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CountryUnited States
Location NameHawkins
Located in the heart of Indiana, the town of Hawkins is a secret hotbed of strange unseen happenings. This seemingly simple town with a small community is anything but. Curious children discover parallel dimensions, escape experiments and mysterious government facilities. Although the city may seem idyllic on the surface, adventure and danger have always lurked. From bike rides under the cover of night to the quiet hum of the local radio station, every corner of Hawkins has its own secrets and stories. Notable locations include the local high school, the bustling downtown, and the eerie and creepy Hawkins Laboratory. Hawkins City: An Ordinary Place with Extraordinary Events.


Hawkins, Indiana is the quintessential American small town, full of charming storefronts, quiet streets, and plenty of tree-lined beauty, but beneath the surface lurks an eerily mysterious secret. On the set of the acclaimed Netflix series Stranger Things, Hawkins is as much a character as the beloved characters who inhabit it.
In the world of Stranger Things, Hawkins has two faces. It is a place of innocence with children pedaling the streets, a comforting sense of familiarity where everyone knows their neighbors and secrets seem impossible. But it's also a place of strange happenings: a mysterious government laboratory conducting secret experiments, portals leading to alternate dimensions, and unexplained supernatural phenomena that send the locals into a state of confusion and fear. Hawkins National Laboratory stands out as the epicenter of these strange occurrences, an unspeakable horror lurking beneath its cold, sterile exterior. The woods surrounding the city are another focal point where Feet Up, a parallel existence that is a darker and more disturbing reflection of our own world, first came to Hawkins.
But through it all, the people of Hawkins have a resilient spirit. The bravery and camaraderie of the younger residents—a group of unwaveringly loyal friends—symbolizes hope and shows that even in the face of unimaginable dangers and terrifying secrets, mutual bonds and friendship will always find a way to prevail. Hawkins, Indiana is the heart of Stranger Things, making for a thrilling story about an average town literally turned upside down.


Located in the heart of Indiana, Hawkins' origins are firmly rooted in the historical and mythical heartland of America. This once sleepy town was founded in the 20th century. at the end, was a humble trading post for westward-migrating pioneers. Early settlers quickly discovered the fertile soil ideal for farming and established Hawkins' close association with agriculture.
Hawkins' fortunes changed dramatically during the tense wartime period of the mid-20th century. While many small towns fell into obscurity, underground government programs saw the potential of Hawkins' isolation and underutilized facilities. The establishment of Hawkins National Laboratory, under the guise of World War II and the Cold War, quickly made the city a viable center for research and experimentation.
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Hawkins gained notoriety for paranormal activity and other unexplained occurrences. Unbeknownst to many, the city was the epicenter of a politically charged, secret battle against unknown dimensions and supernatural forces that upended the fabric of reality and threatened the world as we knew it.
This dark chapter in Hawkins' history left an indelible mark and continues to attract curious minds and thrill seekers to this day. Despite the turmoil, the city maintains a calm facade that reflects the innocence and resilience of its unsuspecting residents. Indeed, Hawkins' legacy is a chilling reminder of the remarkable courage and indomitable spirit that can emerge in the face of unprecedented adversity.


Hawkins is a seemingly quiet town somewhere in Indiana. This community seems to epitomize ideal American suburban living, with schools, shopping centers and convenience stores, neighborhood playgrounds, and lots of tidy homes. But beneath this idyllic exterior lies countless dark and untold secrets.
This place is best known for its Department of Energy Laboratory, popularly known as Hawkins Lab. This top-secret government facility was used to conduct secret experiments involving the paranormal and the supernatural, including mind control and interdimensional travel. The most infamous experiment involves a child named Eleven who has telekinetic powers caused by extreme science experiments.
Hawkins is torn apart when a boy named Will Byers mysteriously disappears one night, revealing the town's terrifyingly hidden secrets and setting off a chaotic series of events. A byproduct of these experiments, an alternate dimension known as the Upside Down, shook the dormant city and plunged it into unprecedented terror, changing the lives of its inhabitants forever. Aliens, ostensibly like the Demogorgon, have created an unsettling and creepy presence in the city, disrupting the peace and tranquility that Hawkins once embodied.
While the residents of Hawkins are initially skeptical of these strange occurrences, the unfolding events reveal intense and incredibly real paranormal threats. Beneath the surface of this seemingly ordinary city lies a world that defies understanding, full of monsters from another dimension, government conspiracies, psycho children and deep secrets.
Despite the darkness surrounding it, Hawkins is a symbol of the unity, resilience, and courage shown by its residents as they band together to face the strange and terrifying circumstances that challenge their daily lives. From intense science experiments to multidimensional monsters, Hawkins is much more than meets the eye: a uniquely haunting and beautiful city marked by the coincidences of the everyday and the unexpected horrors of the supernatural.