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Job TitleVoice actor
Birth Date1969-10-01
Birth PlaceToronto, Canada
Knows aboutVoice acting, Television, Film
Person NameRino Romano
The brilliant voice actor Rino Romano brings many beloved characters to life in the world of animation and video games. He is best known for his vocal roles as Batman in The Batman, Luis Sera in Resident Evil 4, and narrator Pazu in Spirited Away. Each of the characters he plays displays a different range and depth of his talents, from imperious and heroic to lighthearted and comical. His ability to immerse himself in iconic roles has endeared him to a generation of fans around the world. Also, his ability to adapt to such a wide range of genres shows his versatility as a voice actor. Whether he's a villain, an eccentric friend or a strong hero, Rino Romano continues to bring authenticity to every performance and cement his legacy in the industry.


Rino Romano is a Canadian voice actor who crosses TV shows, movies, video games and commercials with his impressive performances. In the vast world of animated television, his unique voice is recognized in such popular series as Spider-Man Unlimited, Reader Rabbit and Batman: Dark Tomorrow. An important role known to many fans is his performance as Tuxedo Mask in the acclaimed anime show Sailor Moon, which catapulted him to global fame. In the cinema, the voice of Roman brings to life the character of Bruce Wayne in the animated film "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm". His repertoire extends beyond animation, as evidenced by his work as the narrator of the popular reality show The Apprentice. Reflecting his prowess as a voice actor, Roman's distinctive voice permeates the realms of video games, such as Luis Seras' character in Resident Evil 4. His varied career exemplifies the vast and fascinating universe of Rin Romano, a universe built of resonance, character and talent.

Early Life and Education

An amazing talent in the dubbing world, Rino Romano was born in 1969. October 1 Toronto, Canada. From an early age, she showed a natural talent for performing arts, especially imitating voices. As she got older, her passion for acting and impersonating people began to flourish.
Romano attended Marc Garneau Collegiate Institute in high school, where the cultural diversity nurtured his talent for mime. He participated in school plays and events and created a playground to further develop his skills. It should be noted that in high school he studied theater and performing arts, which facilitated the path to his future profession.
Despite his natural talent for imitating voices, Romano decided to hone his skills in a formal atmosphere by attending the Vancouver Film School, where he honed his vast vocal range. This gave him an understanding of the unique dynamics of voice modulation, mastery and voice acting techniques that have made him the successful voice actor he is known for.
His education and early training played a very important role in developing the dynamics of his vocal variations and laid a solid foundation for his career. While still a student, Romano began playing small roles that allowed him to put his academic knowledge into practice. This proved crucial in shaping the Rino Romano universe that people admire today. His early experiences and training were instrumental in developing his mastery of the dynamic world of voiceover.


Rino Romano is a Canadian voice actor who has made a name for himself in various sectors of the entertainment industry. He began his career as a voice actor and has since made a significant impact, lending his distinctive voice to a host of internationally acclaimed animated characters.
His big break came when he voiced the title character in the animated series Spider-Man Unlimited. He later made headlines as the first voice actor to portray the legendary superhero Batman in The Batman. His standout performance in the role garnered positive reviews, cementing his status as a powerhouse in the voice acting world. In addition to his work in animation, Romano has lent his voice to many video games, enriching the gaming experience for players around the world. His work on Turok: Evolution remains an iconic example of his contribution to sandbox style gaming.
In addition, Romano was the narrator of Cartoon Network's acclaimed Teen Titans and the animated TV series Curious George, capturing the hearts of young audiences.
His exceptional voiceover work demonstrates the versatility and breadth of his talent. Continuing to portray beloved characters with charisma and authenticity, Rino Romano cements his legacy in the world of voice acting. His career has been marked by bold performances and a dedication to his craft that aspiring voice actors can admire. Roman's journey is a testament to the impressive art of voice acting and his pivotal role in bringing animated characters to life.

Other Ventures

Rino Romano is known for his notable roles in animation, including Luis Sera in Resident Evil, Batman in The Batman Animated Series, and Spider-Man in Spider-Man Unlimited. However, Roman's talents are not limited to these popular franchises.
One of his other major ventures is the role of Tuxedo Mask in the English version of the popular Japanese anime Sailor Moon. In this series, he brought to life a complex and mysterious character that won the hearts of many fans around the world.
Romano also lent his voice to the role of Scorp in the video game Skylanders: Swap Force. His work on the game has been praised by fans and critics alike for its depth and intensity.
In addition, Romano has used his unique voice acting skills in advertising. She has done several major corporate and product campaigns, demonstrating her versatility in a variety of mediums.
Romano has proven his abilities outside of the world of superheroes and villains, foraying into various fields of entertainment and turning them into successful ventures. Whether you want to save the day as a superhero or bring a cartoon character to life, Roman's unparalleled talent is definitely a contribution that has enriched the world of animation.

Awards and Honors

A versatile artist, Rino Romano has achieved significant recognition throughout his career in the world of animation and dubbing. in 2008 he received the prestigious BTVA Voice Acting Award for his outstanding skills in voicing Batman in the Batman series. That same year, he was nominated for another BTVA Voice Acting Award for Best Male Voice Performance on Television for his work. - The Amazing Spider-Man, in which he wowed audiences with his character The Lizard/Dr. Curt Connor's voice.
Romano is also recognized for his performance in one of the most popular video games of the early 2000s, Spyro: Year of the Dragon, in which he brought to life the beloved dragon character Spyro. He was nominated for a NAVGTR Award in the Lead Performance in a Drama category for his excellent voice acting in the play. His signature portrayal of Space Ghost on Space Ghost Coast to Coast from 2001-2004. did not go unnoticed, resulting in numerous nominations in the animation and gaming circuit. Rin's contribution to the voiceover industry not only set high standards, but also inspired many new talents in the field.

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