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CitySouth Lanarkshire
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Location NameArmadillo
Located on the sunny plains of Cholla Springs, New Austin, Armadillo is the main town in the Red Dead Redemption universe. Known for its gritty saloons and fiery desert landscapes, the city embodies the wild spirit of the American West. Armadillo offers a job with great pay and sometimes danger from unexpected outbreaks of disease, bandit attacks and deadly beasts. But deep down, this tight-knit community is plagued by adversities, filled with stories of shooters and criminals. The Armory is not just a place, but a character in its own right in the dusty world of Red Dead Redemption.


Located in the sprawling Cholla Springs, Armadillo is the bustling frontier town of the American Wild West as depicted in the Red Dead Redemption universe. It is a vital trade route that replenishes weary travelers and acts as a hub for a variety of commercial activities. A palpable sense of anticipation and dread pervades the city, cloaked in the constant threat of rampaging wild bandits.
Armory's rustic charm lies in its undulating sand, rugged buildings, dusty footpaths and hardy residents who fully embody the ruthless spirit of the Old West. As the famous sheriff's office takes a strong stand against lawlessness, the city is a conflicting amalgamation of danger and hope. Despite the hardships and the constant outbreaks of cholera, the armadillo seems determined in its fight for survival. The local saloon, bustling with townspeople sharing stories of their wild west adventures, is the heart of social gatherings. Among the few but determined local businesses are a general store selling essentials and a telegraph office, the thin thread that connects this isolated town to the outside world.
The dramatically contrasting landscape that surrounds the city – rugged desert canyons and tranquil plateaus – adds an enchanting allure to the armadillo, attracting nomads, gunslingers and dreamers alike. So stands the armadillo, resilient and welcoming, a beacon of perseverance that signifies long-term survival, an entrenched emblem of the relentless and thrilling world of Red Dead Redemption's universe.


Located in the Cholla Springs region of the New Austin Territory, the Armadillo settlement has a rich history of bravery and survival in its desolate environment. In the early days, Armadillo was a popular stopping place for travelers and nomads crossing the frontier trail. The rugged charm and strategic location provided refuge for the weary and a fresh start for those brave enough.
Until 1899 Armadillo grew into a bustling little western town, its population fueled by the promise of the New Austin territory. A tapestry of characters roamed the dusty streets: noblemen, gunners, sheriffs, and pioneers, each with a chapter to add to the armorer's story. The town was defined not only by the rustic buildings and living rooms, but also by the strength and survival of the inhabitants.
However, the moment of prosperity of the armored car was short-lived. in 1907 A cholera epidemic has ravaged the city and turned it into an extraordinary ghost town full of memories of a past life. The abandoned sheriff's office, abandoned saloon and quiet streets told stories of another time when life was a wild adventure of endless possibilities.
Today, the armadillo, although battered by the sands of time and strong desert winds, is a symbol of resilience. It reflects the spirit of those who dared to dream and fight for a better life, infusing the world of Red Dead Redemption with a rich layer of culture and history.


The Armored Car is a faithful representation of the often harsh and rough lifestyle of the Wild West. This settlement grew out of the barren dust of Cholla Springs in New Austin, one of the separate states of the Red Dead Redemption universe. Founded in 1849 during the tumultuous period of the American Gold Rush, Armadillo was conceived as a prospecting town, which quickly turned into a busy trading center due to its favorable geographical location.
An intriguing mix of American outlaws, Mexican revolutionaries, would-be cowboys and hopeful gold prospectors create a diverse cultural landscape for this seemingly abandoned city. Dominant structures include the Armadillo saloon, frequented by all residents for its famously cheap whiskey and intense poker games, and the sheriff's office, constantly ablaze with gunshots and outrage, following the city's relentless fight against lawlessness. The armorer's constant battles with various plagues, droughts and crimes cannot be overlooked, but these hardships built his resilient spirit. Bandits may wreak havoc in outlying areas, and disease often sends shockwaves through the population, but the armor's courage never wavers.
The chatter of poker games in the saloon, the constant exchange of bullets and cash, and the constant comings and goings of hard-working people embody the relentless strife and hard-hitting charm of this quintessential cowboy town. Despite many challenges, the armored car has remained intact, a testament to the willful bravery of the Wild West.