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Path of Exile

General Info

Path of Exile logo
GenresAction role-playing
Game NamePath of Exile
ComposersKamil Orman-Janowski
PlaymodesSingle-player, Multiplayer
DevelopersGrinding Gear Games
Game EngineGrinding Gear Games
Release Date2013-10-23
Game PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Publisher NameGrinding Gear Games
Country of OriginNew Zealand
Path of Exile is a challenging free-to-play action role-playing game (ARPG) developed by Grinding Gear Games, an indie company based in New Zealand. It takes place in a dark fantasy world filled with creepy creatures, treacherous landscapes and mysterious artifacts. The game offers deep character customization with an unparalleled skill tree system and offers quite a unique gameplay experience. The game also features a powerful online goods economy based on bartering, PvP competition, and racing. The gameplay is similar to that of the Diablo series, and the unique skill system adds more complexity and depth. Regularly expanding every three months to change the metagame, Path of Exile proves to be a thriving, ever-evolving masterpiece in the world of action RPGs.


'Path of Exile' game screenshots
'Path of Exile' game screenshots
'Path of Exile' game screenshots
'Path of Exile' game screenshots
'Path of Exile' game screenshots
'Path of Exile' game screenshots


Path of Exile is an intriguing online action RPG set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. Built by die-hard gamers, it features incredibly deep and immersive gameplay that challenges players with a complex economy, PvP ladder, and tons of character customization options.
In this desolate world, you are an outcast fighting for survival, power and redemption. Thanks to the highly immersive game world, every action can lead to dramatic consequences. Once on the rugged shores of Wraeclast, you'll face hundreds of enemy types loaded with loot and mysterious artifacts. The game features a robust skill system and unique talent trees that allow for incredible character customization. It also features an innovative cost system that balances risk and reward between speed and damage with mana pools. In terms of economy, Path of Exile uniquely uses a barter-based trading system, eliminating conventional currency and emphasizing direct trading between players.
Large and dynamic, Wraeclast is a world full of conflict, history and many hidden secrets. The game's rich narrative complements the story, which is as captivating as the action-packed gameplay. This is further enhanced by the inclusion of cooperative and competitive gameplay that offers a satisfying social experience.
Path of Exile is a true free-to-play game that keeps expanding with regular updates, giving players an ever-changing challenge. A must-have for fans of the ARPG genre, it continues to amaze with its deep character customization, epic battles, and limitless gameplay.



Path of Exile's gameplay is a volatile mix of exciting combat, deep character customization, and rich world-building. This action role-playing game (ARPG) pushes the boundaries of the genre and offers an experience that is both challenging and immersive.
In Path of Exile, the six classes of playable characters differ in characteristics and skills, each of which opens up different development paths. This freedom of character development is further enhanced by the Passive Skill Tree, a labyrinthine web of upgrades and enhancements that add depth and complexity to the leveling system.
Combat in Path of Exile is fast-paced and requires strategic planning. You must wisely use a combination of spells, attacks, and tactical maneuvers to outwit and defeat your enemies. Also, the game's item system deserves a special mention. Instead of having gold or traditional currency, trading revolves around "currency items" that perform a specific function, such as upgrading an item or creating new ones.
Wraeclast's world of dark and desolate landscapes comes to life through beautiful yet eerie graphics that perfectly capture the doom-filled atmosphere. The game has a dynamic weather system and a day-night cycle, adding to the fascinating realism. On the surface, Path of Exile may seem like a difficult game due to its sheer scale and complexity, but it rewards those who invest time into the difficulty. Complex mechanics, a vast world, and extensive customization options create an immersive journey, turning every moment of the game into a learning experience. Not to mention, the game's reliance on player interaction and trading creates a dynamic, interconnected community in this engaging ARPG.

Gameplay video


In the dark fantasy world of Path of Exile, you'll be cast adrift on the hostile shores of the remote continent of Wraeclast. Once the center of civilization, this ancient land is now haunted by cataclysmic nightmares stemming from its disastrous past.
You, as the main character, are an exile; stripped of power, legitimacy, and condemned to live out the rest of his horrific life in this wild wasteland. You are not alone, as Wraeclast is home to thousands of other outcasts, all exiled for their mistakes or crimes.
But exiles are not the only people living in this terrible continent. Wraeclast teems with ecosystems of grotesque beasts, creepy undead, and other nightmarish creatures. But the most terrifying of them all are the seven ancient gods, once revered but now twisted and corrupted. Imprisoned for thousands of years, these gods break free and spread their terrifying influence across the land.
Life in Wraeclast is an endless struggle. Armed with fearless courage and an arsenal of weapons, spells and abilities, you must overcome hordes of enemies and survive in treacherous terrain. As you delve into this terrifying landscape, you will discover terrifying secrets and the forgotten stories of an empire doomed to destruction.
In this epic journey of survival, power and conquest, exiles fight against each other, creating endless conflicts in the PvP tournament arena. But in the end, you have to make alliances, because the real enemy is far from your fellow exiles.
At its core, The Exile Road is a story of retribution and redemption. As you spell your destiny in blood and sand, remember that salvation can only be found by those willing to pay the ultimate price. Amidst the doom, fear, and suffering, there is a glimmer of hope. Even in Wraeclast, there may be a path back to glory for those strong or desperate enough.


