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The Answer

General Info

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AuthorJohn Assaraf, Murray Smith
Book NameThe Answer
PublisherAtria Books
Release Date2008-01-01
Number of Pages288
Original TitleThe Answer: Grow Any Business, Achieve Financial Freedom, and Live an Extraordinary Life
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.simonandschuster.com/publishers/Atria-Books
The Answer is a charming and heartfelt book that sums up the history of Steven Universe beautifully. Designed as a children's storybook, it goes beyond an engaging story full of emotions, surprising twists and rich character graphics that appeal to all ages. "The Answer" introduces the story of Ruby and Sapphire, highlighting their developing relationship and how they eventually merge into the beloved character of Garnet. The richly illustrated book pulsates with themes of love, friendship, identity and courage, wrapped in an evocative narrative style. The book is a testament to the magical realism that Steven Universe epitomizes, delighting devoted fans of the show and new readers to the universe. Add this gem to your reading list and embark on a journey of self-discovery and deep connection.


"The Answer" offers readers an enchanting journey through the shining universe and reveals the secret of true love. Based on the Emmy Award-nominated episode of Steven Universe, this beautifully illustrated book reveals the magical meeting between Ruby and Sapphire and their unexpected romance. Independently they are two gemstones, common and common, but together they form a wonderful bond that creates Garnet, a unique fusion of gemstones. Filled with layered imagery and an intriguing story, The Answer includes lessons about acceptance, love, identity and courage. The creator of the show, Rebecca Sugar, conveys her themes with a delicate hand and playful details, enchanting young and old alike. Like its television counterpart, this sublime book revolutionizes traditional stories of love and self-discovery and redefines what "was meant for each other." Overall, The Answer is an artistic triumph: an emotional, meaningful, and heartbreaking story about the power of love and self.


Written by Rebecca Sugar, The Answer is an enchanting Steven Universe story centered around the intriguing story of how Ruby and Sapphire, two gems from outer space, met, fell deeply in love and chose to live on Earth. Homeworld and then turns into the beloved character Garnet.
The story explores the social complexities of the Gem House world, where Gems, a species of sentient humanoid beings, are bound by restrictions and expectations regarding their specific functions and roles. Ruby, a regular gem soldier, should fall in line and never question the status quo. But chaos ensues when the rare and aristocratic gem Sapphire arrives. Ruby's seemingly evil act of rescuing Sapphire from impending danger disrupts the fateful order, leading to an unprecedented fusion of two disparate Gems, something completely unheard of in a Homeworld constriction. The result is a garnet, the embodiment of Ruby and Sapphire's deep love and devotion to each other. Their transformation into a grenade and their conscious decision to stay on Earth defies orders from their leaders and social norms.
At the same time, readers are also introduced to Steven, a unique Gem-human hybrid, the epitome of love and acceptance, who encourages readers to question societal expectations and believe in the power of Love. Here is a wonderful exploration of unconditional acceptance, love that transcends social roles, and the possibilities that open up when they choose their own path. In this way, The Answer becomes not only a cosmic love story, but also a deep story about freedom, acceptance and destiny.


The Evolving section of The Answer explores several key themes, taking a deep dive into what this universe is all about. This comic radically reshapes the history of Steven Universe, revealing new levels of depth. The process of getting to this point was complicated.
The dichotomies of love and fear, acceptance and prejudice, individuality and conformity are intricately intertwined. Each character is carefully constructed with a unique story that ignites readers' curiosity and empathy, giving the universe a deeper sense of realism. One of the main efforts of the writing team was to write a story that shows the strength and vitality of love in the face of adversity. They achieved this by focusing on Ruby and Sapphire's relationship. The main event of the story, their romance is a great display of selflessness, sacrifice and bravery that forms the basis of the story and reinforces the major themes.
Another important aspect of the development of the story was the creation of Homeworld, a place characterized by rigidity and social hierarchy. It was the perfect backdrop for our heroines to rebel, further emphasizing the radical nature of their love and their defiance of conformity. Artistically, the team chose to use a wonderfully vibrant color palette that reflects the richness and variety of the real world. The use of contrasts, shape and different styles helped emphasize the different personalities and traits of each character.
At its core, The Answer is the product of careful planning, creative storytelling, and artistic innovation, telling the story of Steven Universe from a new and compelling perspective. It gracefully weaves multiple elements into one unit, illuminating what we once knew, leaving us wanting more.


