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General Info

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CountryUnited States
Place NamePoor Richard's Pub
Alternate NameBart's Pourhouse
Street Address125 Beech St
In the heart of Scranton, Pennsylvania is a legendary watering hole known as Poor Richard's Pub. Said to be a favorite hangout for locals, this place offers an authentically warm experience combined with the irresistible charm of a classic American pub. Poor Richard's Pub is the perfect combination of coziness and comfort with a diverse menu of drinks and delicious snacks. The timeless charm of this building lies not only in the vintage furniture, but also in the family embrace that greets every visitor who enters its doors. Although sometimes an office party fills the space with a unique combination of revelry and awkwardness, the spirit of the pub remains the same: lively and welcoming. Personal anecdotes and shared laughter permeate every corner of Poor Richard's Pub, making for a truly memorable experience.


Welcome to Poor Richard's Pub!

Located in the heart of our bustling city, Poor Richard's Pub is a haven for those looking for an authentic and heartwarming coffee shop experience. Designed with the classic English pub in mind, our atmosphere is imbued with character that impresses every visitor who walks through our antique swing doors.

The charm of

Poor Richard's Pub does not end with its architectural grandeur. We pride ourselves on our extensive range of local real and craft ales and a range of international wines to suit everyone's taste. This combined with our extensive menu offers a truly complete and comprehensive dining and dining experience.

  • Globally inspired cuisine: from local delicacies to international dishes, our extensive menu caters for all tastes.

  • Live Entertainment: Enjoy evenings with live music, cabaret and other fascinating entertainment.

  • Comfortable Atmosphere: Our cozy and relaxing environment is perfect for informal meetings or even solitary introspection.

  • Historic Charm: Steeped in culture and history, Poor Richard's Pub offers an experience that goes well beyond everyday drinking and dining.

Immerse yourself in our warm hospitality and unforgettable atmosphere only at Poor Richard's Inn.


The Poor Richard's Pub universe has a rich and fascinating history spanning several years.

Origin: 19th century. Poor Richard's Pub, founded in the late 1800s, began life as a modest pub offering solace and refreshment to weary travelers.

Its founder, a British immigrant named Richard, was known throughout the city for his charismatic personality and intriguing stories of his native country, making the city an attractive social hub.

Transition: Over the years the pub began to evolve and reflect the changing times. In the 1920s, during the Prohibition era, it turned into a speakeasy where forbidden spirits poured and interesting secrets were exchanged.

During the Second World War, Poor Richard was an important meeting place for discharged soldiers and their loved ones, with many stories of emotional reunions and heartbreaking farewells.

  • Renovation: In recognition of the pub's historic importance, a number of renovations were carried out in the 1990s to preserve its charm and modernize the premises. Authentic architecture and decor attract tourists and locals, creating a unique mix of customers.

Legacy: today, Poor Richard's Pub stands as a testament to the enduring power of human connection, community and, above all, good beer. His is a uniquely American story, albeit one with British roots, offering a wonderful blend of old and new world.

Pubs are not only a place of historical importance, but also a symbol that reflects the essence of resilience and transformation through the ages.

Geography and Natural Features

Poor Richard's Inn is a charming universe set in an area full of geographical wonders and natural features. Housed in a charming historic building, the pub's atmosphere is both lively and intriguing.

Alue is located in a picturesque valley, protected by majestic mountains on one side and a calm, peaceful river on the other. The mountains, whose peaks are often kissed by clouds, form a spectacular backdrop. It is not only a spectacle, but also delights geography lovers with a unique combination of various terrains and extraordinary rock formations.

The river, which flows harmoniously nearby, springs from springs hidden in the mountains and is the lifeblood of the valley. Coasts provide a natural habitat for a variety of fascinating flora and fauna, which contribute to the area's thriving biodiversity.

  • The natural greenery surrounding Poor Richard's Pub is home to various types of flowers and trees, creating a beautifully balanced ecosystem. First of all, the hundred-year-old oaks are a feast for the eyes.
  • The animal world is represented by observations of domestic creatures such as rabbits, deer and many species of birds. Their coexistence in this landscape gives the place charm.

  • During the season, the forest around the bar is very different and every season offers a wonderful visual feast.

Undoubtedly, the geographical features and natural features give Poor Richard's Pub its unique character. It is not only a place for drinking and chatting, but also a quiet place in the heart of nature where you can stop, relax and enjoy the majesty of the landscape in its purest form.

Influence and Legacy Features

The legendary Poor Richard's Pub has made a huge impact and set a high standard for other establishments around the world. Its lasting legacy is still celebrated for both its uniqueness and its impact.

With its welcoming atmosphere and friendly service, it has inspired countless pubs and bars around the world. Focused on customer satisfaction and value, the Poor Richard's Pub model is emulated around the world and proves that quality and consistency never go out of style.

  • The distinctive, unpretentious aesthetic of Poor Richard's Pub, with its rustic charm and inviting atmosphere, has influenced the design of many modern pubs, inspiring a return to cozier, more welcoming interiors.
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  • The variety and quality of the beverage offering has set the industry standard. This, along with unique home brews, has contributed greatly to the rise of craft beer culture, encouraging variety and diversity in pub offerings.

  • Perhaps most notably, the inn's commitment to community service and events has impacted business operations. Poor Richard's Pub supports local charities, hosts community events and creates a space for artists to perform. This paved the way for a socially inclusive hospitality industry.

In short, Poor Richard's Pub has truly left a lasting legacy in the hospitality industry. His influence continues to inspire and guide business, proving that a focus on quality, authenticity, community and service never goes out of style.


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