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Andy Bernard

General Info

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Job TitleRegional Director in Charge of Sales
Birth Date1973-01-01
Birth PlaceConcord, New Hampshire
Knows aboutDunder Mifflin Paper Company
Alternate NameThe Nard Dog
Character NameAndy Bernard
Member of OrganizationDunder Mifflin Paper Company
Andy Bernard, a Cornell graduate and former member of the prestigious a capella group Here Comes Treble, is one of the main characters of The Office. Known for his extremely guarded style, unique catchphrase and constant need to be accepted, Andy is a character whose antics represent the essence of the show. His journey from disgruntled salesman to regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, often with hilarious results, shows his dogged determination. Andy's vulnerability, eccentricity and delightfully unintentional humor add the perfect combination of sleepiness and tenderness to create an unforgettable character. Whether he's serenading the office with his banjo, dueling over a woman, or taking a Caribbean cruise on a whim, Andy Bernard is an unpredictable and charming fixture on The Office.


Born into a wealthy family, Andrew Baines Bernard, or better known as "Andy," is a character loved and hated by viewers on NBC's The Office. Andy has an Ivy League education, Cornell University, and isn't afraid to brag about it. His constant boasting, insecurities, and outbursts often lead to comical moments on the show.
Andy, a member of the Dander Mifflin family, starts working as a salesman at the Stamford branch. During the trip, he is transferred to Scranton, which gives him more opportunities to become one of the main characters of the series. He later takes on the position of branch manager, further emphasizing his evolving character arc.
While her professional life has ups and downs, her personal life reflects the same. His ongoing relationship with receptionist Erin creates a lot of drama for the series. Known for his a cappella singing, passionate love of musical theater, and inveterate obsession with all things nautical, Andy's character brings a unique flavor to The Office.
But it's not all laughter and fun with Andy. His anger issues show a darker side to his usually humorous nature. However, viewers see significant growth in Andy throughout the series, making his character one of the most diverse and three-dimensional characters in the entire show. Andy Bernard is not just a character to be laughed at or teased; is an exploration of complex human nature, even in a sitcom setting.


Andrew Baines "Andy" Bernard, often recognized as the charismatic but eccentric head of sales for Dunder Mifflin's Scranton region, is a central figure in the dynamic of The Office. Born in Simsbury, Connecticut, Andy comes from a wealthy family, which sets him apart from his peers. Yet despite his privileged upbringing, Andy's personal and professional life is full of complications of its own.
Andy, a graduate of Cornell University, is extremely proud of his alma mater and continues to remind everyone of that. His immersion in the university's a capella group, Here Comes Treble, is part of his musical talent. Andy's melodiousness comes through in occasional singing and banjo playing, providing much needed comic relief amidst the office tension.
Andy's romantic life is full of drama and humor. From his disastrous and comical relationship with Angela Martin to his misadventure with Erin Hannon, Andy's romantic endeavors add unpredictability to his character arc. His impulsiveness often leads him to challenges, but his optimism never fades.
The amalgamation of Andy's privileged upbringing, musical talent and tumultuous love life make him a memorable character. His unique mix of traits, ranging from cute to annoying, make him one of the show's more complex personalities. Andy's journey from salesman to regional manager, along with his constant struggle for recognition, is a solid and entertaining plot in the world of The Office.

Creation and Development

Andy Bernard, a character from the Office universe, was not originally planned to play a significant role in the series. He was introduced in Season 3 as a new employee at Dunder Mifflin's Stamford branch, which is moving to Scranton. Andy was initially portrayed as a brooding and brooding character with anger management issues.
However, the creators of The Office made a smart decision to further develop her character from the fourth season. This change in direction can be attributed to the creators recognizing the comedic skills of actor Ed Helms, whose performance was able to elevate Andy to the point of downright annoying awkwardness. From this moment on, the character underwent a major transformation. His anger management issues were addressed and it was revealed that his abrasive attitude stemmed from a deep desire to please and attention, which elicited sympathy from the audience. The character's background was further expanded, giving him a better understanding of his actions and personal life outside of Dunder Mifflin.
A major turning point in Andy's storyline was when he took over the role of branch manager from Michael Scott in season seven. The promo seemed to show the creators' faith in the character's potential and Helms' comedic abilities. Despite his questionable management skills, Andy's earnest effort to fill Michael's shoes was endearing. Her character development featured personal growth and growing emotional maturity. Viewers have seen him navigate complicated romantic relationships and manage a team in a way that showcases his unique leadership style.
Ultimately, Andy Bernard's character development is a testament to the show's uncanny ability to take an initially simple, even annoying character and add depth and complexity, making him a beloved part of the Office universe. .