Initially in 2010 Path of Exile went through several stages of development before it was officially released in 2013. in October The team at Grinding Gear Games, led by founder Chris Wilson, wanted to create a game that was similar to classic action RPGs, but without compromising depth. and customization.
Creating Path of Exile was a true labor of love. Every aspect of the game, from the complex skill tree to the detailed bestiary, has been painstakingly developed over several years. The developers were determined to provide their players with a rich and immersive experience and refused to rush the process. The game engine is designed to start with fast combat and complex random level generation. The team initially focused on a strong sense of combat through detailed animations. They knew the importance of making sure each type of weapon was clear and satisfying, which informed their design.
The passive skill tree, which has now become one of Path of Exile's most recognizable features, had its own development philosophy based on a wide range of options to suit different players' playstyles. Path of Exile's unique skill system, built from gem and gear slots, was another key development aspect that emphasized the game's core principle of deep customization. Despite severe budget constraints in the early stages of development, Grinding Gear Games' unwavering dedication and passion resulted in a game that not only resonated with players around the world, but also laid a solid foundation for continued improvement and development in the future.


Path of Exile is an exclusive online action RPG developed by Grinding Gear Games. Rooted in an unusual dark fantasy world called Wraeclast, it offers players an immersive experience with a strong online multiverse, extensive character customization, and massive amounts of player content.
The game was first released in 2013. in October, after a successful beta period. The release rocked the gaming world and impressed fans with its complex mechanics, addictive gameplay, and engaging storyline. Since its inception, the free-to-play game Path of Exile has stood out for its ethical microtransaction policy, unequivocally opposing pay-to-win models. Since its release, the game has received numerous awards and several expansions, each of which added new features and complexity to the game. These additions consistently preserve the original spirit of the game, reviving and solidifying Path of Exile's image among die-hard fans and newcomers alike.
Today, Path of Exile is a strong online RPG and continues to fascinate players from around the world with its rich history, complex battle system, and ever-changing world. The unique design reflects the game's timeless appeal and invites players to dive into its ever-changing depths.


Since its release, Path of Exile has received critical and player acclaim for its complex character customization, carefully crafted game mechanics, and free-to-play but not paid business model. The game's dark and foreboding atmosphere, inspired by the Diablo series, was highly praised for adding depth and texture to the game.
One of the standout features that has attracted players is the staggering array of skills and attributes that Path of Exile's giant passive skill tree and active exponential skill gem system have brought to you. This deep customization allows you to create different and unique versions that provide great replay value.
The game's story and world-building, while not necessarily its main attraction, has been praised for its gritty and complex plot. A compelling story with many unexpected twists effortlessly adds another layer of immersion.
Periodically released add-ons that introduce new mechanics and systems have also been particularly popular. They are seen as a demonstration of the developers' dedication to keeping the game experience fresh and engaging.
But the "Path of Exile" is not without its opponents. The high difficulty level can be intimidating to newcomers, and the graphics, while decent, are sometimes criticized for not being polished compared to modern AAA titles. Regardless, Path of Exile has proven its staying power with a dedicated fan base and is recognized as a worthy contender in the ARPG genre.

Cultural impact

Path of Exile has made a huge impact on the world of gaming culture since its release in 2013. The game's approach to player freedom, allowing for customization of character abilities and items, has influenced other game developers to offer greater flexibility in game mechanics. The incredible depth and complexity of the game, evident in the massive skill tree, satisfied players' desire for intellectual challenges.
In addition, Path of Exile's unique economic system, which does not have a typical currency, instead of using an exchange mechanism, is known for its innovative design genre, filled with cookie-cutter rules.
The game's dark and gritty art style, heavily inspired by horror themes, has expanded its influence not only in the gaming world, but also in popular culture. Its iconic aesthetic has spawned countless fan-made artworks, cosplays, and other creative expressions.
The game's thriving community speaks to its cultural impact; with a large number of engaged players who actively participate in game events, contribute to the knowledge sharing of the game Wiki, and create content such as tutorial videos and live streams. Path of Exile has become a revered cultural phenomenon in the gaming world.
Within a broader social and cultural context, the game, developed by New Zealand-based Grinding Gear Games, reveals the possibilities of game developers outside the traditional North American, European and Asian powers. This contributes to the diversification and democratization of the global gaming industry. This cultural impact of Path of Exile clearly marks it as a modern classic of the RPG genre.