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Character NameUncle
Uncle is an integral part of Red Dead Redemption's Van der Linde gang. Originally a petty criminal, the uncle found the gang members kindred spirits and soon became part of this criminal family. Despite his advanced age, he is surprisingly energetic and kind-hearted, but is often labeled as lazy. He is known for his wit, jokes and elaborate stories about his adventurous past, entertaining the gang around the fire. The uncle takes on the unlikely role of John Marston's mentor, offering wisdom and advice, though not always needed. Uncle is very devoted to the gang and often finds himself in the middle of their most dangerous escapades. As he ages, Uncle's role begins to change, but his loyalty remains the same, making him one of the most unique and memorable characters in the Red Dead Redemption universe.


A prominent figure in the Red Dead Redemption universe, Uncle is an elderly and slightly grumpy member of the Van der Linde gang. This grimy old road may not be the main character, but it's unforgettable nonetheless. Known for his off-color comments, penchant for alcohol and relentless laziness, he is a constant source of humor and frustration in the camp. Despite his many flaws and faults, his uncle's tales of past exploits and dry humor make him a beloved character in the group. As an elder statesman among the outlaws, Uncle suggests looking into the old, fading ways of the lawless frontier. Through his character, we understand the harsh and unforgiving environment of the wild west, the struggle for survival and the friendship that exists among bandits. Uncle may never become the hero of the story, but his place in the Red Dead Redemption universe is indelible.


Uncle, also known as One Shot Kid, is a compelling character from the Red Dead Redemption universe. He is almost a member of the Van der Linde gang, one of the main factions in the series. Known for his laziness, the uncle was often seen dozing outside rather than contributing to the group's survival. He got his nickname because of an old story he often tells, where he claimed to have held off a group of thugs with a single bullet.
in 1840 Born in Ohio, his uncle was a drifter from an early age, moving from place to place across America, unable to settle down. He worked a variety of jobs, from cattle rustling to robberies, before hooking up with the Dutch Van der Linde gang.
Despite his laziness, the uncle is a likeable figure. He is portrayed as a broken criminal, plagued by backaches and other ailments, but is also a source of comic relief at times. He embodies the futility and selfish culture of the Old West, constantly searching for the bottle and constantly getting into trouble.
An important part of the gang's uncle era is 1899, when they are forced to flee their camp by the Grizzlies. Despite his laziness, Uncle proves that he can fight, proving himself to be rudimentary but effective in a fight. After the gang broke up, Uncle moved to a quieter life, living with John Marston and his family. Eventually, the trio would reopen the farm and turn it into a thriving cattle business.
Disturbingly, the uncle's life ends in a brutal attack by government agents at the Marston farm. His final moments become a tragic end for the older cowboy, but his uncle dies defending his stepfamily, a man redeemed from his past life. This fascinating past and rebellious lifestyle make Uncle a uniquely fascinating and unforgettable character in the Red Dead Redemption universe, adding depth and humanity to an already rich and complex story.

Creation and Development

The character of the uncle was introduced as comic relief in the Red Dead Redemption universe, but he developed a lot over the course of the series. As a lazy, often drunk and unreliable old man, his main role was to make the audience laugh. However, as the series progressed, the uncle became an essential part of the storylines.
His story is as mysterious as it is intriguing. The creators deliberately chose not to reveal too much about his past life, so they could explore many possible storylines about his past in later installments. There are indications that he had a troubled childhood and may have been involved in notorious illegal activities.
Uncle's character development was done effectively, giving him depth and unpredictability. With his quixotic personality and quixotic wisdom, he contributed to many narrative twists and plot decisions. His dynamic relationship with the other characters, especially John Marston, is one of the show's most notable character changes.
Despite criticism for his laziness, Uncle is cute in his own way. He constantly delivers unexpected insights and wisdom, and delivers the funniest units in the game. The creators tried to make him recognizable and liked by the public, gradually revealing different traits of his character.
The creators successfully used the character of the uncle to add layers to the story and create moments of lightness amidst the often intense and dark plot. Thus, his creation and constant development make him one of the most unique and memorable characters in the Red Dead Redemption universe. He appears not only as a humorous supporting character, but as an integral part of the story, adding richness and complexity to it.

