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The Office: Interactive DVD Game

General Info

The Office: Interactive DVD Game logo
GenresComedy, Quiz
Game NameThe Office: Interactive DVD Game
PlaymodesSingle-player, multiplayer
DevelopersUniversal Studios
Produced ByUniversal Studios
Release Date2008-01-01
Game PlatformsDVD player
Publisher NameUniversal Studios
Country of OriginUnited States
The Office: An interactive DVD game allows fans to immerse themselves in the world of the hit TV series. Players can test their knowledge of the series with challenging trivia questions or take on the role of favorite characters like the quick-witted Jim Halpert or the infamous office prankster Dwight Schrute. The game brings to life some of the most memorable moments and hilarious takeovers of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Whether it's competing in the office or surviving the toughest meetings in the conference room, every aspect of this game is sure to attract fans. It's the perfect mix of humor, competition, and fan service, making it a must-have for any dedicated The Office viewer.


'The Office: Interactive DVD Game' game screenshots
'The Office: Interactive DVD Game' game screenshots
'The Office: Interactive DVD Game' game screenshots
'The Office: Interactive DVD Game' game screenshots
'The Office: Interactive DVD Game' game screenshots
'The Office: Interactive DVD Game' game screenshots


The Office: Interactive DVD Game takes players directly into the fun and entertaining setting of the Dunder Muffin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Blending humor, comedy and competition, this game reflects the hilarious antics of your favorite office nerd. The gameplay features the strategic negotiations and competition you see at Dunder Mifflin, making it a great game for fans of The Office.
Players assume the role of Dunder Mifflin employees and compete in sales-related challenges to earn Schrute Bucks while navigating unpredictable office politics, pranks, and absurd scenarios that capture the very essence of the show. The game features different categories such as Fact, Sales Call, and Conference Room, each contributing to an immersive experience in the world of Office. The DVD also includes never-before-seen clips and outtakes that provide more enjoyment than the standard series content.
Perfect for die-hard fans and casual viewers alike, The Office: The Interactive DVD Game is a fun way to immerse yourself in the everyday adventures of your favorite characters. Players are treated to a unique and fun journey as they experience the ups and downs of office life as they compete for the coveted title of Assistant Regional Manager - will you be the one to get it?



In The Office: Interactive DVD Game, players enter the fun and whimsical world of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company, taking on the role of employees under the close supervision of Regional Manager Michael Scott.
The game is divided into seasonal challenges, each season corresponds to a certain level of difficulty. The game contains trivia questions about scenes, quotes, characters and episodes from the first four seasons of the TV show. The roll of virtual dice determines players' movement through the office as they strive to reach their sales goal and become an assistant regional manager.
The game features clips from the show, some obscure and some familiar, and the player's task is to answer questions based on these clips. With categories like "Who Said That?" or True or False, you'll have to rack your brain to catch your favorite episodes.
Each answer rewards you with a sales number. The goal is to be the first to reach your sales goal and reach the finish line, which is Michael's office!
But be careful! Like the show, the game is filled with beloved The Office jokes. Schrute Bucks and Dundie rewards can catapult you forward or set you back.
Whether it's battling questionable employees, avoiding complicated office politics, or laughing at Dwight's outrageous antics, The Office: Interactive DVD Game promises to be a lot of fun for fans of the iconic TV sitcom. So awaken your inner Michael Scott and dive into this fun world of corporate shenanigans. Remember, the only rule is "No Rules". You might even learn the true meaning behind Office's slogan, "It's a board game!"

Gameplay video


The Office: The Interactive DVD Game brings to life the diverse and quirky workplace characters from the critically acclaimed TV show The Office. The story takes place at the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where players are immersed in a battle of business acumen and office politics. Each player assumes the role of an employee competing for the ultimate status symbol: the corner office.
The game begins on a normal day at Dunder-Mifflin, just like any other day, full of monotony and identical jobs. The drama begins when word of a possible promotion arrives. Suddenly, the office is flooded with a tsunami of strategies, alliances and betrayals as everyone wants the coveted corner office.
Players will be treated to unique and fun missions that reflect the day-to-day and sometimes absurd activities of Dunder Mifflin's paper sales business. The game is designed to mimic the show's clever comedy in an interactive format that brings the otherwise monotonous table life to life. From handling paper sales and accounting tasks to the minutiae of Schrute Farm and navigating the murky waters of office romance, players experience the essence of what makes the show's humor so enduring.
Through tasks both mundane and eccentric, players must maintain relationships with their virtual counterparts (characters in the series) while facing unexpected crises and moral dilemmas. From a possible downsizing in the office Olympics to a chaotic company picnic, the challenges cleverly recreate the various and unpredictable situations that occur in the office, providing endless moments of laughter and surprises.
Each player's journey is different in that, much like an episode of The Office, the story takes the unexpected twists and turns that have given the show its cult following. During the game, players can experience tricks and mistakes that make Dunder Mifflin more than an office. The rich narrative brings the characters to life, allowing players to interact and bond with their beloved and sometimes not-so-loved counterparts from the show.
The plot of The Office: The Interactive DVD Game is a celebration of the wildly popular spirit of the series, embracing the charm of the characters and the hilarity and desperation of office life at the same time. The game, like the show, leaves players with a warm glow of laughter, cheerleader-shaped jelly, and the satisfaction of surviving another day at The Office.


