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Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special

General Info

Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special logo
AuthorJeremy Sorese
GenresAdventure, Fantasy
PublisherKaBOOM! Studios
IllustratorColeman Engle
Issue Number1
Release Date2015-04-01
Number of Pages32
Original TitleSteven Universe: Greg Universe Special
Comics Issue NameSteven Universe: Greg Universe Special
Country of OriginUnited States
Publisher Website URLhttps://www.boom-studios.com/
The Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special comic is a deep dive into the life of Steven's father, Greg Universe. Explore Greg Universe's journey from his early days as a young dreamer who aspired to be a rock star to his transition into a responsible but free-spirited father. See the world of Beach City from a new perspective through a series of compelling stories written by acclaimed artists that capture the essence of Greg's struggle, love and growth. Each story uniquely presents Greg's fascinating and unusual wisdom and highlights his inspiring journey. Greg Universe and Steven Universe fans will love this comic, offering a deeper understanding of the complex character dynamics that play out in the Universe family saga. This is a must-read for anyone who wants more Steven Universe content and is eager to uncover the mysteries of the universe world after character.


Styven Universe: Greg Universe Special is a fascinating dive into the past of the beloved character and everyone's favorite father, Greg Universe. Born Gregory DeMayo, he left his old life behind to pursue his passion for music. Using the moniker "Mr. Universe", Greg traveled the country, where his journey led him to Beach City and its proverbial "gem", rose quartz.
This comic further highlights his past relationships, adventures and evolution, adding new layers to his on-screen persona. It explores his romantic history with Rose, gives readers new insights into their relationship, and features wonderfully charming illustrations. From humble beginnings as a struggling musician to his famous status as the father of the Steven Universe, Greg's journey is filled with heartfelt emotions and inspiring growth that readers are sure to enjoy.
Emphasizing important themes such as love, sacrifice and self-improvement, the story reflects the feeling that who you are is not defined by where you come from. It's a fitting tribute to a character like Greg who embodies the power of change and the human capacity to love unconditionally. A must-read for any Steven Universe fan, this special edition offers a fascinating journey through Greg's universe past and his transformational journey.


In this one-of-a-kind special, we take a look at Greg Universe's life before he became a father. Greg is a young man touring the country with his rock band Mr. Universe". However, it is difficult for him to find his place in the world. He seeks not only fame and admiration, but something deeper. Things take an interesting turn when Greg meets an enigmatic woman named Rose Quartz at one of her concerts. Captivated by her otherworldly charm and alluring mystique, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth. This comic perfectly illustrates how Greg gives up a successful music career to start a loving family with Rose, going from a traveling superstar to a humble car wash owner. This amazing transformation sets the stage for the man who will bring Steven Universe to life.


Steven Universe Comics: Greg Universe Special presents an invigorating production journey that stands out for its inspiring origins and detailed design process. The comics revolve solely around Greg Universe, a happy-go-lucky, music-loving van-dweller who is the father of the main character, Steven Universe.
The production process was carefully designed to match Greg's easy-going personality and free-spirited nature. The animation art was used extensively to recreate the cartoon style that makes the Steven Universe series so beloved, with a special focus on Greg's iconic features.
Pre-production involved various brainstorming and conceptualization steps to ensure that the story and visual art effectively portrayed Greg's love of music and its profound influence on Steven. The production team, made up of talented artists and imaginative writers, developed the concept by painstakingly working on each page of the comic. They effectively used colors and shapes to weave together Greg's universe, bringing the adventure to life in the form of a comic book series. This is an example of an artistic approach to storytelling in comics.


Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special is an exclusive anthology series focusing on the beloved father of Steven Universe, Greg. It's a heartfelt tribute wrapped in emotion, humor, rock 'n' roll and an undeniable charm that readers have come to love. This one-issue comic offers a mix of stories that beautifully zoom in on Greg's past, his journey to the man he is today: a loving father and retired rock star. It also gives us a deeper insight into the strong connection with rose quartz. Its beauty lies in its captivating storytelling style, which transcends the boundaries of the show, and blends well with the source material, making it a must-read for fans. In true Steven Universe spirit, the comic effortlessly captures the essence of its nuanced and likable characters, emphasizing that "you're really cool." Greg Universe, a musical soul who traded fame for a quiet life in Beach City by the sea, is as inspiring and heartbreaking as the music he plays from his guitar.


Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special comic released in 2015. in April, takes place in an anthology format, with multiple stories from Greg's Universe that greatly expand our understanding of his character. Each story in this beloved edition is a gem of its own, each contributing to an overarching plot that is sure to appeal to fans of the series. No doubt, this graphic novel will delight both nostalgic fans and new readers alike to experience Greg's journey of self-discovery in its charmingly refreshing medium. The comic features heartfelt interactions with his son Steven, his ex-love Rose Quartz, and other crystal gems, and beautifully portrays the character and life of the Greg Universe. Engaging dialogue combined with great artwork add depth to his personality and story, making this an exemplary tribute to the lovable guitar-playing dad in Steven Universe. This collection stands out and promises a multi-faceted story that will not only satisfy your hunger for more Steven Universe content, but also introduce exciting and unique new perspectives and adventures centered around Greg Universe. Whether you're a lifelong fan of the series or new to the series, Steven Universe: Special Greg Universe is a must-read for its depiction of love, sacrifice, and the bonds that form in the most unexpected places.


The Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special comic was extremely well received by the audience, both old fans and new readers alike. Critics and fans praised the vivid graphics, rich narrative and emotional roller coaster.
Fans have enjoyed delving into the history of Steven Universe by exploring the history and character development of Steven's father, Greg Universe. In addition to the impressive central story, they praised the spin-off tales, which were seen as a loving and carefully crafted tribute to the original animated series.
The comic's ability to blend comedy, drama and action with effortless ease has been consistently observed, echoing the fascinating diversity of its television counterpart. Many noted the show's clever use of callbacks, which actually evoked a sense of nostalgia as new storylines were introduced.
The illustrations were praised as cleverly drawn and visually appealing, capturing the charming style of the original animation. The unique visual strips added an extra layer of enjoyment to the reading experience, delighting both young and adult readers.
Overall, the Greg Universe Special was hailed as a successful addition to the Steven Universe franchise, carefully portraying the core relationship between beloved characters Steven and Greg Universe. Readers have found it to be a great mix of humor and warmth, making it a must-read for fans of the series.

Cultural impact

The Steven Universe: Greg Universe Special comics have generated a lot of interest among fans of the Steven Universe series. This special edition was not only another addition, but also a great spotlight on the Greg Universe, a character that has never been explored in such depth before. It featured an extensive backstory that allowed readers to better understand her character and how it affected the main storyline. The song brought up important themes about nature, music and relationships, especially the complicated issue between Greg and Rose Quartz. Readers have found the fusion of fantastic storytelling and deep emotional depth to be fascinating and enlightening. In addition to fantasy, comics are also credited with introducing the younger generation to psychedelic rock culture, keeping the spirit of the genre alive. It was a clear demonstration of the show's commitment to diversity and inclusion, sparking several discussions online. With its unique storytelling and deep character exploration, the special cemented Steven Universe's place in popular culture.