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General Info

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Area/RegionNew York
CountryUnited States
Place NameStar Trek Original Series Set Tour
Telephone+1 518-503-5497
Postal Code12883
Alternate NameOriginal Series Set Tour
Street Address112 Montcalm St
The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is a one-of-a-kind experience that transports visitors to the 23rd century aboard the starship Enterprise. The tour takes visitors directly to the painstakingly recreated sets of the classic sci-fi TV series, bringing to life the world imagined by the great Gene Roddenberry. It captures the authentic retro-futuristic aesthetic of the original series with locations such as Captain Kirk's Quarters, the iconic bridge and the unforgettable Transporter Room. For fans, it's a chance to step directly into a piece of television history, and for everyone else, it's a chance to explore the world of Star Trek in the most immersive way possible. So get on board, the final frontier awaits!


Welcome to the Star Trek Original Series Tour. This exclusive journey takes you into the vast, innovative universe of the Star Trek Original Series. Explore elaborate and accurate recreations of the original legendary starship Enterprise on a guided tour.

From the moment you step through the portal, the world of 1960s sci-fi comes to life, capturing the timeless appeal of the cult series. Experience the magic of a transport cam and listen to the soft hum of your company's mainframe. Check out the large tech station and steering wheel navigation panel filled with tons of buttons and dials.

  • Cross the corridors of a US company
  • Visit the infamous hospital
  • Check out the science and lab sections

Each part of the journey pays homage to the sets used by the original cast. You can put yourself in the shoes of Captain Kirk and Spock and experience a unique experience that connects you with your beloved characters and their extraordinary journeys.

Complete your visit to this star-studded universe with a visit to the gift shop and take home an original set from the series. The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is more than just a tour for passionate fans, it's a journey through the history of American popular culture!


Original Series Set Tour - Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Star Trek universe. This iconic series, the shining jewel in the crown of science fiction, has touched millions of lives since it first appeared in 1966. in September

The Original Star Trek Series Set Tour is a museum-like experience that accurately recreates the sets used to film the first Star Trek series. We bring the USS Enterprise to life down to the last detail.

  • Engineering: visit the corporate center where Scotty worked miracles with dilite crystals.
  • Hospital and Lab: Enter Dr. McCoy's domain where many crew members were treated.
  • Captain's Quarters: Enter Captain Kirk's lair, where he rested and made important decisions.
  • Corridors: take a walk through the labyrinthine ship, where exciting chases took place.

The set tour pays tribute to the people who created the Star Trek universe. It's not just the plywood and paint used in the kits; tells the story of how the production team brought the world of Star Trek to life. To cross these corridors is to follow in their footsteps.

These days, the Set Tour is more than just a tribute; it's a reminder of the far-reaching impact of Star Trek's vision. Join us on a journey to the final frontier, a journey not only through space but also through time, exploring how a small TV series changed the future.

Geography and Natural Features

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is a stunning tribute to the classic 1966 film. for the series that spawned a global phenomenon, a masterpiece of science fiction television that rocked the screen with its detailed universe. When you enter, you immediately imagine yourself in the 13th century. This stunning recreation is wonderfully faithful to the source material down to the last eye-catching creative detail.

Geography and natural features

In the heart of New York State, the tour takes place in the quiet and charming town of Ticonderoga. It is neatly enclosed in an otherwise unremarkable building, maintaining the beautiful and fascinating mystery and charm of space exploration.

  • Terrain: unlike the spaceship-themed interior set, the exterior terrain is generally suburban. The environment is vibrant with lush greenery that contrasts well with the sophisticated 23rd century theme applied within the walls.

  • Building Structure: The building is completely terrestrial, grounding you before launching you into space. In addition to the simple exterior, the interior is designed with meticulous detail that replicates the USS Enterprise's famous set of corridors, shipping bay and famous bridge.

  • Climate: The mild and temperate climate makes the trip comfortable, making it a day trip. Despite New York's changing seasons, the indoor climate maintains a cozy and inviting balance, perfect for long journeys under the starry sky.

In conclusion, the Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is more than just a place, it is a beautiful geographical wonder that seamlessly blends our earthly reality with the boundless complexities and wonders of space.

Influence and Legacy Features

Impact and deprecated features

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour is more than a TV replica: it's a journey through time and space. It has greatly influenced global pop culture, science fiction, and the entertainment industry.

Star Trek is proof of a future where humanity has learned to live in harmony. Since its inception, it has acted as a lens of hope for the future, promoting values ​​such as tolerance and unity, evolving into a powerful and unique social statement delivered through mass entertainment.

  • As you walk through the painstaking reconstruction of the original set, the broad influence of this groundbreaking series becomes apparent.
  • The tour also honors the legacy of Star Trek by honoring groundbreaking technological concepts that have since led to real innovations (like mobile communications).
  • Also, the narrative depth of Star Trek, which was ahead of its time in ethics, philosophy, and social justice, is touched upon and changes the face of deep space storytelling forever.

The Star Trek Original Series Set Tour pays tribute to the visionary storytelling and pioneering ethos of a show that dared to reach for the stars. Invites visitors to participate in celebrating and preserving the rich legacy of Star Trek.



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