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General Info

GenresAnimation, Comedy, Action & Adventure
Music ByNoriko Izumo, Yoshiki Kobayashi, Masaru Sato, Makoto Miyazaki, Shuhei Mutsuki, Shoji Hata, Haruka Matsushita, Keisuke Sogo, Shoji Hata
TaglineThe father... a spy. The mother... an assassin. The daughter... a telepath.
Edited ByAkari Saitoh, Kasumi Shibata, Kazuki Takahashi
StarringTakuya Eguchi, Atsumi Tanezaki, Saori Hayami
Directed ByTakashi Katagiri, Kenji Takahashi, Takahiro Harada, Kazuhiro Furuhashi
Produced ByKeiji Ota, Yoshihisa Heishi, Rei Marumo, George Wada, Akira Shimizu, Ryo Fujita, Takayuki Oshima, Akifumi Fujio, Kazutaka Yamanaka, Atsushi Takahashi, Tatsuro Hayashi, Masaya Saito, Maasa Murakami, Mirai Yamauchi, Tetsuya Nakatake, Yuichi Fukushima, Takako Yamamori
Release Date2022-04-09
Running Time24
Screenplay ByKazuhiro Furuhashi, Tatsuya Endo
TV Series NameSPY x FAMILY
Content Rating8.654
Distributed ByTV Tokyo, TV Aichi, TVQ, TV Osaka, TVh, TSC
Original TitleSPY×FAMILY
CinematographyAkane Fushihara
Country of OriginJP
Number of Seasons2
Number of Episodes25
World Premiere Date2022-04-09
Production Company NameWIT STUDIO, CloverWorks, Shogakukan-Shueisha Productions, TV Tokyo, Shueisha, TOHO
Production Company Website URLhttps://spy-family.net/
SPY x FAMILY is a charming animated series that perfectly combines elements of comedy, action and drama. The show follows Twilight, a master spy who is forced to create a fake family to complete her final mission. She finds herself juggling the responsibilities of husband, father and spy without giving up. The series is full of intricate storylines that intertwine the secret life of Twilight, an intriguing espionage dungeon and the everyday antics of a seemingly ordinary family. The result is an emotional, humorous, and at times sentimental journey that captivates viewers and reveals that even in a life full of lies, there can still be moments of true love and connection.



Spy x FAMILY follows the curious yet fascinating life of Twilight (Agent Twilight), one of the top spies in the fictional city of Berlin. He is tasked with a terrifying mission known as "Operation Strix" in which he must create a reliable family. Along the way, he unwittingly adopts a telepathic child, Anya, and, under the guise of an ordinary family, marries the killer Yora. As they uncover secrets from their past and present, they battle deadly threats and form bonds to navigate their bumpy paths. This intriguing fusion of espionage, domestic comedy and heartfelt storytelling brings to life unconventional family ties and shows that family is not only bound by blood, but also by love, trust and perseverance. The series is a heartwarming mix of danger, fun and warmth that makes the world of spies and assassins feel surprisingly familiar and inviting. The characters' struggle to balance their secret lives and family commitments resonates universally with viewers, making SPY x FAMILY a truly compelling series.


The story "SPY × FAMILY" sheds light on a secret world where the main spy agent Twista is tasked with an unusual mission. His job is to raise a family and infiltrate the elite group of privileged citizens where his appointment is. Without his knowledge, he secretly adopts a six-year-old girl named Anne, who appears to be telepathic.
Twist also marries a woman named Yor under the guise of love, but in reality she is an expensive assassin. Gradually, these three mysterious characters begin to live as a family and hide their true identities from each other. Throughout the series, Twist struggles to balance his duties as a spy with his duties as a father and husband, often leading to humorous and bittersweet moments.
The plot takes a fascinating twist when Anya discovers the secret life of her adoptive parents. She enjoys the thrill of these mysteries and uses her telepathic powers to help her father, Twist, with his espionage duties while trying to live a normal schoolgirl life.
Meanwhile, Yoro's love for his new family begins to become real despite their sham marriage, which is completely at odds with his mortal profession. The constant contrast and parallelism between their home life and covert operations weaves a fascinating story that oscillates between humorous, heartwarming, tense and action-packed scenes. SPY × FAMILY is more than a spy story or a so-called family story: it's an intriguing exploration of the lengths anyone will go to protect those they care about, even if they are secret strangers at first.