Character Profile

As one of the more endearing characters on The Office, Andy Bernard, played by Ed Helms, is a comedic gold mine. Andy belongs to a privileged East Coast family that prides itself on its origins dating back to the American Revolution. But his personal accomplishments don't quite do it justice, compensating for this perceived shortcoming with a roaring bravado that belies deep-seated insecurities.
In the early show Andy came across as arrogant and obnoxious with anger management issues. But after anger management therapy, he becomes gentler, kinder, and better prepared to interact with his co-workers. Moves up the ranks of Dunder Mifflin and also serves as Regional Manager. He wins and loses interesting love interests: first Angela and then Erin. His relationship with receptionist Erin Hannon is one of the show's main emotional arcs.
Singer, dancer and actor: Andy has the trifecta of performing talents. This leads to some hilarious storylines and unforgettable moments: his a capella performances with the college band Here Comes Treble, the disastrous Sweeney Todd, the viral video that ruined his reputation. Despite his eccentric antics, Andy stands out for his resilience. He often fails, but he never gives up on his aspirations, whether it's fame in show business or winning Erin's heart. In the final season, Andy leaves Dunder Mifflin to pursue his dreams of fame, reminding the audience that, like any character on The Office, he's not afraid to follow his unique and unusual drumming.
Overall, Andy Bernard's character is a testament to courage, resilience, self-improvement, love and unabashed whimsy, and an integral part of the comedic brilliance that is The Office.

Story Arc

Affectionately known as "Dive Dog," Andy Bernard is a multi-faceted character with an undeniable charm on the TV show The Office. Starting out as a sarcastic and grumpy salesman, his personality in the series is unexpected and comical.
Viewers first met Andy Bernard as a preppy, Ivy League-educated salesman at Dunder Mifflin's Stamford branch. He was presented as an over-enthusiastic person, constantly seeking approval, especially from his superiors. His early personality was a mixture of awkwardness and self-doubt, reflected in his habit of mentioning Cornell University at every opportunity and his desperate efforts to be a top salesman. However, as the show progressed, Andy's character was fleshed out more. He became a whimsical and personable regional manager at Dunder Mifflin, reflecting a remarkable arc of personal growth. Despite his constant struggle with anger management (there were bouts of uncontrollable rage infamously known as "Andy's Anger"), he tried to overcome it by radiating a strong desire to improve.
Also, while his past relationships, especially with Angela and Erin, were full of ups and downs, they reflected key aspects of his personality. His relationship with Angela pushed him to be stronger and more determined, while his affair with Erin showed a softer and more vulnerable side of him. The final episode is a testament to Andy's dramatic transformation. We watch him transform from a broke, unemployed former executive into a successful and acclaimed professor at Cornell University. Despite all his setbacks, he overcame his insecurities and his story transformed him from a laughing stock to a fascinating figure.
Bottom line: Andy Bernard's character arc on The Office is filled with melodrama, comedy, intense passion and an undeniable aura of determination and resilience. He definitely added a lot of color to the story of the show and created memorable moments that still resonate with the audience.

Cultural Impact

Known for his a capella singing and his passionate love for Cornell University, Andy Bernard has certainly left a great cultural impact. His character represents an exaggerated and comical reflection of office politics and interpersonal dynamics. Some may remember Andy for his anger management issues and absurd catchphrases. Yes, we're talking about the infamous "Ride-this-this-di-doo!" Andy's quirky musical talent and antics have even inspired fans to create online parodies and memes to spread his influence in the digital space.
Also, Andy embodies insecurity and adds a human and relatable element of humor to the show. His desperate struggle for acceptance, especially from his often absent family, resonates deeply with society. But her character's journey also provides valuable lessons in self-improvement and personal growth. From the volatile salesman he was in previous seasons, Andy becomes a more self-aware man who finally realizes his potential outside of his office persona.
So Andy Bernard's character is more than comic relief. It provides insight into the daily struggles of the workplace and is a constant reminder that humor can be found in even the most mundane of situations.


Known for his musical talent and colorful quotes, Andy Bernard has undoubtedly made a big impact on The Office universe. His "Ride-this-this-do-doo" and the iconic wall kick are moments that will be remembered for their comic relief. Despite a difficult journey filled with moments of uncertainty and struggle, Andy's character development offers a study in perseverance. His transition from apathetic salesman to regional manager of Dunder Mifflin's Scranton branch, though temporary, is inspiring. In addition to the professional atmosphere, Andy's personal growth also stands out. From a spurned lover to finally finding his passion for the performing arts, his journey resonates with many. The beloved Nard Dog has not only graced several episodes with his humorous antics, but has also captivated viewers with his vulnerability and quest for acceptance.