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Team Rose

General Info

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Faction NameTeam Rose
Team Rose is a charismatic and playful group in the exciting Sonic universe, consisting of Amy Rose, Cream Rabbit and Big the Cat. Their story unfolds as they heroically search for Amy, Cream's mother, and Big's love interest. best friend Froggy. Amy Rose, their fearless leader, is known for her stubborn and determined nature and her powerful hammer, Piko-Piko. Known for her innocence and trustworthiness, Cream the Rabbit helps the team fly. Big the Cat, the muscle, gives the team strength and fishing ability. They may seem like an unusual trio, but their different abilities complement each other perfectly. Their adventures are a testament to the power of teamwork, friendship and perseverance. Their existence gives the Sonic landscape the perfect combination of spice, innocence, and sheer power.


Team Rose is a vibrant faction in the Sonic universe known for their unwavering bonds of friendship and loyalty to one another. It consists of three main characters: Amy Rose, a playful pink hedgehog with a big heart and an even bigger hammer, Cream the Rabbit, a gentle soul with the power of flight, and Big the Cat, an easy-going cat with a wonderful. - their strength lies in unity and harmony. The team comes together for exciting adventures, each with their own unique abilities to overcome various challenges and villains that threaten the peace.
Their adventures often revolve around personal reasons, such as Amy's pursuit of Sonic or Big's pursuit of his pet frog, Froggy. In any case, their intentions are never malicious, and in the end they often inadvertently serve the greater good. Despite their differences, Team Rose works well together and complements each other. Amy's determination, Cream's intelligence, and Big's physical prowess add up to a formidable skill set that makes the team a formidable force.
Team Rose is a beacon of loyalty, friendship and determination in the Sonic universe. Their journeys are often lighthearted and fun, but they highlight important life lessons about kindness, teamwork, and the joy of adventure. Even in the midst of dangerous battles and world-threatening scenarios, the spirit of Team Rose does not waver. They prove that the power of unity can overcome any obstacle. This spirited, vibrant and diverse group truly brings life and joy to the Sonic universe.


The story of Team Rose in the Sonic universe is a journey of unity against potential threats and a race to heal. The team was formed when Amy Rose, a regular character in the Sonic universe, decided to go on an adventure to find her love interest, Sonic. He brought Cream the Rabbit and his friend Chao Cheese, who were equally interested in Sonic's journey, as Cream needed Sonic's help to save his mother from Dr. Eggmann.
The team was later joined by Big the Cat, who was looking for his best friend Froggy. Aligning their goals, Team Rose found strength in unity and officially confirmed their status as a team. Throughout their journey, each member has contributed valuable experiences; Amy's strength, Cream's ability to fly, and Big's strength made them a formidable force.
They proved their strength and unity by winning the Egg Treat match against Team Sonic and Team Dark, showing the true power of friendship and teamwork. During their journey, they solved various puzzles, overcame countless obstacles and defeated various enemies - a testament to their strength and harmony.
In Sonic Heroes, Team Rose played a key role in destroying Metal Sonic, proving their importance in maintaining balance in the Sonic universe. Their story continues as they embark on new adventures, always ready to support Sonic and his allies. Team Rose's journey is a stark reminder that unity and friendship can overcome any obstacle, making them an iconic part of the Sonic universe.

Notable Members

Member #
Amy Rose
Cream the Rabbit
Big the Cat
Cheese the Chao


Team Rose operates in the fascinating geography of the Sonic universe. It has a distinct sense of place shaped by the diverse backgrounds of its members. First, it's Amy Rose, who hails from the bustling landscape of Central City. Her metropolitan heritage often gives Team Rose an advantage in urban missions. Cream the Rabbit, on the other hand, grew up in the countryside around Emerald Town. His familiarity with quieter, wildlife-rich areas can help the team navigate wooded areas with ease. Finally, there is the Big Cat, whose home in the Mystic Ruins provides the group with a wealth of knowledge about the ancient terrain and unexplored secrets. With these diverse geographical settings, Team Rose has what it takes to succeed in every corner of the Sonic universe, creating an eclectic mix of city lights, verdant desert, and ancient and mysterious locales.

Legacy and Impact

Team Rose has made a huge impact on the world of the Sonic universe and has built a loyal fan base. Their legacy lies in the embodiment of love, friendship, teamwork and the unrelenting pursuit of justice. Each character has unique strengths that contribute to the team's success. Amy Rose and her Piko Piko Hammer lead Rose's team with boundless optimism and determination. Sincere and persistent, the Big Cat is a strong and loyal protector, while the cream of the Rabbit and its chaos, cheese, give youth, innocence and kindness. Through their skills, they embody the power of unity. They faced many villains such as Dr. Eggman and rival Team Dark and overcame several challenges. Their indomitable spirit and dedication to protecting their world cemented their place in Sonic history. Team Rose continues to inspire players and prove that with determination, courage and friendship anything is possible.