In The Release, one of Steven Universe's most critically acclaimed books, The Answer, we dive into a fascinating story that explores the history of one of the most beloved couples on children's television, Garnet. The book was originally published by Cartoon Network Books in 2016. September 6 His first publication was not only a milestone for the franchise, but also a turning point in the world of children's literature, demonstrating his commitment and bold steps towards diversity and representation.
Written by Rebecca Sugar and illustrated by Tiffany Ford and Elle Michalka, the groundbreaking story provides insight into the fateful meeting between Sapphire and Ruby, their challenges, and the deep love that brought them together in Garnet. The publication became a hit among fans of the show and received critical acclaim for its beautifully crafted art, vivid illustrations and compelling story. In addition, The Answer became a New York Times bestseller, cementing its place as a great masterpiece in children's literature.
The artistry and thoughtfulness used in The Answer shows what sets Steven Universe apart from other series. The book is not just an addition to the show, but a gem in its own right, conveying powerful messages of love, acceptance and identity. Like any good work of literature, its success led to translations into many different languages, giving the book a wider, more global audience. Despite its primary audience of children, The Answer offers deep insights and heartwarming stories that resonate with readers of all ages. It's a testament to how easily The Answer transcends age and language, making it a truly universal story of love and acceptance.


The Release chapter of The Answer describes his literary debut. The book was first published by Cartoon Network Books in 2016. September 7 The book was widely acclaimed and hailed as a masterpiece due to its engaging and thought-provoking plot. An absolute fan delight, it vividly captures the characters and the complex universe they inhabit. The vastness of Steven Universe has been effectively translated into words and sketches by series and book creator Rebecca Sugar. The Answer is widely celebrated for reflecting the show's ethos and exploring themes of love, identity and diversity. Readers enjoyed the in-depth look at the ideologies and beliefs that shaped the characters' journeys. The deep narrative style combined with the enticing illustrations made the book an engaging read. The answer is no ordinary book. Upon release, it became a beacon of creativity, love and diversity, embodying the spirit of Steven Universe. It was a huge hit with fans and set a new benchmark for future releases from Cartoon Network Books.


The Answer, a children's adaptation of the popular animated series Steven Universe, has been well received by critics and audiences alike. Filled with emotion and depth, the story has been praised for exploring themes of love, identity and the value of individuality.
Many critics have highlighted the book's use of visual storytelling as an extension of the series' acclaimed animation style. Bright and colorful illustrations not only bring the characters and setting to life, but also enhance the plot, making it easily accessible to children.
Fans of Steven Universe applauded The Answer for its depiction of same-sex relationships between women and hailed it as a positive step for LGBTQ+ visibility in children's literature. The bold and gentle portrayal of love in the face of adversity has left a lasting impression on readers.
In addition, the book is notable for remaining true to the emotional maturity of the original show, successfully capturing and conveying complex themes in a simple but effective plot. Much loved by fans is the book's faithfulness to its unique blend of fantasy elements and real-life issues.
Ultimately, The Answer is a famous addition to Steven Universe, an example of the power of love and true self-acceptance. The overwhelmingly positive reception is a testament to the compelling narrative and vivid images that promote not only the book, but children's literature as well.

Cultural impact

"The Answer" made a huge contribution to pop culture and fueled conversations about media representation. With its cheeky portrayal of same-sex relationships, it helped broaden the horizons of a younger audience. In addition, the perfect mix of fantasy and real-world issues resonated deeply with readers, pushing the boundaries of the traditionally "kid's" cartoon image.
Continuing to capture the essence of unconditional love, the book challenges societal norms and encourages readers to understand and value diversity. Rebecca Sugar's bold moves to show Ruby and Sapphire's love for each other are inspiring, encouraging open discussions about gender and identity. It's quite impressive that the book did this without alienating the younger crowd, proving that love in its purest form can be understood by everyone, regardless of age.
The Answer not only dealt with the theme of love, but also the complex issues of identity and sacrifice. The struggle of the main characters between following the rules of society and their hearts has impressed more than one reader.
In addition, the book's impact extends to the artistic community. The charming illustrations and vivid imagery inspired budding artists and encouraged them to incorporate similar themes and styles into their work. Importantly, The Answer's influence is not limited to its readership. He has made great strides in promoting dialogue and action in the media industry, challenging content creators to be more inclusive in their portrayal of characters.
In conclusion, The Answer's cultural impact is limitless as it continues to push social boundaries and inspire love for diversity, acceptance and representation.