The creation of SPY x FAMILY is a monumental undertaking, involving a combination of painstaking craftsmanship, clever voice acting, and beautifully crafted storylines. This charming and suspenseful series is produced by the powerhouse CloverWorks, known for its phenomenal animation and large-scale productions.
The series beautifully revives the original manga by Tatsuya Endo, directed by Yuichi Fukushima. His deft hand in seamlessly weaving together comedy, romance and espionage into one coherent story has won him standing ovations. Every frame is breathtaking, reflecting a beautiful balance between the comedic and dramatic moments of the story. Speaking of sound, the voice actors deserve a special mention as they add color to each of their characters. Saori Hayami (Yor Forger), Junichi Suwabe (Loid Forger) and Saya Aizawa (Anya Forger) showed off their voice acting expertise, bringing their characters to life with every word they uttered.
The music composed by Masato Kōda is an integral part of the series and the tunes embody the spirit of SPY x FAMILY. Each note adds another layer of depth to the series, heightens the emotions and sets the mood for each scene.
The production process of SPY x FAMILY is a work of art in itself, with each department working in harmony with the others to create a beautifully animated, voiced and musical series that perfectly captures the spirit and excitement of the original manga. This is a testament to the enormous level of the production team and their passion for their work, which is reflected in every episode.


The release of the SPY x FAMILY TV series is an event that has excited the anime and manga communities around the world. This series is a fascinating fusion of action, comedy and slice-of-life genres that introduces viewers to a strange yet fascinating family of spies.
The plot revolves around Twilight, a professional spy who is forced to create a fake family to complete a mission. He is joined by a brash killer and a perceptive daughter with psychic abilities. The unique elements of comedy and twisted spy action captivate the audience from the very first episode and instantly create a huge fan base. The exciting journey of this unorthodox family is brilliantly portrayed in dynamic animation and complemented by excellent voice acting. The well-choreographed action sequences perfectly combine suspense and drama, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.
The team behind this popular series managed to gracefully translate the manga's light and dark tones into an animated format. Major anime network stations air the episodes and online streaming platforms also simulcast them, keeping in mind the global fan base. Depending on the location, fans can also expect dubbed versions. Indeed, the release of SPY x FAMILY has set a new standard for spy-themed anime that includes not only hair-raising action, but also heartwarming family moments. Indeed, this series will be remembered for its unique plot and well-developed characters.


Since its debut, the television series SPY x FAMILY has received an overwhelmingly positive response from critics and viewers alike. Many praised the fresh mix of genres, including action, comedy and heartwarming family moments. The engaging storyline and character development, especially the dynamics between the family members, captivated audiences.
The performances of the voice actors were also highly acclaimed. Their ability to effectively convey the humor, tension and sentimentality of the scenes contributed greatly to the success of the series. One of the most acclaimed aspects of the series is the art and animation. The vivid and evocative animation style further enhanced the viewer's connection to the story. Their creative approach to the action sequences was especially praised.
The series is also known for its unique premise and proper tonal balance. Critics loved how it seamlessly transitions from comedy to thriller to drama without feeling choppy or forced. But it's the theme of an unconventional family trying to keep up a facade while carrying out dangerous missions that has captured the hearts of many.
All in all, the SPY x FAMILY TV series has proven to be a great entry into the anime industry, combining elements from different genres to create an engaging and entertaining show suitable for a variety of viewers. It presents various topics in a light-hearted way, while delving into more meaningful discussions. The ability to maintain quality in all aspects of production, from voice acting to animation, has cemented its place among the highly regarded series.

Cultural impact

SPY x FAMILY has made a significant contribution to the cultural landscape, especially influencing the world of anime and manga. The series cleverly mixes spy thrillers with elements of comedy and family dynamics, offering a fresh take on the often serious world of espionage. It features contrasting themes of personal responsibilities and family ties that resonate with audiences around the world.
A special feature is the ability to provoke lively debates about the nature of secret lives and double identities, making the figure of the spy a recognizable character. In terms of its central theme, it encourages viewers to think about the concept of "family" in an unconventional way. The surprising element of the series, which explores family relationships in the context of espionage, provides unique insights into the perception of family, further contributing to contemporary cultural dialogues about family dynamics.
SPY x FAMILY's unique art style and character designs have left a recognizable mark on manga and anime aesthetics. This has influenced fan art and cosplay, encouraging fans to personally interact with the material.
In addition, the show's popularity has led a legion of fans to learn more about his espionage and covert operations, which has helped increase interest in history and politics. The series serves as an engaging educational gateway, interweaving historical context and fictional narratives. "Spy x FAMILY" breaks the traditional boundaries of the spy genre by adding elements of comedy and heartwarming domestic stories to its plot. This combination of genres creates a unique storytelling style that has undoubtedly enriched the collective culture of manga and anime, showing the potential of gender integration in shaping the future of storytelling in the industry. This trend has stimulated and could continue to stimulate creative endeavors in literature and the visual arts, encouraging artists to explore unconventional combinations of genres.