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Event NameMarbles
Marbles is one of the most intense games in the Squid Game universe due to its psychological and emotional depth. Each participant has ten marbles and the goal is to take all the marbles from the opponent. The strategies used are entirely based on the players' discretion: betrayal, manipulation or sincerity. To make it more consistent, the event pits friends or close allies against each other, adding an extra layer of psychological warfare. It is not only a game of luck, but also a test of wit, emotional strength and social dynamics. It reflects the harsh reality of the outside world where individuals resort to any means necessary to survive.


Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series. The Squid Game universe is both chilling and intriguing. The game takes place in an unspecified location in South Korea, where 456 players, all in debt and desperate, volunteer to play a series of children's games in an attempt to win $45.6 billion. baths (about $38 million). But life or death is at stake as the losers are eliminated in the most fatal of ways. The games are run by a mysterious and invisible "Front Man" and performed by masked workers. The series delves into topics such as wealth inequality, morality and the human survival instinct. So despite the seemingly playful nature of children's games, the Squid Game universe is a dark, deadly and unforgiving environment.