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General Info

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CityLas Vegas
CountryUnited States
Place NameStar Trek: The Experience
Telephone+1 702-733-5556
Postal Code89109
Alternate NameThe Experience
Street Address3000 Paradise Rd
Star Trek: The Experience was an immersive interactive attraction for all Star Trek fans. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, this interactive museum and thrill ride allows visitors to live out the fantasy of being in the acclaimed Star Trek universe. You can explore original ships and models, relive iconic scenes and even interact with some of your favorite characters. It's more than just a museum, it's a true journey of discovery that takes you beyond the TV screen and into the heart of one of the most enduring franchises in science fiction history. Scattered with memorabilia, each visitor gets a unique insight into the many worlds and times of Star Trek. This is truly an experience that no Star Trek fan should miss.


Star Trek: The Experience is a breathtaking immersive experience at the heart of the vibrant Star Trek universe. Enjoyed by die-hard fans and casual viewers alike, the adventure offers a thrilling panorama of suspense, wonder and heavenly intrigue, a universe beyond our imagination.

Each journey unfolds like a walker's journey through time and space, surrounded by iconic Star Trek images: the soothing roar of the Enterprise, the mysterious salute of the Vulcan, the menacing hiss of the Borg. Immersed in multiple languages ​​and hosted at the Starfleet Academy, every inch of this attraction pays homage to the 50-year-old legacy that created a unique social phenomenon.

The experience includes an interactive museum, a 3D space theater and a multiple attraction that draw visitors into a universe of living stories. An intergalactic aroma, the pointed tips of Vulcan's ears, mysterious conversations with alien life forms - every element manages to teleport walkers into the heart of their favorite series.

  • Theatrical Performances: Performances provide an adrenaline rush for a starfleet officer as he travels across galaxies and boldly goes where no man has gone before.
  • Trainer Ride: Watch your heart beat faster in cinematic images of adorable heart trainer rides.
  • Historical Exhibits: Relive the fantasy of the franchise as you explore a unique exhibit of iconic Star Trek artifacts.

Immerse yourself in the majesty of Star Trek: The Experience, the ultimate Trekker fantasy realm!


Immerse yourself in the timeless universe of Star Trek: The Experience, an unprecedented interactive adventure that crosses the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Created in the twentieth century's 1998 Year of the Earth, this immersive journey has allowed hikers to satisfy their passion and curiosity for more than two decades.

The attraction was created by a large joint venture between Paramount Parks and the Las Vegas Hilton. The Experience has instantly become an exclusive travel destination from around the world, celebrating the depth and many fabrics of your favorite television series woven with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

During its tenure, from 1998 to 2008, The Experience allowed visitors to step into a tractor and take them on a breathtaking journey across the galaxy. They traveled on a 24th century Starfleet bus, stopping at Quark's Bar for an exotic drink. Regularly updated with new elements from the ever-changing world of Star Trek, The Experience takes on an extraordinary sense of authenticity and continuity.

  • Star Trek: The Experience also hosted a number of special events, from weddings to screenings, where fans could step into the shoes of their favorite characters and live out their wildest Star Trek dreams.

Star Trek: The Experience went out of business in 2008, but the legacy lives on. The attraction embodied the show's spirit of discovery and continued the show's pursuit of socio-political themes, creating a unique space for both entertainment and thought-provoking discussion.

In fact, the story of Star Trek: The Experience is both space travel and time travel, illustrating how stories from the distant future can help us better understand our current reality.

Geography and Natural Features

The Star Trek Universe: The Experience is the familiar gateway to a world of wonder, intrigue and dazzling beauty. It is a fascinating collection of exceptional galaxies, planetary bodies and complex astrological phenomena that are unlike any other.

The geography of this universe is on an unprecedented scale. From the rifts of Mars, the vast glacial terrains of Andoria to the lush forests of Baku, there is plenty of variety here. Earth as shown in this universe is not only the third tamed Sunstone, but also an example of our collective hopes and dreams for space exploration.

The natural features of the Star Trek universe are just as impressive. The fiery glow of a supernova, short-lived comets flying across the sky and the enchanting dance of binary stars are just some of the wonders that live in this cosmos.

  • The Bajoran Wormhole is a space anomaly that opens up ways to explore universes light years away.
  • Planet Genesis is an artificially created space body that demonstrates the power of terrain-forming technology.
  • Gas giants are ring-shaped and gaseous, resembling our Jupiter and Saturn.

These natural phenomena and geographical features testify to the limitless creative possibilities of science and imagination. In fact, Star Trek: The Experience is not just a journey through the universe, it borders on a spiritual journey, enveloping visitors in an abundance of cosmic wonders.

Influence and Legacy Features

The universe of Star Trek: The Experience is not all futuristic technology, alien cultures and philosophical explorations. Instead, he points to the critical influence and legacy that permeated popular culture and stimulated innovative thinking.

Influence: The Star Trek universe has often been a springboard for our imaginations and an inspiration for real technology. The image of communicators foretold the arrival of mobile phones, and PADD devices resembled today's tablets. For example, Star Trek has continuously motivated inventors, scientists and engineers to make the 'impossible' a reality.

  • Legacy: Beyond its technological foresight, Star Trek's legacy is its commitment to a future in which humanity has learned to embrace diversity and work toward a common goal. It embodies Gene Roddenberry's optimistic vision of humanity. The series sparked debates about ethics, science, cultural understanding and respect. She has been a source of inspiration for many leaders, from engineers to astronauts to educators.

When we look at its influence and legacy, it's clear that the Star Trek universe has transcended mainstream entertainment. He left an indelible mark on our cultural and scientific landscape and continues to inspire research and hope for a better future.


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