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Lemoyne Raiders

General Info

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Faction NameLemoyne Raiders
The Lemoyne Raiders hail from the deep south of the Red Dead Redemption universe. It is a ruthless militia that resists the change of power and survives the collapse of the Confederacy. Impressed by their extreme loyalty to each other, they are famous for their cruel pranks on Saint Denis and Rode. Rider behavior ranges from harassing local citizens to outright criminal activity, including theft and assault, making the streets of Lemoyne treacherous territory for the unprepared. War veterans and former allies, the Lemoyne Raiders are initially desperate people clinging to the past in a world that is rapidly moving away from its ideals.


The Lemoyne Raiders are a group of Southern agitators and Civil War veterans in the Red Dead Redemption universe who maintain a strong Southern nationalist identity years after the end of the American Civil War. Hailing from the state of Lemoyne, these men have a vested interest in maintaining their boisterous lifestyle and being hostile to anyone who opposes them.
Known for their violent tendencies, Lemoyne Raiders are unwanted by outsiders and often engage in criminal activities such as theft and assault. They reject the changing tides of American society and cling to an era that no longer exists, an era marked by deep divisions and strife. They wear old, tattered Confederate uniforms, symbolizing their unwillingness to let go of the past and their dying ideals. But it's not just the rioters; they are also organized and strategic. They have many shelters throughout the state and use semi-military tactics. But beneath the facade of lawlessness, whispers of a complex hierarchical structure and hidden financial resources shroud the group in mystery. Like all groups in Red Dead Redemption, the Lemoyne Raiders are a multi-layered and complex group; they are a symbol of the pain and trauma of the Civil War, the heartbreaking death of an era, and the struggle to adapt to rapid societal change.


The origins of the Lemoyne Raiders go back to the tumultuous Civil War era. Once proud soldiers of Lemoyne, these men did not accept the reality of the postwar period and did not accept defeat to the Confederacy.
From the ashes of the conflict, they emerged as a vigilante group embodying their own warped perspective of Southern pride and honor. The Raiders, whose ancestry is predominantly white, idealized their old world and desperately clung to the past. Dressed in battle-worn and tattered clothing, their appearance paints a grim picture of desperate men stuck in the past who refuse to follow the changing social order. In the post-war years, the activities of the Raiders changed drastically. Initially emerging as a defensive force protecting Lemoyne's interests, they slowly transform into an aggressive entity. Their disillusionment with the new world order fuels their resentment, bringing them shame as horse thieves, thieves, and cold-blooded murderers.
Their operations extend beyond Lemoyne, casting a shadow of fear far and wide. Their merciless carnage and brutal skirmishes are stark reminders of humanity's dark side. But beneath their monstrous exterior, the Raiders wrestle with their own demons of despair, frustration, and confusion.
The outposts and hideouts they occupy, such as Shady Belle and Fort Brennand, are a strong indication of their aggressive behavior. From these points, they conduct illegal activities, often clashing with local law enforcement and other gangs such as the Van der Linde gang.
Ironically, Lemoyne's Raiders don't realize that their resistance to change is actually contributing to their downfall. Their desperate attachment to a lost cause, their inability to adapt, and the violent means they use to assert their twisted sense of honor ironically pave the way for the Riders' own demise. This is the tragic and confusing saga of the Lemoyne Raiders. They are relics of the past, trapped in a world that has moved on and leaves them mocked as outlaws rather than revered as heroes.

Notable Members

Member #
Angus Leroy
Curtis Malone
Issac Brite
Edwin Buck
Jesse Dunbar
Jeremiah Compson
Maurice Sweet
Red Ben Clempson
Leland Byers
Hugh Cumbow


The geography of the Lemoyne Raiders of the Red Dead Redemption universe is mainly focused on the southern region of Lemoyne, specifically the Scarlett Meadows area and the state capital of Rhode. Preferring the agrarian economy of the former Confederate state, the Raiders run massive plantation operations, lending an eerie air to the beautifully melancholic and abandoned fields of cotton, tobacco, and wheat.
Adjacent to the ornate but derelict mansions of the Southern Belle, abandoned camps can often be found, a stark contrast to the former glory of the Deep South. The seemingly idyllic streams and shallow waters of Bluewater Marsh to the east also bear traces of Raider operations, an example of their ubiquitous and destructive influence. Lemoyne Raiders are notoriously territorial and react violently to outsiders, reflecting the faction's shared animosity in this immersive, forbidding universe. Essentially, the geography of Lemoyne Raiders helps create the elements of decadence, lost glory, and hostility that are integral to Red Dead Redemption's story.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of the Lemoyne Raiders in the Red Dead Redemption universe is significant and far-reaching. They proved to be a formidable force, symbolizing desperation and fierce territorialism at a time of great uncertainty. Composed mostly of former Confederate soldiers, this mercilessly brutal gang harkens back to a war-torn past reluctant to venture into post-Civil War modernity.
Their impact extends beyond their territorial borders, affecting the lives of countless individuals both within and beyond their ranks. Although they are portrayed as villains in the game, they embody the complexity of change and progress. The Raiders' desperate struggle to maintain their declining lifestyle highlights the era's profound cultural and social changes.
Their legacy of violence and resistance contributes to the lawless and volatile atmosphere that permeates the game universe, adding depth to the story and enriching the overall gaming experience. As players navigate this world, the presence and influence of the Lemoyne Raiders is felt, adding to the complex and immersive reality that is the Red Dead Redemption universe.