Character Profile

Originally introduced in the Red Dead Redemption series as a funny and lazy yet lovable person, Uncle grows up with the player. His real name is unknown, known only by the nickname "Uncle". His uncle's health, a battle with tuberculosis, is an important character trait that accounts for his constant lethargy.
Riding alongside the Van der Linde gang, Uncle is often joked about and described as a lazy slacker, always quick to argue against Arthur Morgan's handiwork offerings. But despite his clownish personality, Uncle sticks to his guns and is more than helpful when it comes to the tougher side of things. Behind its facade are hints of a deeper and sadder past. His constant drunkenness and wandering lifestyle may stem from a terrifying past. With a keen understanding of "the life of an outlaw," Uncle offers, albeit subtly, a mature and relatable perspective on life and mortality.
As the story progresses, players will find a hint of redemption, a hint of regret and a longing for peace in the character of the uncle. His uncle's sincere desire for a peaceful life makes him a relatable character despite his flaws. His jokes and dark wisdom combined with his unwavering loyalty make Uncle one of the most authentic characters in the Red Dead Redemption universe.

Story Arc

Uncle, often overlooked for his gruff exterior and love of whiskey, plays a central role in the Red Dead Redemption universe. Initially seen as nothing more than a thumping ranch hand and a source of comic relief, the uncle's character arc takes surprising turns, revealing depth and complexity.
His story begins in Red Dead Redemption, where he is introduced as a slacker and a drunkard. Since it does minimal work, it is generally considered a burden. However, his fatherly relationship with John Marston's son Jack reveals his mentoring skills. As the story progresses, the uncle takes on more responsibility, which he reluctantly accepts. Unlike his earlier selfish days, he begins to show a protective side, especially in difficult situations. He saves John and his family several times, proving his bravery and highlighting his growth as a character.
The prologue of Red Dead Redemption 2 reveals the deepest layers of the uncle's past. Formerly known as "Uncle", players learn that he was once a member of the Van der Linde gang. This revelation, along with his involvement in major heists, gives players a newfound respect for their uncle.
His endurance and survival, despite his age and back pain, portrays him not as a helpless old man, but as a fighter. Despite his frequent grumbling and lazy demeanor, Uncle steps up when push comes to shove, showing his loyalty and strengthening the overall character arc.
While his ending in Red Dead Redemption is tragic, it is also heroic. Uncle loses his life trying to defend the Marston family, but reaffirms his evolution from annoying drunk to brave defender, making him an unexpectedly beloved character in the Red Dead Redemption universe.

Cultural Impact

There is no doubt that the uncle's role in the Red Dead Redemption universe resonates deeply with fans and has a significant cultural impact. Uncle, a heavy drinker known more for his humorous anecdotes than his heroic deeds, is cast as the archetypal Old West, representing the comical side of frontier life. Its brutal honesty and lack of filter resonates with audiences and gives this video game universe a raw edge.
The uncle character is often used to ease the tension in certain parts of the story, making him come as comic relief. It's a clever device that allows you to maintain a balanced tone in an intense game, thus keeping the player engaged. Also, the uncle is a compelling representation of the world's worn-out wild west, especially highlighted in Red Dead Redemption 2, where he tragically succumbs to an illness. Its plot evokes deep emotions in players, allowing them to connect more deeply with the game. As such, his character and storyline show the rural side of Western culture, embodying the hardships, uncertain futures, and tragedies that truly define life on the American frontier.
As such, the character of the uncle was instrumental in bringing out the humor, grimness, and tragedy of the Red Dead Redemption universe, qualities that players and fans alike have come to expect from the genre.


In the complex tapestry of Red Dead Redemption's story, the uncle occupies a persistent and somewhat enigmatic place. Despite his propensity for drunkenness and laziness, he is John Marston's confidant and father figure. Uncle's shared history with John earns him unrepentant respect and even unrequited love. There is a wisdom about the uncle found in his rumpled clothes and scruffy beard, a wisdom that comes from the hard lessons of life, the mistakes made and the dues paid. Tragically, despite showing the quintessential "cowboy end" of the wild west, the uncle's story takes a poignant turn and becomes a central symbol of the advancing civilization that threatens the end of the lawless era. So his legacy is defined not by his shortcomings, but by his resilience, deep loyalty, and profound influence on the life of the legendary John Marston. In the harsh and unforgiving landscape of the wild west, the uncle becomes an unlikely hero, and his story is a testament to wild and brutal lust.