harmonious combination of nature and architectural beauty. Paramount Studios is a true haven where creative minds can unleash their imaginations and create, inspired by the harmonious combination of geography and prized natural features.

    Influence and Legacy Features

    Paramount Studios has a great legacy that stretches back over a century. This legendary Hollywood institution played a key role in shaping the film industry as we know it today. Her influence goes far beyond the boundaries of Hollywood Boulevard and has entered the core of global pop culture.

    Golden Age

    • The studio's legacy began in the 'Golden Age of Hollywood' and contributed to some of the most memorable films of the 20th century, such as Gone with the Wind and The Godfather.

    Innovations and Milestones

    • Paramount has always been at the forefront of motion picture innovation, releasing the first full-length feature film, producing the first color television broadcast, and introducing computer graphics to filmmaking.

    Influence on world cinema

    • Paramount Studios' influence extends beyond America, playing a key role in spreading American film culture around the world, shaping international cinema and setting industry standards.

    From the past to the future

    • As Paramount Studios moves into the future, its legacy remains intact as it continues to set new standards, inspire new generations of moviegoers and creators, and remain a beacon on the global entertainment landscape.

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