In the Creation section of Office: Interactive DVD Game, it's important to highlight the great effort that went into authentically recreating the world of Dunder Mifflin for fans to explore. Using the series' original scripts and consulting with the show's creators, the game developers painstakingly recreated the office environment, character quirks, and complex office dynamics that fans love so much.
The key to the game is the inclusion of real voices and scenes from the show. The collected footage has been carefully selected and integrated into the game for an immersive experience for fans. Michael Scott's quirky management style, the banter between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute, and Pam Beesly and Jim's awkward romance, all of these iconic moments are perfectly incorporated into the game, making it an extension of the show itself. The game has been tested among dedicated Office fans to ensure that the game's love of the source material remains and lives up to the high expectations of fans. Changes were made based on fan feedback to make the game feel like part of the episode.
The developers have set an incredibly high standard of game design and story quality to respect the source material. They've struck the right balance in creating a game that appeals to strategy gamers, regular quiz players, and Office superfans alike. It brings a new interactive element to the beloved show and gives fans a new way to interact with their favorite characters. This game exemplifies the thoughtful and painstaking approach required to successfully transform a beloved TV show into an interactive gaming experience that extends the life and reach of the series.


The Releases section should highlight the main aspects of the official launch of The Office: Interactive DVD Game.
in 2008 launched The Office: Interactive DVD Game gave fans of the hit TV show The Office a new way to interact and interact with their favorite characters in a unique way. The board game, published by Imagination Games, is played on a TV or computer with a DVD player. The game includes a board, six playing pieces and 30 calling cards.
Packed with content and humor, the DVD features over 700 trivia questions uniquely paired with video clips, sound bytes and images from the show. Bringing the fun and whimsical world of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch into your home, this board game provides fun for the whole family or group of friends.
The release of The Office: Interactive DVD Game was met with great fan enthusiasm and has since become a valuable collectible for avid fans of the show. Its appeal lies in its faithful adaptation of the show's humor and character relationships, making it an integral part of The Office's legacy.


Reception for The Office: Interactive DVD Game has been mostly positive, with fans of the show excited about the opportunity to further immerse themselves in the world of Dunder Mifflin. Players have praised the game for its accurate portrayal of the show's characters and the use of original voice actors that enhance the game's authentic feel. The game was praised for its strategic gameplay and challenging trivia questions revolving around series episodes and challenging running problems. There are also positive comments about the variety of trivia topics, so players with different levels of fandom can enjoy the game. Once the player becomes familiar with the show, replayability has been criticized. But for die-hard Office fans, this rerun can help you appreciate the beloved TV series even more. Overall, The Office: Interactive DVD Game is generally well-received for extending the fun and friendliness of the small screen into fans' homes. Not only is it a fun game, but it's also a tribute to one of our favorite TV sitcoms.

Cultural impact

The Office: An interactive DVD game based on the hit sitcom The Office has not only further drawn existing fans into the immersive world of the show, but also made a significant contribution to the cultural discourse by introducing people to its unique brand of humor. Infused with the show's humor and charm, this interactive game has had an impact on fans and newcomers alike, connecting viewers and gameplay and pushing the boundaries of traditional "entertainment."
The game recreates the quirky humor, suspense, and comical awkwardness that the show is known for, making players feel like they're part of the truly eccentric Dunder Mifflin family. This paved the way for other TV shows to explore similar expansions of their universe and arguably started the trend of interactive DVD games based on popular TV series.
In addition, the DVD game adds another layer to the audience's understanding of the show through different levels of complexity, enticing fans to explore subtleties and nuances they may have missed. Create a shared experience for fans by fostering a sense of community and camaraderie, extending the office's cultural impact beyond the television screen. Ultimately, this DVD game is a groundbreaking extension of The Office, serving as a cultural beacon that further underscores the undeniable appeal and influence of this beloved show. The cultural impact of The Office: Interactive DVD Game is equally profound and unique; the synthesis of giggling tasks, character-based questions and laugh-out-loud moments really captures the spirit of The Office, inventively and playfully embodying its cultural significance.