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General Info

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Job TitleVoice Actor
Birth Date1963-12-18
Birth PlaceKyoto, Japan
Knows aboutVoice Acting
Person NameRikiya Koyama
Alternate Name小山力也
Member of OrganizationHaiyuza Theatre Company
Rikiya Koyama is a famous Japanese voice actor known for bringing depth and dynamism to many unforgettable anime characters. With a powerful and distinctive voice, Koyama seamlessly blends into the roles of hero and villain, always bringing a deep emotional intensity to his portrayals. From the stoic yet passionate Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero to the villainous Kogoro Mouri in Detective Conan, his versatile performances have earned him a devoted fan base worldwide. In addition to these iconic roles, his contributions span a wide range of genres and mediums, including video games, films, and television dramas, enriching the universe of Rikiya Koyama. This universe includes not only the many characters that Koyama brought to life, but also the layered and vivid worlds that he helped create through his compelling storytelling.


Rikiya Koyama is a leading voice actor in the anime industry, bringing some unforgettable characters to life. Famous for his deep and commanding voice, Koyama impresses with his versatile vocal range, portraying many personalities throughout his career. Koyama's talent extends beyond anime to Japanese films, documentaries, and video games, making his contribution to the Japanese entertainment industry significant.
His roles are as varied as they are numerous, from hardened warriors to compassionate father figures. His notable characters include the fearless Yamato in Naruto, the wise Walter von Schönkopf in Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and the enigmatic Kiritsugu Emiya in Fate/Zero. Koyama's portraits have a deep depth and emotional power that truly encompass the layers of the characters he portrays.
In addition to his prolific acting repertoire, Koyama is influential in guiding the next generation of voice actors. His legacy is not only the characters he created, but also the growth of the industry he greatly influenced. Rikiya Koyama's universe is vast and includes many characters and plots, united by the powerful voice and captivating performances of this extraordinary actor.

Early Life and Education

Rikiya Koyama was born in 1963. December 18 Kyoto, Japan. Fascinated by the performing arts from an early age, he often recreated favorite movie and television scenes for his friends and family. His love for acting only grew as he got older, so he formalized his passion by studying acting at Kyoto University. In college, she worked hard to improve her acting skills and also explored various forms of theater that added to her knowledge and understanding of the craft.
After graduation, Koyama did not immediately pursue an acting career, but went to study law at the University of Tokyo. However, the desire to perform was too strong and he dropped out of the Haiyuza theater troupe. While training with the company, Koyama continued to hone his skills and develop a deep appreciation for traditional theater and contemporary forms of entertainment.
In addition to acting, Koyama showed an interest in voice acting and attended courses to better understand the nuances of the art. His unique voice and excellent acting skills made for a seamless transition from stage to voice acting. Koyama's talent for adopting different vocal tones and portraying various characters soon began to gain attention in the industry, marking the beginning of his illustrious career. Koyama's early life is a testament to his unique passion for acting. Every decision he made was about improving his craft and understanding it deeply. His dedication and commitment to his work is evident in the versatility of the characters he portrays and the variety of mediums he has worked in, making him a respected figure in the world of acting and voice acting.


Rikiya Koyama began a career as a voice actor that would make him one of the celebrities in his field, with characters as diverse as his abilities. He first appeared as Eikichi Onizuka in The Great Teacher Onizuka, where he used his natural voice to convey both the gruffness and gentleness of his character.
Koyama's later roles in Naruto as Yamato and Fate/Zero as Kiritsugu Emiya gained international recognition for his ability to portray complex characters with a deep and powerful voice. His work in both series is characterized by his ability to bring depth to characters, show their complexity and reveal their human sides.
In Yakuza, Koyama demonstrated the versatility of his voice by resurrecting the main character, Kazuma Kiryu. His tone embodies the character's raw power and fierce demeanor, Koyama is a key part of the success of the Yakuza series.
His credits also include starring roles in Detective Conan as Kogoro Mori and Bleach as Coyote Stark as he continued to demonstrate professionalism and dedication to his craft.
In addition to his distinguished career as a voice actor, Koyama has also starred as a stage actor in several stage productions, proving that his talents are not limited to the microphone.
Whether teacher, ninja, mercenary, detective or thief, Rikiya Koyama's career spans a wide variety of characters, each played with convincing conviction that lends a sense of realism. Rikiya Koyama's universe is characterized by versatility, a testament to the actor's boundless talent and dedication to his craft. He remains an integral part of the cultural landscape, demonstrating his ability to vividly bring any character to life, regardless of role.

Other Ventures

In addition to voicing iconic characters in animated series and movies, Rikiya Koyama also has other creative roles that showcase his wide-ranging talents. She is engaged in stage acting, and with her raw emotions and acting talent, she transports the audience directly into the world she portrays. This aspect of her career really shows the breadth of her abilities beyond voice acting.
Koyama is also involved in dubbing American and European films for Japanese audiences. Her clear and versatile voice helps bring foreign characters to life for local audiences, an achievement that greatly contributes to cross-cultural exchange in cinema. In addition, Koyama is expanding his craft by creating Japanese audiobooks and radio dramas where stories come to life through the power of voice alone, cementing his place as one of Japan's top vocal talents. Surprisingly, he revealed his versatile nature in the field of Japanese entertainment. His passion and dedication to deliver the best performances constantly enthralls his audience, keeping his image alive in the voiceover industry and the various ventures in his universe.

Awards and Honors

Prolific anime and voice actress Rikiya Koyama has contributed greatly to the Japanese animation universe. The depth and versatility of his performances have earned him numerous prestigious awards and accolades.
in 2009 he was nominated for Best Lead Actor at the Seiyu Awards for his work in Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger. His character voices in globally popular anime series such as Naruto and Fate/Stay Night have garnered not only fan acclaim but also critical acclaim. in 2015 he won Best Supporting Actor for his work in Fate/Stay Night. His extraordinary vocal range and ability to embody different characters earned him the "Outstanding Performer" award at the 6th Annual Voice Actors Awards. Additionally, his storytelling skills in Bleach were widely praised and he received the "Best Personality" award at the 2nd Seiyu Awards.
Rikiya is also known for his roles in international dubbed versions of films. His portrayal of Batman in the Japanese version of The Dark Knight earned him a 2008 "Best dubbing of a foreign film" award. He has also received recognition for his voice role in foreign television series. His contribution to voice acting combined with his immense talent has earned him a place among the best voice actors in Japan. His awards and accolades reflect not only his exceptional skills, but also his deep dedication and passion for the profession.

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