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General Info

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Job TitleActor, Voice Actor, Director, Scripwriter
Birth Date1976-01-05
Birth PlaceIwate Prefecture, Japan
Knows aboutActing, Voice Acting, Directing, Scriptwriting
Person NameShintaro Asanuma
Social Mediahttps://twitter.com/asanumashintaro
Member of OrganizationOffice Osawa
Shintaro Asanuma is a multifaceted artist in the world of Japanese anime. His vast body of work includes many roles in the industry, from voice acting to directing. Known for his impressive performances, Asanuma has lent his voice to some memorable characters such as Yuuki Sanada in Tsuritama and Ikuto Tsukiyomi in Shugo Chara!. He has also proven his prowess behind the camera as a director in works such as SoniAni: Super Sonico The Animation. Asanuma's unique perspective and dedication to his craft is reflected in the clear voice and vision that permeate his work. His contributions to anime not only make him an important figure in the industry, but continue to delight and inspire fans around the world.


Shintaro Asanuma's universe is one that challenges the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. Known for his impeccable skills as a voice actor, actor, screenwriter and director, Asanuma has built an impressive empire in the entertainment industry in Japan. But perhaps what sets his universe apart is its versatility and artistry. He is not just a man of talent, but a creator of worlds, bringing characters to life, writing fascinating stories and creating images that perfectly fit his stories. With a career spanning more than a decade, Asanuma's passion and dedication is evident in each of his projects. Lending his voice to a wide range of characters, from charming protagonists to cunning villains, Asanuma demonstrates his adaptability and dedication to his craft. His talent for observation is reflected in his writing, bringing his stories to life. As a director, he keeps the audience on their toes and never gets bored. As you immerse yourself in the Asanuma universe, prepare for a journey that mixes fact and fiction, offering immersive experiences that can thrill you and lose track of time. Shintaro Asanuma's universe is not only magical, but also reflects a wonderful combination of creativity, imagination, skill and meticulous detail.

Early Life and Education

Shintaro Asanuma was born in 1976. January 5 in Tokyo, Japan. From an early age, it was clear that Asanuma had an unrelenting zeal for performance and art. His immense talent for changing pitch, intonation and timbre of his voice soon indicated a promising future in voice acting.
Asanuma attended the Central Academy of Drama, where he honed his skills and fell in love with the dynamic and ever-changing world of theatre. It was fertile ground that nurtured his passion for acoustics and cultivated a deep dedication to his craft. Asanuma has not only intensively studied theater, voice modulation techniques, and narrative pacing, but has also spent a lot of time understanding the ins and outs of the animation industry.
His education was not limited to the four walls of the school. He continued to learn by watching experienced actors, gaining essential skills and charting his voice modulation scheme. She also participated in various workshops where she developed a wide range of vocal expression.
During his studies, he was particularly interested in screenwriting. Asanuma began experimenting with different narrative formats, creating an intriguing synthesis of traditional Japanese storytelling with contemporary global themes.
His early life was a delicate balance of teaching, practice, observation and learning that began to shape the versatile genius he would later become. Seeing Asanuma's impressive performance, we can't help but look back at these formative years that laid the foundation for his successful journey.


Shintaro Asanuma's career is a synthesis of talent, hard work and an undying passion for animation and voice acting. His journey began when he ventured into the entertainment industry to discover his love for art. He began his career as a voice actor, lending his voice to some of the most iconic cartoon characters that have captivated audiences around the world. His work was recognized and awarded, eventually making him one of the most prominent voice actors in the industry.
But Asanuma's ambitions didn't end with voice acting. He dabbled in screenwriting and directing, which greatly influenced the world of anime. His versatility was evident in his ability to seamlessly transition into these roles and innovate, resulting in compelling and imaginative stories. He also has some notable directing credits, contributing to some of the most popular anime series that have captured the hearts of fans around the world.
Despite his success, Asanuma remains humble and relentless in his pursuit of growth. He continues to challenge himself and constantly push the limits of his skills and creativity, a testament to his immense dedication to his craft. His undying passion and dedication to his work continues to inspire many aspiring actors and directors in the industry.
Indeed, Shintaro Asanuma's career lights the way for many in the industry, shining brightly as an example of true artistry and dedication. His diverse talents and illustrious career are a beacon of inspiration, creating a legacy that is sure to transcend generations. It's safe to say that Shintaro Asanuma's universe continues to expand, and his unique energy and talent reverberate throughout the entertainment industry.

Other Ventures

In the vast universe of Shintaro Asanuma, his career is not limited to voice acting and directing. His many other exploits are equally fascinating and add greatly to his fame. One of his main activities is writing scripts and screenplays for several successful anime series. His writing skills are in high demand in the industry, further proving his versatile talent.
In addition, Asanuma is known for his versatility as a radio personality. His wit, warm voice and likeability make him a popular choice for various radio shows and podcasts. He often invites his fellow voice actors as guests, where they share their experiences and discuss current topics.
In recent years, Asanuma has also ventured into the field of video games. His distinctive voice is featured in some of the highest-rated games around the world, reaching a wider audience and proving his adaptability.
Indeed, Asanuma's determination, artistic versatility, and dedication to his art make him a notable figure in several anime industries and beyond.

Awards and Honors

Shintaro Asanuma, a renowned Japanese actor, voice actor and director, has received many prestigious awards that reflect his indomitable presence in the world of entertainment. For his outstanding voice acting talent, he received the "Best Lead Actor" award at the 6th Seiyu Awards in Tokyo, Japan. His charming performance in the popular anime series No.6 earned him this honorable mention.
Also, Asanuma's inventive directorial skills added another feather to his cap. He won the 'Best Director' award for his captivating direction in the innovative comedy Sanjushi, a testament to his versatile skills. The show has been widely praised for its unique blend of contemporary theater and traditional storytelling. It was particularly appreciated for Asanuma's visionary approach and creative interpretation.
In addition to his individual achievements, numerous projects associated with Asanuma have also received great acclaim. Anime films such as Sword Art Online and Your Name, in which he participated, won many awards in various categories around the world.
Asanuma's career continues to shine brightly and there is no doubt that he is making a huge contribution to the Japanese entertainment industry, pushing the boundaries with each new endeavor. This combination of dedication, talent and creativity has marked Asanuma as a leading figure in his field and his accolades are well deserved.

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