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The Del Lobos

General Info

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Faction NameThe Del Lobos
The Del Lobos are an infamous and violent group in the Red Dead Redemption universe. Hailing from Mexico, these outlaws have struck fear in the West and are involved in a range of nefarious businesses, including theft, smuggling and murder. They are easily recognizable by their unique country-inspired clothing that embodies the raw and edgy spirit of western vendettas. Their reckless disregard for law and order brings them into constant conflict with the main character, leading to many memorable fights and duels. Their hideouts, especially in the New Austin area, are impressive and dangerous, teeming with men who don't think twice before pulling the trigger. The Del Lobos are a symbol of wild lawlessness in the Wild West, a thorn in the side of those who seek peace and order.


The Del Lobos, aptly translated as "Wolves", are a huge faction in the vast universe of Red Dead Redemption. This dark and infamous gang emerged from Mexico under difficult circumstances to create a criminal empire that cast a long shadow over the bloody borderland. The members of this faction are known for their ruthlessness and brutality that makes the citizens tremble. Steeped in a culture of violence and lawlessness, these bandits specialize in a variety of criminal activities, including but not limited to smuggling, horse stealing and robbery. Their macabre signature of leaving a wolf skull at the scene of heartless crimes ensures that no one will mistake their bloody handiwork. This gang is a recurring enemy encountered while driving through the desert landscape, and their presence adds to the constant sense of danger in the scorching sun. Despite their menacing appearance, the Del Lobos are not an invincible faction. They are embroiled in bloody turf wars with other criminal enterprises and are relentlessly pursued by grizzly bounty hunters. As a player, you can take advantage of these internal and external conflicts as you continue your painstaking journey through the lawless lands of Red Dead Redemption.


The Del Lobos Gang, the infamous gang of outlaws in the Red Dead Redemption universe, has a history steeped in blood and violence. Originating in Mexico, this criminal organization established itself in lawless areas of America after the turbulent period of the Mexican Revolution.
The gang's name, Del Lobos, translates to "wolves," a fitting name for a group known for its predatory ruthlessness. The Del Lobos earned a brutal reputation for a variety of criminal activities, including thefts, robberies and cold-blooded murders. They are extremely merciless and leave no living witnesses to tell of their misdeeds. In addition to their notoriety in criminal circles, the del Lobos are known to be fiercely loyal to one another, often likening their ties to a pack of wolves. This loyalty extends to their culture and homeland. Even when operating in America, their Mexican heritage remains an integral part of their identity, influencing the way they operate and their internal hierarchy.
The Del Lobos prefer to establish their bases in remote locations, often in overrun cities that have fallen into lawlessness and decay. They have strongholds in several locations, the main ones being Thieves' Landing and the seedy town of Gaptooth Breach. Their reign of terror was finally brought to an end by relentless pursuit by bounty hunters and police officers. But stories of their exploits continue to haunt the territories, embodying the ruthless side of the Wild West era. Despite their downfall, the Del Lobos remain a stunning example of the extraordinary efforts of individuals and corporations to survive and regain power in the chaos of change and uncertainty.

Notable Members

Member #
Jorge Montez
Serafino Montez
Alfredo Montez
Esteban Cortez
Agustín Allende


Introduced in the Red Dead Redemption universe, the Del Lobos gang dominates the New Austin and West Elizabeth areas. The band's operations are spread over a large geographic area. They established their strongholds at places like Thieves' Landing, Fort Mercer, and Rathskeller Fork, which are known for their strategic locations.
While Thieves' Landing is a rugged, lawless city full of criminals, Fort Mercer is a well-fortified base on the plateau, giving them a major defensive advantage. Rathskeller Fork, on the other hand, is a remote ranch on the edge of the northeast region and a great location. The harsh western landscapes, dotted with cacti and dusty terrain, provide the perfect backdrop for the gang's nefarious activities. The notoriously territorial Del Lobos are known to fiercely defend their territory, often repelling intruders with lethal force. These areas, despite the harsh conditions, have served the Del Lobos well as they provide plenty of places to loot, hide, and hide when the heat rises.

Legacy and Impact

Del Lobos left an indelible mark on the Red Dead Redemption universe. Known for their ruthlessness and cunning, this merciless bandit gang has irrevocably changed the gaming landscape. They have evolved into one of the most famous factions and present players with a compelling challenge, testing their skills and strategies against a formidable foe.
Their impact is not limited to conflict. They testify to the unpredictability and harsh reality of the wild west and add to the game's authenticity and immersion. With their unique culture and chaos, they add depth and complexity to the game's story, enriching the overall gaming experience.
Furthermore, Del Lobo's legacy is a stark reminder of the socio-economic conditions of the period. Encourage reflection on the factors that led men to violence and lawlessness at the time. Throughout their story, players can explore themes of desperation, survival, and the quest for power, enhancing the multifaceted story that makes Red Dead Redemption so celebrated.