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Forces of Sauron

General Info

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Faction NameForces of Sauron
Sauron's powers encompass the evil power that Sauron, the Dark Lord of Middle-earth, has enabled in his insatiable quest to conquer all realms. Backed by massive orcs, trolls, nazguls and other vile creatures from the land of Mordor and beyond, they represent a formidable force of unstoppable brutality and merciless darkness. The faction boasts an impressive array of massive combat units and devastating siege engines, giving players an untouchable force capable of spreading fear and desolation across the free lands of Middle-earth, with the ultimate goal of dominating all who stand in their way. Sauron's will. Unleash the powers of Sauron and bring Middle-earth to its knees!


Sauron's forces, also known as the armies of Mordor, occupy a powerful and menacing place in J.R.R. in a fantasy world. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings universe. The embodiment of evil and darkness, Sauron is the undisputed ruler of unrelenting power, fear and destruction, and his powers reflect his brutal and terrifying nature.
His army consists of various creatures and races, mostly orcs who act as foot soldiers. Born in the evil pits of Mordor, orcs' sole purpose is to carry out their master's tyrannical will. They show unquestioning obedience to Sauron, fueled by fear and a violent and warlike disposition. Sauron's forces also include the fearsome Ringwraiths, fallen spectral kings forever enslaved by the power of the One Ring. They exude fear and despair, making them a formidable force to play with. All lead dark sorcerers with unholy magical abilities that aid in the conquest of Middle-earth.
Sauron's ranks also include menacing warriors such as the trolls and the Mûmakil, who are used as weapons of war and terror against the free peoples of Middle-earth. Ultimately, the countless legions of Mordor are manned by corrupt men from the east and south, lured by Sauron's deceptive promises of power. This power dynamic makes Sauron's forces a terrifying force, relentlessly seeking to dominate Middle-earth in an age of relentless darkness and desolation.


Sauron owes his infamous powers to the sinister lord Sauron himself. Sauron existed before the creation of the physical world and was a Maia, an immortal angelic being of immense power. Corrupted, Sauron's loss of grace gave birth to his powers, which were used in his sinister plan to rule Middle-earth.
Sauron's forces consisted of various menacing creatures. He enslaved entire races and struck terror and fear into the hearts of the free peoples of Middle-earth. Among his forces, the most feared were the mighty Nazgul, immortal wraiths who were once kings of men, seduced by Sauron's power and corrupted by his powerful One Ring. These ghostly creatures were feared throughout Middle-earth for their debilitating power to spread terror and their unrelenting pursuit of the One Ring.
Another integral part of Sauron's power was his loyal orcs. Created in the dark pits of Mordor and Isengard, these vile creatures lived only to serve the will of Sauron. Skilled in warfare and armed with weapons of terror, they were Sauron's primary foot soldiers, wreaking havoc and destruction in his wake. Not only the creatures of the earth, Sauron also had the beasts of the sky among his warriors. His massive fallen beasts, monstrous winged creatures, served as the Nazgul's steeds, allowing them to travel efficiently and providing an added terror factor on the battlefield.
But the allies of Sauron's people, primarily the Haradrim and Easterlings, cannot be ignored. Lured by Sauron's promises of power, these men willingly served his cause, providing both a strategic and numerical advantage to his armies.
The history of Sauron's forces is one of corruption, fear and domination. Over the centuries, Sauron's evil influence twisted and shaped them, absorbing many men and beasts, who all united under the banner of darkness, warring and terrorizing until their dark lord fell. Even after Sauron's death, the shadow of his army remains, forever marking the history of Middle-earth with its dark stain.

Notable Members

Member #
Witch-King of Angmar
Balrog of Moria
Saruman the White
Grima Wormtongue
Mouth of Sauron


The geography of Sauron's forces is as varied and uncertain as the forces themselves. It exists mainly in the southeast of Middle-earth called Mordor, a land forgotten by time and left unexcavated. Surrounded by mountain ranges, Mordor is the epitome of decay and tyranny, lit by the shadow of the lava glow of Mount Doom. This volcanic region is a great forge for Sauron's war equipment.
On the western wall is the Black Gate or Moranon, a massive and virtually impenetrable wall against unwanted intruders. Inside, one encounters the barren wastes of Gorgoroth, a barren landscape in which survival is impossible.
To the south is the plateau of Gorgoroth, on which stands the mighty tower of the fortress of Barad-dûr. From this Dark Tower emanates the piercing gaze of Sauron, striking fear and terror into those who dare.
However, Nurn is somewhat fertile due to the volcanic ash of Mount Doom, where slaves work to feed the orc armies.
Finally we arrive at the great fortress and dreaded city of Minas Morgul, formerly Minas Ithil, in the shadowy valley of Morgul beyond the mythical river Anduin, which was the shining beacon of Gondor. Each of these regions tells a story of domination and oppression, as well as the resistance of evil to the forces of time and civilization. This is a world created not by the elements of nature, but by the sinister will of the creator. A chilling testament to Sauron's power and malice, his geographical area epitomizes his fearsome dominance. The iconic geography of Sauron's forces is a stark reminder of their power and darkness.

Legacy and Impact

The legacy and impact of Sauron's forces still resonates deeply throughout the history of Middle-earth. Despite their deaths, their influence in shaping the social and political landscape of Middle-earth cannot be underestimated. They symbolized the ruling will that caused fear and chaos that disturbed the peace of the realms from Gondor to the Shire.
Their effect was further enhanced by Sauron's ring of power, a symbol of unyielding power and control. While their reign was defined by terror and manipulation, their legacy inadvertently forged unlikely alliances between the disparate races of Middle-earth. Hobbits, elves, men and dwarves overcame hostility to unite against a common enemy.
Furthermore, the fall of Sauron's forces represented the triumph of courage and fortitude over oppression. Their fall forever cemented the power of unity and sacrifice in the annals of Middle-earth history. As a result, their lasting impression creates a deep, multifaceted conversation about good and evil and the destructive lust for power that J.R.R. Tolkien masterfully blended into his fantasy world.